New Sporting Director For Cruz Azul

The club is ready to follow new leadership.
Cruz Azul has set in motion their restructuring process, which began last season with the ousting of Benjamin Galindo and Eduardo de la Torre, with the presentation of Alberto Quintano; the club’s new sporting director.  

Quintano, who played and coached Cruz Azul in the 70’s and 80’s, has made clear his objectives for next season which will consist of  assigning a new head coach, building a competitive squad, and that all of the clubs divisions qualify to the playoffs and fight for the league title.

“Independently of the person that manages the team we have to recuperate our pride and valor of pertaining to this institution, that is and continues to be an example as a cooperation and sporting club, that the historic values return and not be a burden but a motivation because we will look to reconstruct the teams confidence and high level which we must aspire to if we hope to obtain a league title,” said Quintano upon his presentation.

According to Quintano, the road to the league title can be viewed in many ways. “If I am pessimist I will see it very difficult, if I am optimist I will see an easy road to reach the league title, but I want to be a realist and first want to reconstruct what we are missing and build upon that to be able to reach our goals,” stated the Chilean.

“Hiring a coach will be the short-term objective, the middle will be to rebuild the squad, and long term objective will be to take advantage of the youth divisions,” said Quintano who did not want to speak about future incorporations to the club.

 “I cannot speak before we even have a coach to evaluate the squad, see what the necessities are, and from there begin to build a competitive team,” assured Quintano; who according to Club President Guillermo “Billy” Alvarez, the  first task will be to try and sign Enrique “Ojitos” Meza.

“He will speak with Professor Meza to see if he wants to take over as the clubs manager; even if there are rumors that it is a done deal nothing has been made official yet,” concluded Alvarez.

Joel Aceves,