Court Strips Vergara Of Chivas Naming Rights

Jorge Vergara lost naming rights of Chivas after a court ruled against Vergara and in favor of Club Deportivo Guadalajara, A.C.
Jorge Vergara has lost naming rights of all things Chivas on Monday, according to several outlets. A court ruled that the Asociacion Civil now holds the rights to use registered names and trademarks of the Chivas brand.

Now, Chivas owner Jorge Vergara will have to find a way to get back the rights because under this new movement problems will arise with the continued use of the Chivas uniform, crest, and all other commercial products of the club.  

“They [Jorge Vergara] should look for an agreement with Guadalajara A.C. and that way continue with the team without any problems,”  said Francisco Cardenas, president of the Asociacion Civil.  

"The record is that these trademark registrations that have to do with Club Deportivo Guadalajara, the symbol or symbols in design have been registered over the years by and on behalf of the Club Deportivo Guadalajara AC, which says that tribunal must be restored for this holder," said A.C. lawyer Antonio Jasso.

Chivas president Vergara responded via press release to the news reminding the AC of the time he took over the club with his group Omnilife.

“It is truly regrettable that so-called dissidents, who call themselves football fans of Guadalajara, have done this to the club, a club that I recall was in ruins  before being taken to better directions for the company I represent.”

At the time Chivas was in a financial mess which Vergara bettering the situation and building up the reserves, something that he points out as a point of pride.  

“The team was submerged in a crisis both sporting and financial, the reason why they had to give control of the team to a promoter that contracted players was because football schools were non-existent," he said. “During this time, those dissidents did not worry about working in the formation of players or in the long time project of the team.

“Since we acquired the Club Deportivo Guadalajara we’ve been able to consolidate ourselves in the football terms. We’re about to inaugurate the most modern and functional stadium in Mexico, and one of the most bold in the world. At this time the team, with exception of Adolfo Bautista and Aaron Galindo, all the players have been formed in the reserves which should be a point of pride for supporters,” released Vergara.

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