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Player Ratings: Mexico 1-1 Costa Rica (Mexico Wins in PKs)

Costa Rica

Keilor Navas 6.5 - Did well until Guillermo Franco lined up his late shot. Redeemed himself in extra time. Looked unsure of himself in penalties.

Harold Wallace 6.5 - Strong effort from veteran defender; only blemish was lack of help offensively.

Dario Delgado 5.5 - Shaky game; Mexico attacked often down portion of the backline.

Freddy Fernandez 5.5 - Did solid enough job but his handball was atrocious. Costa Rica were lucky Miguel Sabah's PK was soft.

Dennis Marhsall 7 - Did not deserve yellow card; otherwise had a strong game in the back for Costa Rica.

Celso Borges 7 - Another strong effort from Borges, only thing missing was goal during regulation.

Cristian Oviedo 6 - Did well to break apart Mexican attacks but had a poor booking in the second half.

Armando Alonso 6.5 - Strong two-way effort; got taken out a bit early but was tactical move by manager Kenton.

Andy Herron 6 - Did well to create some chances but his finishing was off.

Alvaro Saborio 7 - Put himself in dangerous positions; had excellent headed pass to Ledezma that led to late equalizer.

Pablo Brenes 6 - Active and mobile but didn't really create much for his team.


Froylan Ledezma 7
- Unbelievable goal near the death sent game into extra time, but Ledezma let team down in penalties.

Warren Granados 6.5 - Good effort as late second-half sub; tested Ochoa from distance, but also gave away a bad foul in second half of extra time.


Guillermo Ochoa  8
- Wasn't truly at fault for goal as defense hung him out to dry. Splendid save of Ledezma in penalties.

Efrain Juarez 6.5 - Booking was just; escaped a second yellow for bad push on Saborio.

Juan Carlos Valenzuela 5 - Horrendous display of marking on Tico's equalizer.

Jonny Magallon 7 - Not too much to complain about Magallon's effort on Thursday.

Fausto Pinto 6.5 - Removed for tactical change, not because of subpar play.

Israel Castro 6 - Was a thorn in Tico's side; could have done better with few looks he had.

Gerardo Torrado 6 - Costly yellow early in match; hot-tempered Torrado toyed often with a secodn booking.

Pablo Berrera 5.5 - Had a few moments of danger but nothing substantial.

Alberto Medina 6.5 - Created down the left flank but effectiveness wore off as game wore on.

Giovani Dos Santos 7 - Was a handful for Costa Rica's defense to handle; with better finishing skills from teammates, Gio could have had a few assists.

Miguel Sabah 4.5 - Poor effort; soft penalty was terrible missed opportunity.


Jose Antonio "Gringo" Castro 6.5 - Did well along the flank as second-half substitute.

Carlos Vela 5 - Showed quite a bit of rust. Still was able to get decisive goal in penalties but that alone shouldn't compensate for overall performance.

Guillermo Franco 7.5 - Fit in nicely almost from the moment he stepped onto the field; potent shot left Navas with little chance to stop it.

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