College Soccer Professor: End Of The Season Awards

The Prof picks his teams of the year.
By J.R. Eskilson

The end of the season is always an intriguing time in the college soccer calendar. Coaches begin to sit their players down for exiting interviews and assess the outlook of the program going forward. Talk goes from a promising season to promising futures, but not everything is about expectations during the dying days of this season. This is the time to be nostalgic and remember the grandeur, craft, and guile that we have witnessed these past few months. Without further adieu, the player of the year and the teams of the year: Player of the Year:
Teal Bunbury, Sophomore, Forward, University of Akron. (pictured)

Bunbury left many fans, opponents, and scouts in awe of his agility, pace, and power during Akron’s undefeated season. He was the focal point of the Akron attack that lead the nation in scoring. He topped the charts in goals scored with seventeen plus he added five helpers. If assists were awarded for suffering fouls that led to free kick goals, his point tally would double. While Akron’s league opponents were not the most difficult competition, their out of conference schedule was more than adequate to showcase Bunbury’s prowess at the highest collegiate level. Against teams that made the NCAA tournament this regular season, he registered ten points; averaging more than a point per game. It has been a season to treasure for the Akron faithful; Bunbury has been the pinnacle for much of the success. Teams of the Year:

First Team:

GK: Brian Perk, Senior, UCLA: 14 Games played, .82 save percentage, 50 saves, 5 shutouts

DEF: Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Senior, UCONN: 19 games started, 3 goals, 13 shutouts

DEF: Ike Opara, Junior, Wake Forest: 15 games started, 3 goals, 2 assists, 9 shutouts

DEF: Kofi Sarkodie, Sophomore, Akron: 21 games started, 2 goals, 7 assists, 16 shutouts

MID: Tony Tchani, Sophomore, Virginia: 20 games started, 7 goals, 3 assists

MID: Rafael Baca, Junior, LMU: 20 games started, 9 goals, 5 assists

MID: Anthony Ampaipitakwong, Junior, Akron: 22 games started, 8 goals, 5 assists

MID: Kyle Nakazawa, Senior, UCLA: 19 games started, 12 goals, 7 assists

MID: Corben Bone, Junior, Wake Forest: 22 games started, 2 goals, 12 assists

FWD: Danny Mwanga, Sophomore, Oregon State: 18 games started, 14 goals, 2 assists

FWD: Teal Bunbury, Sophomore, Akron: 22 games started, 17 goals, 5 assists

Second Team:

GK: Diego Restrepo, Senior, Virginia: 21 games started, .892 save percentage, 58 saves, 14 shutouts

DEF: Phil Edginton, Senior, Louisville: 20 games started, 2 goals, 2 assists, 13 shutouts

DEF/MID: Bobby Warshaw, Junior, Stanford: 20 games played, 6 goals 1 assist, 9 shutouts

DEF: Mark Blades, Senior, Northwestern: 20 games started, 4 assists, 7 shutouts

Michael Farfan, Junior, North Carolina: 20 games started, 5 goals, 3 assists

MID: J.C. Banks, Junior, Green Bay: 20 games started, 13 goals, 10 assists

MID: Levi Houapeu, Junior, UMBC: 20 games started, 15 goals, 13 assists

MID: Irving Garcia, Senior, UC Irvine: 22 games started, 8 goals, 9 assists

FWD: Billy Schuler, Sophomore, UNC: 20 games started, 9 goals, 4 assists

FWD: Andre Akpan, Senior, Harvard: 19 games started, 12 goals, 6 assists

FWD: Andrew Bulls, Sophomore, UMBC: 20 games started, 15 goals, 11 assists

Third Team:

GK: Zac MacMath, Sophomore, Maryland: 22 games started, .781 save percentage, 9 shutouts

DEF: Barry Rice, Senior, Kentucky: 18 games played, 2 goals, 7 shutouts

DEF: Zach Loyd, Senior, UNC: 15 games started, 2 goals, 2 assists, 11 shutouts

MID/DEF: Luis Silva, Sophomore, UCSB: 23 games started, 4 goals, 5 assists, 16 shutouts

MID: Ryan Kinne, Junior, Monmouth: 22 games started, 10 goals, 7 assists

MID: Ashley McInnes, Junior, Tulsa: 19 games started, 9 goals, 8 assists

MID: Conor O’Brien, Senior, Bucknell: 23 games started, 11 goals, 9 assists

MID/FWD: Phil Bannister, Junior, Loyola: 18 games started, 4 goals, 13 assists

FWD: Austin Neil, Sophomore, Tulsa: 20 games started, 13 goals, 3 assists

FWD: Matt Eliason, Junior, Northwestern: 20 games started, 13 goals, 3 assists

FWD: Garrett Webb, Senior, Drake: 23 games started, 13 goals, 5 assists

Freshman Team:

David Meves, Akron: 22 games started, .837 save percentage, 36 saves, 16 shutouts

DEF: Zarek Valentin, Akron: 22 games started, 16 shutouts

DEF: Anthony Arena, Wake Forest: 22 games stated, 3 goals, 9 shutouts

Andrew Wenger, Duke: 21 games started, 4 goals, 3 assists, 7 shutouts

Machael David, UCSB: 23 games started, 1 goal, 4 assists, 16 shutouts

MID: Amobi Okugo, UCLA: 19 games started, 2 assists

MID: Dominic Reinold, Farleigh Dickinson: 18 games started, 12 goals, 4 assists

Issa Tall, Adelphi: 18 games started, 16 goals, 1 assist

Will Bates, Virginia: 18 games started, 11 goals, 1 assist

FWD: Patrick Wallen, San Diego: 17 games started, 7 goals, 5 assists

FWD: Ryan Finley, Duke: 21 games started, 11 goals, 5 assists

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