Jorge Campos' colorful jersey ranked as one of football's worst ever

A German publication singled out former Mexico goalkeeper Jorge Campos with committing a serious crime against fashion.

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Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos caught the world's eye in 1994 with his spectacular, athletic play in goal despite a short stature. Campos was also pretty easy to pick out on the pitch.

English kit maker Umbro fitted Campos with his usual style, familiar to Mexican fans but alien to most of the world: a brightly multi-colored jersey that made the former Pumas netminder stick out in any stadium.

Nearly two decades later, the kit was singled out by as one of the worst ever. Campos, who also played striker for most of his career and scored more than 30 league goals, notably designed most of his colorful kits at the club level.

Among the other "offenders", Werder Bremen keeper Tim Wiese's pink 2011 kit was also featured, while Manchester United's 1992 alternate jersey featuring faded blue polygons on a white background was singled out.

VfL Bochum's 1995 "rainbow" kit, as well as SC Herenveen's current uniform, which features hearts between their blue and white stripes. Last year's green Barcelona kit also received jeers.

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