Garber: MLS could test instant replay in USL in 2016

The MLS commissioner said the two leagues are considering working together to launch instant replay trials this year.

BALTIMORE — Major League Soccer hopes to work with the United Soccer League to implement instant replay trials in 2016, MLS commissioner Don Garber said Thursday.

"We are evaluating very closely testing instant replay with the USL," Garber told Goal USA at the MLS draft. "I've said this for many, many years: I'm a big believer in instant replay. I believe that our officials need it."

Garber has repeatedly emphasized that MLS is willing to serve as a testing ground for the mechanism, which would focus on allowing referees to review goals, red cards and penalty kicks. Although the league isn't ready to run trials during the upcoming season, the third-tier USL provides a platform for experiments in the near future that MLS can evaluate.

The two leagues have strengthened ties in recent years, with all 20 MLS franchises either running a reserve team in the USL or affiliated with a standalone USL franchise.

"I think there's a bit of a movement for instant replay," Garber said. "I'm leading the charge. We've put up our hand and said to those folks that are looking at it internationally that we'd be happy to test it here, even in MLS games. That's not going to happen in 2016, but we are pretty focused in ensuring that we will have a test in the USL."