Argentinian football suspended after death of Emanuel Ortega

The Argentina Football Association (AFA) has confirmed the tragic passing of Emanuel Ortega, who died after suffering a head injury.

All football in Argentina has been suspended after San Martin Burzaco's Emanuel Ortega passed away due to a serious head injury.

In a Primera C match against Juventud Unida on May 4, Ortega, 21, went shoulder-to-shoulder with an opposition player next to the touch line and crashed into a concrete wall close to the pitch.

He had emergency surgery on a double skull fracture, but on Thursday the sad news was confirmed that he had passed away.

"A pity his farewell," a statement from the Argentina Football Association (AFA)  read. "The severity of his injury led to different teams of Argentine football to express their solidarity and support with the player.

"Due to the death of the player, the President of the AFA, Luis Segura, decided to suspend the next date of all categories.

"Argentine soccer wears black to dismiss Emanuel and accompany family and friends at this difficult time."