Jermaine Jones Shows Huge Promise On Debut With USA

The midfielder showed well despite limited experience with the USA.
After playing in his first match for the USA, Jermaine Jones used a translator to tell the world that he was happy to get the chance to play for America and that he was only disappointed that they couldn't get the win.

While the words from the German-born midfielder we short and not exactly the sound bite that the U.S. media has been waiting for, they followed a fine performance from Jones on his debut.

One game in and the Schalke star has already notched an assist, shown that he could play box-to-box, and added another experienced option for Bob Bradley to turn to in the center of the pitch.

For the USA the long wait is now over and Jones is as advertised - a gritty central midfielder who seems like he could take one of the two spots in the middle and make it his own.

Of course, the integration of a new face is not always easy. There were moments in the match were Jones looked as though he wasn't sure of what his teammates were doing what he should be doing.

But for the man who partnered Jones in the middle, Michael Bradley, it was a good start to what could end up being happy partnership.

"I thought [Jones] certainly showed what we all know," Bradley told reporters after the match. "He’s a good player and obviously going forward he’s going to be a guy that can help us."

As his midfield partner, Bradley probably had the biggest responsibility in helping Jones fit in quickly. Though it wasn't always smooth, the coach's son seemed happy with their pair's first outing together.

"There’s always a little bit of a feeling out period no matter who you’re playing with so that’s normal," Bradley said. "But I think all in all there were things to build on. Still, it’s a work in progress."

For his part the older Bradley seemed pleased with his new player's contributions on the night, and the prospects of what he could bring in the future, but knows it will take time to get Jones on the same page with the rest of the squad.

"It’s good to have him with us," the older Bradley said after the match. "I think he brings some experience and good qualities. It’s still going to take time in terms of how he meshes on the field. I think there were some stretches in the game where we all saw some very good plays. He played a very good ball for the first goal that Jozy scored. Still, it’s just going to take some time just as far as overall movement and coordination."

At 28 years old Jones still has plenty of time to get fully integrated with the USA, and if his first match was any indication of bigger things to come he might just end up being worth the long wait.

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