News Live Scores Worldview: U.S. Win Was No Fluke

It was the unlikeliest of victories, but the U.S. Men's National Team were able to overcome FIFA's top team when they beat Spain 2-0 on Wednesday.

The consensus among the Editors is that the win wasn't a fluke and that the USMNT can really build from it.

Here are the thoughts of various editors from around the globe...

"This was no fluke win for the United States, but rather it was a comprehensive victory in terms of effort, of efficiency, and even of tactics. USA knew exactly when to hit on the break, and their deep defending frustrated a Spanish front line that all too often works on the elements of speed and surprise. Altidore, while aided by a horrible defensive error, showed strength and tenacity to score, while Landon Donovan's assist for the second was the kind of low cross that Spain seem to dread. My view of the USA hasn't really changed as I already knew they were more than the sum of their parts, but I must admit I really didn't see them picking up even a draw against Spain." -Ewan McDonald, International

"No, it wasn't a fluke. This was a great team effort by Team USA, their spirit was really great. Maybe Spain underestimated them a bit. However, if so, they were punished the right way. Team USA was already a good team, they're hard to beat for every country (WC 2002, quarter finals). With this victory they showed that they're not only hard to beat, but also able to beat big teams in big games. When you look at it that way, one could consider that an improvement." -Tommy Vaneldik, Germany

"I don't think it was a matter of luck, and the win neither changes my view on the US national team. But I do believe that Spain didn't take the time to analyze the team they had to face today. Spain were so confident and forgot that tactics sometimes work and a weaker team can do better than a stronger one. This happens all the time in CONCACAF, where Mexico used to play offensive football, but the U.S. get the points." -Martin Decaux, South America

"It was a very impressive display from the US, showing superb fitness and real spirit to beat the best team in the world, who perhaps already had their heads in the final. There is luck in every game, but it had little part in this encounter, as the underdogs won in an intense match, proving that they could find the net twice and hold off great strikers like Torres and Villa in the process. Great stuff for a tournament that will be remembered for the upsets and the underdogs." -Peter Pedroncelli, Africa

"I believe that this should be a big step for the U.S., especially in terms of confidence. They used to dominate CONCACAF zone rivals, with great results over Mexico, but they've been failing time after time against better teams, specially in Europe. I would like to see this team spirit and determination on Sunday in the final. Then we would see if this was only a 'lucky shot' by U.S. or something more relevant. By the way, very impressive game by Onyewu. We finally saw on the big mainstream what this central defender can do." -Juan Lirman, Spain

"It was like a inspiring sporting movie from Hollywood, but it came true. The Chinese commentator compared this match to the former match in WC 1950 (USA 1-0 England). It is proper, I think. "Attitude is everything" always said Bora Milutinovic, former USA and China coach. Dempsey, Donovan and their teammates followed his words and showed a great team spirit. They forced mistakes from Spainish defenders and shocked the football world. American dreams came true. -Dapeng Liang, China

"It was a deserved victory for the US. They dominated the first 30 mins and took a deserved lead, and then managed it with some intelligent tactics and dogged defending. U.S Improvement? I believe that, based on tonight, the US have definitely improved from a tactical point of view. They played really intelligently, and Spain played into their hands. This game proves how football has changed. A football game is now often settled in two ways 1) Set-pieces and 2) on breakaway phases - i.e the opposition relinquishes possession and you make the most from the breakaway phase - be it on the counter-attack or just in the final third. The U.S nailed the second of these things tonight, so in that regard, why can't their future be brighter? Individually they don't really have the players (although I was really impressed by Onyewu, Demerit, Bradley, Clark and Dempsey), but as a team there is no reason why they shouldn't at least make the second round in the World Cup next year."-Carlo Garganese, International

"Congrats to the US, a cool victory. But it was one game in a tournament with a friendly character. This is no World Cup. No need to overrate things. Not the Spanish defeat, nor the U.S. victory. That doesn't mean that it was a great team performance by Bob Bradley's eleven. Maybe Spain thought no one can defeat it for year. I liked the way the team spirit, and I like if underdogs win." -Nils Reschke, Germany

"The USA played to the very best of their ability, and showed what determination coupled with organization can do against even the best of opposition. They honed in on Spain's one weakness: that they are sometimes one dimensional. I don't know if it was a matter of being complacent from the European champions, more the fact that they were stubborn; they kept trying to walk the ball into the net and the USA defended against that plan, with Del Bosque not making the necessary changes to facilitate a new style of play. The game showed that Spain, while rightfully ranked the best side in the world, still don't quite have the perfect balance that everyone thought they did." -Sulman Ahmad, International
"It has been a match of great emotion that USA have played with huge courage vs a team that at the moment is, with Brazil, the best in the world. The pressure was all on Spain, so that Bradley's team have played without worries and in these situations even David can beat Goliath. The result doesn't pays Spain for its efforts to score, its siege of Howard's net for the entire second half, but this doesn't mean the U.S. didn't deserve the win. They played a very tough game, with the defenders that built a wall in front of Howard, who played the best match I ever saw him playing. Donovan and co. were also ready to attack without fear." -Sergio Stanco, Italy

"Such a wonderful performance from the US! If you watched the match, you will understand that they deserved to win the game. It was a typical spirit of America , just like Obama said :'Yes! We can!'
 "The USA showed their best part in this game, and Spain probably underestimated the enemy, who knows?
 "In my point of view, at least,Ramos and Capdevila did not accomplish their jobs. They put too much in the attack, but not the defense. and Iniesta and Senna ' s absence maybe is another fatal reason to the Spanish." --Tony Mutong, Hong Kong

"It has been a match of great emotion that USA have played with huge courage vs a team that at the moment is, with Brazil, the best in the world. The pressure was all on Spain, so that Bradley's team have played without worries and in these situations even David can beat Goliath. The result doesn't pays Spain for its efforts to score, its siege to Howard's net for all the second half, but this doesn't means USA didn't deserve the win. They played a very tough game, with the defenders that built a wall in front of Howard, who played the best match I ever saw him playing, but Donovan and mates were also ready to attack without fear.
"I think for United States, this one is a huge victory, very important for the morale of the team, but also for all the football movement in the USA. This is a team that can do very well in future and in the next World Cup, since now it's not composed only of runners, but also of quality players like Donovan or Dempsey. Various players now have experience in European football and it seems now there is a coach like Bradley that can give them a good tactic to play a solid football as a team." --Maurizio Piano, Italy

I think it is a tremendous achievement for the US team who was pretty poor at the beginning of the tournament --against Brazil, for example. I do not really know if it is the USA who won or Spain who lost. Anyway, this is amazing for soccer in the USA and i hope it will be a trumendous promotion of football on this big country, so strong in sport, but not so much in the first sport on earth. I prefer to watch this victory on this angle. --Alexandre Walraevens, France

"As amazing that USA's victory was over Spain, it was more surprising that Spain's coaching staff was unable to adjust during half time to break USA's defense. With such an early goal for the US, Spanish team had over 70 minutes to even the score. The win is a tremendous achievement for the U.S. side that is continuously in search of worldwide respect.
"The U.S. side has now earned the respect and a good showing in the final will ensure a new status for the Americans." -- Kaveh Mahjoob, Iran

"Not surprisingly, it was not all the luck. However, it is very difficult to say Team USA is better than Spain. Before this match, USA coach Bob Bradley analyzed Spain completely, and got this decisive victory by specifically blocking Xavi, which turned out to win the game. Their physical superiority helped the victory too.
"USA took advantage of a Spain's unguarded moment. There was an act of indiscipline in the Spain team, because they reached the Semi-Final too easily and had a record of all wins and no defeats during the last 35 games, which is the world record. Consequently, Spain allowed two goals by costly mistakes on defense. USA also didn't miss their chance.
"In short, USA made a complete preparation this game. Spain, on the other hand, didn't prepare. Spain just dreamed a sweet dream about a game against Brazil, counting chickens before they hatched. It might be a better explanation why Spain lost today's game." --Kim, Hyunmin, Korea Republic

"No, it wasn't a fluke, it was great effort on both sides. Mentally and physically, the U.S. played according to what they have. They are in the final now. The only change in my view for this great team is that I believe now they have the character to challenge big teams. They also proved to me that they can play advanced tactical matches. I hope this great effort continues in the final and in the World Cup. --Mohammed Awaad, Arabic edition

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