CONCACAF Integrity Committee: Jack Warner committed fraud against FIFA, CONCACAF, and FFA

A special commission has declared that former CONCACAF president Warner committed fraud and misappropriated funds, and that Chuck Blazer neglected his duties as general secretary.
The CONCACAF Integrity Committee has published a damning report in which it claims that former FIFA Executive Committee members Austin "Jack" Warner and Charles "Chuck" Blazer, formerly the president and general secretary of CONCACAF, respectively, used their positions to promote their own self-interests ahead of those of CONCACAF.

Most significantly, the committee found that Warner was fraudulent against CONCACAF and FIFA, specifically in regard to the Dr. João Havelange Centre of Excellence, and misappropriated funds given by the Football Federation of Australia towards development of a stadium in Trinidad & Tobago.

The 112-page report, published on Saturday, found the following:
  • Warner committed fraud against CONCACAF and FIFA
  • Warner committed fraud and misappropriated funds from FFA
  • Warner and Blazer breached their fiduciary duties to CONCACAF
  • Warner and Blazer violated the CONCACAF Statutes
  • Warner violated the FIFA ethics code

Warner resigned from all positions within soccer in 2011, allegedly to escape prosecution from the FIFA ethics committee. This followed an incident in which he was accused of helping Asian Football Confederation president Mohammed Bin Hammam pass out envelopes of cash to CONCACAF delegates in exchange for their votes in the 2011 FIFA presidential race.