Nery Castillo Lashes Out Towards Mexican Media

During a press conference, Mexico's Nery Castillo lambasted reporters and claimed that only those who have played the game may criticize players and teams.
Since breaking through with the Mexican national team with a superb performance in Copa America 2007, Nery Castillo has failed to grab hold of a starting spot with El Tricolor.

Be it injury or an unstable club situation, Castillo has had his share of missed time with the national team since helping lead Mexico to the semifinals of Copa America two years ago.

On Wednesday, his frustration and anger boiled over as Castillo lashed out against media criticism before a horde of reporters in Mexico City. Castillo blamed the media for their lack of support, chastised writers for never having played soccer and said the Mexican media is nothing like Argentine and Brazilian outlets whom he said are far wiser in their criticism.

"In Argentina and Brazil and Uruguay the media knows more about football," Castillo said. "In Brazil you have Careca and Casagrande, and they can criticize the national team because they understand the game. In Mexico, they criticize about everything but football. You are always looking for ways to criticize."

His words drew laughter and a slew of questions and comments. Castillo even entertained a brief back-and-forth with one reporter.

"Have you ever played football?" Castillo questioned the writer.

"Yes," the reporter replied amidst laughter.

"Oh really? For what club? Was it in a first division?" Castillo responded.

Shortly afteward, another reporter responded to Castillo's claim that the only types of criticisms that are valid were from former footballers.

"So then that's like saying whoever hasn't been President of the Republic (of Mexico) can't critize the president because they've never been the President of the Republic," the reporter asked, to wit Castillo leaned back in his chair and smiled.

Castillo seemed irritated over criticism over his late arrival to Mexico City. The Ukraine-based player was delayed until Tuesday in his attempts to join El Tri from Eastern Europe. Before the reporters, Castillo at first said he was unaffected by the criticism.

"It really doesn't matter to me what any of you say because nobody who is here has ever played football," Castillo said.

"You are all happy when things aren't going well with the national team," Castillo said. "You never support us when the team is doing well."

Castillo said he is often told how friends of his cannot believe the types of things written about him by the Mexican media.

"But I'm not the only who says that," he said. "And when everyone says that, that's because it's true. If I were the only one saying these things, then I'd be wrong. But when I say it and Pavel (Pardo), (Ferando) Arce, Rafa (Marquez), (Gerardo) Torrado, Giovani (Dos Santos) or any other player, and they're all saying it, then that's the way it is."

Pardo and Arce were also at the press conference and Pardo had to intervene after the players stepped away. One reporter shouted towards Castillo and asked him if he was a malinchista, or traitor. Castillo responded by saying "Me and you, outside" before Pardo got in Castillo's way.