Carlos Vela misses training ... for a Chris Brown concert

The Mexico international has a long rap-sheet of indiscretions over the course of his career, and his decision to skip a session to see the pop star did not go down well.


Mexico international Carlos Vela has found himself in hot water at Real Sociedad, after he was caught red-handed at a Chris Brown concert.

The Mexican striker had called in sick for training at the Basque club the morning after going to a concert to see the hip-hop star.

But Vela didn't think about social media, and a picture surfaced on Twitter of the 27-year-old enjoying himself at the gig in Madrid alongside former teammate Antoine Griezmann.

As a result Vela has been separated from the first-team squad by coach Eusebio Sacristan, a decision backed by Real captain Xabi Prieto. 

"[The coach] has decided Vela will not train and as a group we respect the decision," Prieto said in a news conference. "It is surprising when a teammate does not come to training. It was not taken well in the dressing room and we have told him that.

"We spoke to [Vela] and the first thing he did was show us his regret. If he could turn back time he would not do it again."

It is not the first time Vela has fallen foul of authority: a long-running dispute with the Mexican national team, which kept him out of the 2014 World Cup, was also related to a punishment handed down for partying.