Mexico 0-0 Guatemala: Player Ratings

Collectively, Mexico and Guatemala were not up to par as they combined for a dull nil-nil draw, but how did the individual players perform?'s Andrea Martinez and Joel Aceves rate the players from both sides.

Jesus Corona  6.5
- On his highly anticipated start, he didn’t have much to do. On Guatemala’s best chance of the game Corona came out and staked his claim as a starter.

Edgar Dueñas 5.0 -  Made a serious mistake in the first half, but other than that had an ok game. 

Juan Carlos Valenzuela 5.0 - Early in the game was overtaken by the pace of the Guatemalan players, but afterwards he just cruised by as Mexico pushed farther up.

Efrain Jaurez 5.5 - Did well in the back and pushed up front to provide more support. 

Fausto Pinto 4.0 - Was invisible during his 45 minutes.

Israel Castro 5.0 - Provided good support in the back, and had a chance in the beginning. 

Luis Miguel Noriega 5.0
- Was too slow at the start, but as time went on he helped in a couple of plays 

“Chema” Cardenas 5.0
- Early on took a few shots, and helped trying to go down the middle, but ended the game with controversy with his penalty appealing tackle near the end. 

Alberto Medina 6.0 - Although he missed golden opportunities in the second half, he provided plenty of crosses for others and support down the left. 

Omar Bravo 5.0 - Was unable to get touches on the ball, and missed a couple of chances. 

Omar Arellano 5.0 - Was getting into the came, but drew and committed more fouls than anything else. 


Pablo Barrera 5.5
- Got himself involved right from the start and created many plays both for the team and individually. 

“Jagger” Martinez 5.0 - Helped Mexico a little, but didn’t do enough to help the attack. 

Miguel Sabah 5.0 - Had a few chances, but wasted the opportunities. 

Carlos Esquivel 5.0 - Tried a few crosses, but no one took advantage of them. Besides that was quiet for his time on the field. 

Carlos Vela - N/A


Ricardo Trigueño 8.0
- The Guatemalan keeper put forth a man of the match performance, denying Mexico on a few occasions and proving to be solid behind the posts.

Luis Rodriguez 6.0 - Rodriguez did a good job marking Bravo out of the game, even though he almost scored an own goal in the process.

Yony Wilson-Flores 5.0 - Shaky at times but held his own and helped hold down the central defense.

Gustavo Cabrera 5.0 - Managed to contain Cardenas but allowed Barrera to get past him and cause a few problems.

Carlos Gallardo 4.0
- Did a great job… as Medina’s stepping mat.

Luis Bradley 5.0 - Was imprecise when transitioning to attack but did his job in helping the Chapines bunker and bore the Tricolor into submission.

Maynor Davila 6.0 - Despite earning a yellow card early in the game continued to play the role of midfield enforcer and was not afraid to roughhouse.  

Miguel Fernandez 5.0 - Did well to mark Cardenas but had problems with second-half sub Barrera. Unjustly ejected in the second half, after taking a dive, in what should have been a penalty kick call for Guatemala.

Fredy Thompson 4.0 - Had a difficult time trying to contain Medina who became one of Mexico’s most dangerous players. Fortunately, for Thompson and Gallardo, Trigueno was there to resolve any problem caused by the Chivas striker.

Jose Contreras 6.0 - Seemed to be playing an intense game of keep away, chasing after the ball and putting pressure on the Mexican players with possession.  

Transito Montepeque 5.0 - Played as Guatemala’s loan striker and missed a clear goal scoring opportunity with only Corona to beat.


Selvin Motta 5.0 – Replaced Montepeque but was not able to offer any resolutions up front.

Cristian Noriega 5.0 - Helped hold down the Chapines defense in the final minutes of the match.

Edgar Chinchilla 5.0 - Entered the match with the final whistle only a few minutes away.

Joel Aceves and Andrea Martinez,

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