World Cup 2010 Know Your Rivals: USA Defender Jonathan Bornstein Discusses Group C

The Chivas USA defender spoke about the upcoming World Cup with
While Jonathan Bornstein was on a break from preseason training with his Chivas USA club, caught up with the United States Men's National Team defender to ask about his thoughts on the World Cup, vuvuzelas, and a recently concluded charity auction for Haiti.

What are the strengths of the U.S. team?

I think that balance is good. Something that Bob Bradley has instilled in the team and hopefully we can continue to do that and get better as the World Cup approaches.

You played in South Africa during the Confederations Cup. On television, the vuvuzelas were intense. Is it that bad in the stadium? How does it differ from the noise in a place like Costa Rica's Estadio Ricardo Suprissa?

It sounds more like of a buzz. The sound that the vuvuzelas make is very distinct, whereas when you're in Costa Rica or other Central American countries, they are yelling and cheering and chanting. More comes from the voices of the crowd. It's tough to play in both circumstances and ultimately you have to fight through that and come together as a team to overcome that.

How can the U.S. succeed at the World Cup?

We have to be sharp. Our passing has to be crisp and we have to be on the same page. Everyone's gotta to be committed to the same goal, I think, in order to do well. Ultimately, it's about stepping on the field and playing. Doing the things right like scoring goals when you get chances and eliminating as many chances as possible defensively. Basically, playing good soccer is what it's going to take.

There's a month-long training camp before the tournament starts. Will that help?

I think the length of the camp before the World Cup will be helpful because you'll get the chance to get back together, start training with each other a little more. It's always tough at the qualifiers, especially because you come in three days before the first game and you're expected to get on the same page and get in the right mentality. That's a little tougher. I think the amount of time will be good in order to get guys gelling. They are having fun on the field, off the field, and we'll get as prepared as we can be for the first game against England.

To support the Haitian relief effort, you recently auctioned off the pair of boots you were wearing when you scored against Costa Rica. Describe that experience.

It was a good cause and a good idea and I'm glad it worked out so well. I didn't expect it to go for as much money as it did, but I was pretty stoked when I saw the final outcome. I thought about bidding but it was way out of my price range. 

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