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Clavijo: Castillo left FC Dallas without permission

FRISCO, Texas — Fabian Castilo left FC Dallas to force a move to Trabzonspor, FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo said Thursday.

The MLS side announced the deal - a loan through the end of the year with an option for the Turkish club to buy - hours after Trabzonspor said the deal was official.

Clavijo, who was part of the staff that brought the Colombian winger to Dallas five years ago, said the club had not had contact with Castillo since he'd absconded to Turkey, dealing with the Turkish club and Castillo's agent. Adding that the player left without permission, Clavijo said the situation is one that FC Dallas has the advantage on if taken to governing bodies but that the club wants to move on.

"I think that it will be an ongoing issue with FIFA, but it will not be solved right away," Clavijo said. "Of course we have all the things to win it, but it would be a distraction for the club, and we want no distractions.

"We want the players to concentrate on what we have in front which is (the CONCACAF Champions League), Open Cup and MLS Cup. The guys have done a tremendous job, the coaching staff has done an incredible job to keep everybody focused on what we need to do and on the guys who really want to be in Dallas. I think that our goal was easy, unfortunately. Everything else that happened on the way was sometimes out of our hands."

While Clavijo and the club were clearly frustrated with the way the situation had developed, the technical director said that if the Turkish team declines the option to buy, Castillo would be able to rejoin FC Dallas.

"Absolutely. We'll always welcome [Castillo back]. Again, you've got to remember that he's still 24 years old. He's still making decisions that sometimes will cost him and sometimes will not. Very immature at times," Clavijo said. "But we always welcome him, and that's why it was very hard for us, the whole situation."

Though he would be welcome to return, Clavijo also said that the club intended to sell Castillo after the MLS season, noting that the team is focused on winning championships this year and believed Castillo could've helped the team do that.

For coach Oscar Pareja, the issue is something that he'd prefer to leave in the past, with the coach seeing the team as far more than one player.

"I've always highlighted that the team is first. Individuals come and go, including us as coaches, but the club will stay forever," Pareja said. "At this moment, I am training and playing with the ones that I have here. They're collecting results, they're first in the league and we will move on. I don't want to elaborate too much on this situation. Those are things that happens in clubs and leagues. We love Fabian and we wish him the best."