Morales Heads List Of Chivas' Transfer List

Ramon Morales is among the players who may have played their last game for Chivas.
The list of potential transfers for Chivas has been drawn up with a surprise: Ramon Morales. The long-serving player has been placed on the list with the potential to leave Chivas. Players on the list are available to leave though their inclusion on the list does not mean that they are without contract. In case of no offers the players will remain at the club.  

Raul Lebrija offered the list of transferable players after presenting Adolfo ‘Bofo’ Bautista as Chivas’ reinforcement. The Chivas president gave notice of former captain Morales’ transfer to Chivas USA.  

“I’m going to give the list of transferable players. On it is Ramon Morales who has some interest from Chivas USA to play there due to the career that he’s had with Chivas. We are talking to him and Chivas USA about that possibility,” said Lebrija.  

Two players part of the Apertura 2009 campaign are available for transfer with moves for those already on loan a possibility.  

“There is Sergio Amaury Ponce, Gonzalo Pineda, Diego Martinez who is loaned out to Monterrey but we haven’t had any answers concerning that loan and there’s the possibility of a permanent stay. There’s Jose Antonio Olvera who is on loan at Toluca but after some negotiations he will be going to Santos Laguna. We have Francisco Mendoza who has the possibility of going to Chivas USA due to previous work with that team.”  

Morales arrived at Chivas in 1999 and after ten years he may be migrating to the MLS although according to Lebrija there are other teams interested.  

“The case of Ramon Morales is special. We’re analyzing the possibility [of Chivas USA] but there is another team that asked about him. We’re waiting on talks we’ll have with Ramon to see the possibility of his incorporation to football in the United States and we have to speak to Antonio Cué, president of Chivas USA.”  

Players on the list have standing contracts with the team. Their inclusion does not mean that the contract is broken and if they remain at Chivas they will have their contract honored.  

“They have contracts, let’s make that clear. Putting them on a transfer list does not mean that we’re breaking their contract. Sometimes there’s another team due to the draft that we have in Mexican football. A few teams spoke to me, but I don’t want to give more away. We’re going to wait to see lists from other teams to see what we can do.”

Andrea Martinez,

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