Toluca Rescue A Late Point Against San Luis

San Luis were minutes away from a pulling off a stunner in Toluca but the “Diablos” never died and rescued a point in the end.
San Luis looked to be the victor against a very powerful Toluca. Los Diablo’s never said no and pulled one back in the late stages as the game ended in a 1-1 draw. San Luis took the initiative early in the game and went ahead after the 22nd minute. San Luis dropped down as Toluca did everything they could to tie things up. It looked like San Luis would take all the points but a late penalty saved the day for Toluca.

Toluca remains unbeaten in five games and will hold their SuperLider for another week.

San Luis has not seen a victory in their last three encounters.

First Half

San Luis was in dear search of points and goals. The Gladiators started proposing early. Alfredo tried his luck from outside the box in the 5th minute, but his shot went over the bar. In the 11th minute Braulio Luna got his head behind a very good cross, but the ball traveled just wide.

Toluca responded in the 15th minute, courtesy of Vladimir Marin. Marin entered the 16 yard box through the left and was left with a lot of space to shoot. Vladimir pulled the trigger but his crossed shot missed the goal completely. Marin had the same exact shot in the 21st minute, but like in the first one his shot went wide.

San Luis got a break in the 22nd minute. Alfredo Moreno drove into the box and was brought down by Jose Cruzalta. The referee did not hesitate to call the penalty and the same Moreno lined up to take it. Alfredo Talavera was able to get a hand on the shot but it was taken with a lot of power and it reached the back of the net. San Luis went up thanks to an almost non existent penalty.

Toluca had had an extremely good chance to tie things up in the 34th minute. Antonio Naelson “Zinha” had a go from outside the box and it hit the post. Marin got the rebound for Toluca and also had a go. The ball crossed the line but it was not a goal for Adrian Martinez was able to impede the ball from completely crossing the line. Marin missed another and Martinez was slowly becoming the figure of the game.

Marin once again had another chance in the closing stages of the first half. Marin once more cut through the left but again crossed his shot wide. The half ended with San Luis barely holding on to a 1-0 lead.

Second Half

Toluca seemed to have full control to start the second half but they lacked the finishing touch.

Colombian Vladimir Marin once again tried for the tying goal for Toluca in the 53rd minute. Marin received a rebound inside of the box and had a chance to catch Martinez off guard but Marin’s shot sailed way over the bar.

Toluca had San Luis pinned in the back but could not make them suffer.

Carlos Esquivel also had a great chance for goal in the 57th minute.  Esquivel received the ball at the top of the box, he had a go but his shot went straight to the hands of Martinez.

Hector Mancilla had another chance for Toluca in the 62nd minute. Martinez made a very good save and left the rebound in front of Mancilla. The Chilean forward could not get a proper strike on the ball and Martinez had another save.

San Luis showed nothing up top and things just got worse in the 69th minute. American Michael Orozco was sent off the field after a harsh tackle on Hector Mancilla.

Toluca kept on insisting and their efforts paid off in the 88th minute.  Adrian Garcia Arias brought down Edgar Dueñas and a penalty was called. Mancilla took the shot and was stopped by Martinez. The penalty was repeated, however, because Martinez took a couple of step forward. Mancilla had a second chance and drilled it, rescuing a point for Toluca.

Toluca tried to win the game but it was too late, they were however, able to rescue a point late in the game as it ended 1-1.

Sylvestre Adame,

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