Merritt Paulson: MLS 'attractive' to Rooney

Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson believes Wayne Rooney should consider MLS soon.

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney would find MLS "attractive", according to Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson.

Rooney, 30, could find it difficult to hold his place at United, but he has a goal and an assist in two Premier League games this season.

Timbers owner Paulson believes the England international would be well suited to the United States – if he makes the move in the near future.

"I would argue he still has some good soccer ahead of him," he told British reporters in Seattle to see the Sounders' 3-1 win over the Timbers on Sunday. "I think he would be a great signing for MLS - 100 pe cent MLS would be attractive for him.

"Keeping in mind that is a very talented footballer, who has quality soccer ahead of him, you are not talking about a 34- or 35-year-old. I get excited about the impact he would have in the MLS more than a guy who is coming in later in his career."

MLS already has attracted the likes of former Premier League stars Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, as well as Kaka, Andrea Pirlo, Didier Drogba and David Villa.

Big-spending Chinese clubs are rivaling American teams, but Paulson said there was more than money for players to consider.

"China is a factor, but also players need to determine where they want to play and what is going to be best for their legacy and lifestyle – where they want to live," he said. "I think America compares really favorably - I wouldn't want to play soccer in Beijing right now. I am not saying that because I don't like China but the air quality issue is something they have to deal with in a sport which requires fitness."