Marquez Leads Player Revolt Against FMF

Players have taken issue with the FMF and have all asked to be left off the squad for all games, friendly or otherwise.
Rafael Marquez and 12 other Mexican internationals no longer want to participate with the Mexican national team as a form of protest against recent fines and suspensions, according to a report in Mexican daily Record.

Marquez led the protest and drafted a letter to the Mexican national team, according to Record who published the letter.

On Sept. 21, the Mexican Football Federation suspended Carlos Vela and Efrain Juarez for six months and fined the pair along with 11 others $50,000 pesos, or about $4,000 USD.

The action was taken due to a post-game celebration which took place after a national team game in Monterrey on Sept. 7. The FMF said the players broke various rules of conduct, the most egregious rule-breakers being Vela and Juarez.

Now, however, the players have fought back. In the letter published by Record, the players take issue with publicizing the incidents.

"Each and every one of those who signed this document request that the two main executives of our federation not call on us for national team matches, official and unofficial, until the conduct and procedures within our are more consistent with ideas and behavior of the exectuvies," the letter said. "We are not unaware or indifferent to the concepts of discipline, order, professionalism, dedication, hierarchy and such, but what we cannot put aside is the internal code of respect for confidentiality. For quite some time, what has happened while with the national team has stayed there, within the federation. It's very simple - dirty laundry is washed at home. That has always existed but for some time that has not been happening."

The letter was signed by Marquez, Vela, Juarez as well as Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Carlos Salcido, Andres Guardado, Gerardo Torrado, Pablo Barrera, Giovani Dos Santos, Javier Hernandez, Guillermo Ochoa, Enrique Esqueda and Hector Moreno.

FMF executive Nestor De La Torre said the matter would be dealt with but did not expand.

"Well, that's how it is," De La Torre told reporters. "It's something that was directed at me, but as I've always said that everything will be handled at an institutional level and that's how this will be done as well. For now, I won't say anything more."