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Player Ratings: Mexico 5-0 United States


Guillermo Ochoa 8
- Controlled what came to him. He wasn’t troubled too much.  

Jose Antonio "Gringo" Castro 8 - Seemed to try harder this game, and although there were a few slip up he performed well and had a perfect touch for his goal.  

Jonny Magallón 8 - A few shaky moments but managed to come out and take control.  

Fausto Pinto 8 - Pinto did well on his side and helped stop the U.S. attacks, and provided the assist for Franco

Juan Carlos Valenzuela 7 - He was caught a few times by the U.S. players, but tremendously improved for the second half.

Efrain Juárez 7.5 - Did pretty well, but was one of the quieter of the Mexican side.  

Gerardo Torrado 8 - Held the midfield for Mexico. Also stepped up for the penalty and performed his captain duties well.  

Israel Castro 7.5- A good performance by Castro, did his job to help the team to victory.

Alberto Medina 7 - Provided good runs, helped create many opportunities, but should have been more daring with chances that he had.

Miguel Sabah 7.5 - Played well, and was up top trying to score.

Givoani Dos Santos 9 - Popped up all over the place and kept away from the U.S. player to create many chances, and score as well.  


Carlos Vela 8 - Played well, scored a goal, set up a goal. He looked heaps better than in the previous game and had more confidence during the game. It was a great 45 minutess for the Arsenal youngster.

Guillermo Franco 7.5 - Was quiet when he first came on, but grew and scored a goal to cap his performance.

Carlos Esquivel - N/A

United States

Troy Perkins 4.5 - Helpless to stop penalty kick; had some good saves when Mexico first took lead but performance went downhill once flood gates opened.

Jay Heaps 3.5 - Glaring weak spot on otherwise solid backline. Put himself in terrible position on penalty, deserved second yellow late in game. Horrendous performance.

Chad Marshall 6 - Mostly a fine performance by Marshall; made Alberto Medina look poor when Medina attacked his side. Helpless to stop swarming attackers once offense pushed forward.

Clarence Goodson 6 - Like Marshall, Goodson did well in central defense. Goals came after U.S. had to push forward and abandon its game plan.

Heath Pearce 6 - Decent performance; did not add much to attack.

Robbie Rogers 6.5 - Could have opened scoring early in second half but was unlucky to see left-footed shot sail just high over crossbar.

Stuart Holden 6.5 - Quite dangerous with the ball; had a long-distance attempt that sailed just wide of goal. Americans' best player on the field.

Logan Pause 5 - Silly yellow card in first half. Once Mexico went ahead, was rendered useless and replaced.

Kyle Beckerman 5 - Lot of movement for RSL midfielder but failed to distribute the ball.

Brian Ching 5.5 - Held ball, banged bodies and tried to spread play around, but wasn't overly effective in any area.

Davy Arnaud 5 - Ineffective outing. Held ball several times in or near Mexican penalty area and did nothing.


Kenny Cooper 5 - Left with little time to do much of anything.

Santino Quaranta 5 - Offensive-minded substitute added little to the attack.

Sam Cronin N/A - Doubtful anyone but Cronin's family cared about his inclusion in the 88th minute.

Andrea Martinez and Luis Bueno,

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