FIFA Open To Hawk-Eye Goal-Line Technology

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke claims Hawk-Eye could be introduced in football if it proves successful in further tests...
FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke admits Hawk-Eye goal-line technology will be considered if the system's developers guarantee a 100 per cent success rate.

Football's governing body have previously been reluctant to use video technology to settle on-pitch disputes.

But they seem keen on taking the Hawk-Eye idea further.

Speaking to, Valcke said: "The decision is, do we extend the tests, which we at FIFA are ready to do and ready to pay for? Maybe we will do the next tests in England and in a stadium.

"If something is working then why not? [FIFA president] Sepp Blatter was clear to the executive committee by saying if there is a system that’s working we have to accept it."

Testing of the Hawk-Eye's suitability in football is expected to continue and there could be a trial run in the Premier League, according to Dr Paul Hawkins, who invented the system.

"We will speak to FIFA over the next week or so to get the detail, but it looks positive I think," Hawkins said.

"Obviously we have to understand how they are going to test, but I think there is a will there and hopefully we can learn from them and also advise on our experience in other sports as to the way [forward].

"It got as far as it could get three years ago when we had a system set up at Reading that worked in all instances.

"This plan with the Premier League is to put it into three stadia, and have it as a blind trial for six months to understand any teething problems and just to make it really a bit more mature.

"Once [FIFA] previously decided to finish testing they didn’t want to go ahead with it, and there wasn’t a commercial reason for carrying on and putting it into stadia. And also they actively said that no goal-line technology is allowed to be put into stadia so we would have been breaking IFAB rules."

Hawk-Eye technology has been in use in cricket and tennis for a number of years at the top level.

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