Messi: My son doesn't really like football

Thiago Messi is yet to embrace football like his father Lionel, who revealed his son's lack of interest.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi revealed his son, Thiago, has little interest in the game his dad has become arguably the greatest player in.

The Argentinean's plethora of individual awards, eight La Liga titles and four Champions League crowns seemingly are not enough to get the 3-year-old interested.

His biggest challenge yet may be trying to get Thiago loving the game his father dominates.

"I don't buy him many balls or force him to play with them because he doesn't like them that much," Messi told Telefe's "Polemica en el Bar" in his homeland.

There may be hope yet, with Messi saying Barca is working on a project for the players' children to play with footballs.

"Let's see if he gets hooked that way — it would be a good start," Messi said.