America Keeps Their Dominance Over Cruz Azul

America showed why they have kept dominance against Cruz Azul over the years when they played them at the Estadio Azul.
America beat Cruz Azul 3-2 in a very exciting game. The Clasico did not disappoint as both teams showed they wanted the win. America got off the mark first but Cruz Azul always came back. America was too much as they scored in the dying moment to secure the win.

This is the 15th time that Cruz Azul has not seen a victory against America. America has now won three in a row while Cruz Azul drops their second in a row.

First Half

America showed their dominance in the Clasico Joven early on. Horacio Cervantes brought down Salvador Cabañas inside the box after giving him a kick. The same Cabañas took the shot and drilled it to the right. Jose de Jesus Corona guessed right but the shot had too much on it for him to control. America won the Clasico after only 3 minutes with a one goal lead.

Cruz Azul tried to get back into the game courtesy Jaime Lozano. Lozano came sliding in but Guillermo Ochoa was there to make the save.

America took control of the game early on. Angel Reyna and Jean Beausejour were turning the wheels in the America midfield giving way for Enrique Esquesda and Cabañas. America’s dominance lasted for only about ten minutes as Cruz Azul slowly but surely started to get back into the game.

In the 15th minute Emilio Hernandez had a clear option to tie the game for his team. Hernandez worked off a beautiful play with Emanuel Villa. Hernandez reached the box and was alone with Guillermo Ochoa but Hernandez seemed to hesitate as he sent his shot right at Ochoa and the keeper had an easy save.

Villa was the one generating the opportunities for Cruz Azul there after. In the 20th minute Villa had a go from outside the box that just missed the goal, then in the 25th minute he had a header that was stopped by a well-positioned Ochoa.

America had a chance in the 28th minute that came close to being their second. Salvador Cabañas tried his luck from a free kick. His shot crashed against the up-right and Cruz Azul still had a chance in the game.

Cruz Azul indeed had one in them and in the 41st minute they tied things up.  Emanuel villa, who had been close all game long finally got off the mark. Villa out muscled Aquivaldo Mosquera and then drove the ball around Ochoa and into the back of the net. The game was tied at 1-1.

America responded well to the goal by producing one of their own. It was again Cabañas who would score for America. Cabañas did well to free himself from the mark and then did even better to put the ball past Corona. America took the lead again in the 44th minute by a score of 2-1.

Second Half

America started things off by taking control of the second half.

In the 50th minute Angel Reyna missed wide left after a very good attempt. Just 5 minutes later Cabañas also had a go but his shot also went wide. America was in such control that even Aquivaldo Mosquera decided to go up and see what he could get. Mosquera took on his defender and hit the ball well but again Corona kept the ball out.

The game went into a deadlock in the middle after that with both teams pretty evenly matched.

Enrique Esqueda who seemed lost through out the game had a magnificent chance to put the game away in the 76th minute. Esqueda drove down the right side of the box took a shot but Corona was too much as he once again kept the ball.

The game was coming to a close and America looked to be the victor but Cruz Azul tied it up once again in the 81st minute. Rogelio Chavez caught everyone including Ochoa off guard from a set play. The free kick took everyone by surprise as it sailed into the back of the goal. The game was tied at 2-2.

Las Aguilas were not conformed with the tie as they put the game away in the end. Daniel Marquez who had only been on the field for seven minutes marked the difference in the game. Marquez got his head behind a good free kick service from Pavel Pardo. His shot just tipped the ball in a different direction as Jesus Corona could do very little about it. The goal was scored in stoppage time and America won the game 3-2.

Sylvestre Adame,

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