Pachuca's Torres Determined To Stay In Starting Lineup

Pachuca midfielder Jose Francisco Torres will start in place of the suspended Damian Alvarez this week and the American youngster said he will try to keep his spot no matter what.
Jose Francisco Torres made great strides for Pachuca in early 2009. After starting nine of the 14 games he played in during the Apertura 2008 season, Torres was a solid starter in the Clausura '09 campaign.

After starting 13 regular-season games and four more in the playoffs, Torres seemed set in his spot.

However, manager Enrique Meza left and was replaced by Guillermo Rivarola. Torres' playing time suffered.

Now, however, Torres has once again been given a starting spot and the Texas native said he is not about to squander the opportunity.

"The manager has shown confidence in me once again and I want to take advantage of the opportunity in order to maintain the starting spot," Torres told "In these three games I have to play very well. I'm giving it everything I have and hopefully I can show the manager that I have a lot of desire to win the spot."

Torres, who benefits from teammate Damian Alvarez's suspension, started 10 games last season but saw his playing time diminish from 996 minutes to 818. He went the distance in only four games last season.

"That's part of football," he said. "That's why you need to do things as best as possible, to learn from the errors which I made. I am a young player and have a lot to learn every day but now I am a starter and I am going to give everything I can do keep my spot."

Alvarez was suspended for three games after picking up a red card in the season opener, a 3-0 win over Estudiantes. Torres did not play in that game but will start at Queretaro, Rivarola announced earlier in the week.

Torres admitted that he lost some confidence in his game.

"Last season I was a starter and I did fine but I believe I went down but I don't need to let that dampen my spirits," Torres said. "I have to fight to recover my level and confidence. I lost a bit of confidence and that's why it's important to take advantage of this opportunity."

While he said his confidence slipped, he was not unaware of the reasons behind it.

"I got overconfident. Sometimes a player thinks he has a spot secure and it's not like that," he said. "I thought about that before the season, knew that things were not going well for me and understood it and fortunately I will start once more."

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