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¡Monterrey Campeon! Rayados Claim Mexican League Title

The second leg between Cruz Azul and Monterrey played out for the Championship for the Mexican league for the Apertura 2009. Monterrey visited Cruz Azul to close out the series with 4-3 aggregate lead and it was too much for Cruz Azul to turn around.

Monterrey won the game 2-1 with goals from Aldo De Nigris and Humberto Suazo and left with another star for the crest and the title of Campéon leaving Cruz Azul to wait another season to add to their last Championship win in 1997.  

First Half

Closing the two-legged final at home, Cruz Azul tried to take the advantage early on in the game. With a goal down on the aggregate score the Cementeros immediately looked to equalize in the global score. In the third minute Cesar Villaluz provided one of the first moments of danger; an initial shot had gone his way and he took the ball and took a shot. it ended up hitting the crossbar to mark Cruz Azul’s attack.  

Monterrey gave a response in the 14th minute with a shot from Walter Ayovi, but Cruz Azul goalkeeper Jesus Corona was able to stop the easy ball as it went toward goal.  

The crossbar wasn’t too kind to Cruz Azul as it prevented the team from scoring. In the 17th minute Fausto Pinto took a long shot and hit the Jonathon Orozco’s crossbar, watching another possible goal slip away.  

Again a minute later Cruz Azul had an opportunity. Cruz Azul’s goalscorer, Emmanuel Villa, came close with a header after beating Basanta but the ball ended up going just wide of the post.  

Mario Ortiz provided a rifling shot in the 33rd minute for Cruz Azul but Orozco made the save. Villa had the rebound but once again Orozco made a save.  

In the 39th minute Cruz Azul had a penalty claim as Galindo got a hand on Ortiz. Ortiz fell to the ground, but referee Marco Rodriguez did not give the call.

Second Half

Back for the second half Cruz Azul tried to imitate another strong start with play between Villaluz and Villa. Villa sent in a pass to Villaluz, who controlled, but Basanta cut off the play to stop Cruz Azul.  

Aldo de Nigris added a goal to his Liguilla account in the 54th minute with a header. A pass from Suazo from the right side of the box to the left where De Nigris waited, marked by Melvin Brown. De Nigris’ easily beat Brown to head the ball past Jesus Corona and put Monterrey at a 5-3 aggregate lead.  

In the 72nd minute Villa tried to center the ball inside Monterrey’s box, but had little support up front and Orozco easily cleaned up the ball to stop any danger.   

The 75th minute proved to give Monterrey an opportunity as Suazo had a shot on the Cruz Azul goal with pass from De Nigris. Corona was able to make a save to prevent a second goal that could have sunk Cruz Azul into deeper despair.  

Cruz Azul added a goal of their own in the 77th minute to make the race toward the finish line tighter. Alejandro Castro headed in the ball past Orozco from a corner taken by Rogelio Chavez. Castro was able to overpower Severo Meza and De Nigris to give Cruz Azul hope for the championship.  

In the 81st minute Javier Orozco received a shot on the edge of the Monterrey area and was able to get past Dulio Davino, his shot beating goalkeeper Jonathon Orozco but it went wide of goal.  

In the 89th minute Humberto ‘Chupete’ Suazo put a stop to Cruz Azul’s aspirations. Suazo received a ball from Osvaldo Martinez without marking and saw that Jesus Corona had come out of goal. Without any panicking Suazo sent it rolling past Corona toward the open goal and gave Monterrey the Championship they had been waiting for since 2003.

Andrea Martinez,

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