World Cup 2010: FIFA Revenue Tops A Billion Dollars For The First Time

The money keeps rolling in for world football's governing body.
The World Cup in South Africa has helped FIFA's revenues past the billion dollar mark for the first time, world football's governing body revealed this weekend.

"We are very confident... not only confident but very proud, that we can deliver the World Cup to Africa and that Africa can deliver the World Cup to the world," president Sepp Blatter said at a press conference after a two-day FIFA executive committee meeting.

FIFA, a non profit-making organisation, said it had made a $196 million surplus in 2009, as revenues soared to $1.06 billion.

"For the first time our turnover in one year has been more than one billion dollars," Blatter told the press.

"The market trusts South Africa," he added, referring to lucrative television and marketing deals in the years running up to the first ever finals to be staged in Africa, which kick off on June 11.

"What'll be a little more expensive is the organisation but it's worth it," said Blatter.

Officials said the growing revenues were largely down to strong sales of commercial rights despite the recession, which seemed to be the main factor in lower ticket sales thus far, but FIFA and South African government officials believe that the stadiums will be full in June and July this year.

FIFA profits are redistributed to its 208 member associations and development projects.

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