Aguirre: I Did Not Have Good Conduct

Mexico manager Javier Aguirre apologized for his actions during Thursday's game against Panama, actions which resulted in his ejection.
Mexico and Panama tied 1-1 at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Both teams ended with less than 11 men, but it was Mexico who also ended up without manager Javier Aguirre.  

In the 79th minute of the game, Aguirre was sent off after raising his foot as Ricardo Phillips went for a ball. The men collided and aggression ensued, causing the referee to show them both the red card.

While Phillips refused to leave, Aguirre headed back into the locker room, and at the post match conference offered his apologies.  

“I would like to apologize in order of the Mexican fans, the Mexican team, the Mexican press, everyone involved with the Mexican national team, to the officials and workers because (Thursday) I didn’t have very good conduct,” said Aguirre.

The Mexican manager explained his loss of temper during the match.  

“I didn’t have good conduct in those two or three minutes, that in my opinion, were brought on by a waste of time by part of the opponent that tried to defend a ball when the referee had called a throw in. The Panamanian player (Phillips) kept on playing outside the pitch. I wanted to stop the ball, there is contact with the player, inevitably because of the momentum that the player had. I lifted my foot too much and I regret that."

After Aguirre made contact with Phillips, the player seemed surprised by the action and pushed Aguirre. Assistant coach Manuel Vidrio pushed Phillips back and players from both teams swarmed on the sideline. Phillips and Aguirre were each sent off.

“I regret that," Aguirre said. "In the first pace I shouldn’t have gone out of my technical area and I was rightfully sanctioned by the referee. I can’t direct the Mexican team from the bench and leave them without a manager.”  

Despite Aguirre’s claims of regret, Panama’s Gary Stempel accused the Mexican manager of trying to injure his player. However, Aguirre denied the claim.  

“The only one who knows the intention of the play is me. The player had a lot of speed," Aguirre said, defending himself. "There was actually a Mexican player in the middle and I didn’t have time to move my foot. That’s how I see it, and there’s no one who can say what my intention was.”

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