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Mexico City Flu Outbreak Forces FMF To Ban Supporters

Due to escalating concerns over a massive swine flu outbreak in Mexico City, the Mexican Football Federation will not allow supporters into local Primera Division matches on the weekend.

America-Tecos and Pumas-Guadalajara will be played without supporters in the stands as the FMF obliged with the Mexican government's attempts to try and slow the spread of the flu that has baffled health offcials.

By Friday, the flu had claimed 62 lives in the Mexican capital, according to reports, and had affected more than 800 people in Mexico. A similar strain of the flu was reported in the United States as up to seven cases in California and Texas were reported. The flu is a mix of pig, bird and human viruses that researches have not seen before, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. Mexican government officials took preventative actions on Friday to try and contain the spread of the virus.

Schools and universities across Mexico City were shut down on Friday and Mexican health officials warned people from going to public places.

FMF officials complied with the wishes of the government and health ministry

"This decision was done with the full consciousness from clubs UNAM, Guadalajara, America and UAG in solidarity with the measures implemented by health authorities," FMF General Secretary Decio De Maria said.

Although the clubs might suffer financially from lost revenue, De Maria insisted the teams and the federation had placed that a far second behind the public's safety.

"The clubs understand that their solidarity with the residents of Mexico City is primordial," De Maria said. "Beyond the financial impact, the society deserves this support."