Former Colombian international Miguel Calero is brain dead

Miguel Calero has been pronounced brain dead in a Mexico City hospital after days of treatment. The former goalkeeper does not have long to live.
Miguel Calero is brain dead. The former Colombia international goalkeeper had received treatment for several days in a Mexico City hospital.

Calero, 41, who spent most of his playing career with Pachuca, has been hospitalized since Nov. 28 after thrombosis in his arm caused a blood clot to reach his brain.

"Mr. Calero is brain dead," Dr. Edgar Natal, neurosurgeon, and Dr. José Antonio Torres, who is chief of medical services for Pachuca, said. "Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time befor Miguel Calero passes away."

Currently, Calero is on life support.

Calero retired from the Mexican league on Sept. 29, 2011 after suffering a venous thrombosis in his left arm. With Pachuca, he won three titles. He played for the Colombian national team from 1995-2007.

Andres Corona contributed additional reporting to this article.

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