Garber: Gerrard loan to Liverpool not on the table

MLS has said it would not be supportive of Steven Gerrard making a January loan move back to Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard making a January loan move back to Liverpool is not something that is being considered, MLS commissioner Don Garber has insisted.

LA Galaxy midfielder Gerrard is reportedly set to line up a training stint with his former club for December when the Galaxy's season comes to a close.

However, Garber is reluctant to see that turn into a temporary switch that involves playing for the Premier League club again, as has been seen in the past with David Beckham enjoying two spells at Milan and Thierry Henry making a brief return to Arsenal.

 "I don't think so and I had not heard that was something that was being contemplated," Garber said, speaking at Soccerex on Wednesday. "It doesn't happen as much as it used to and I don't believe we are going to see many more off-season loans happening in our league - particularly at what I would call the high-level designated players. It has been a couple of years since it last happened."

Garber does not believe the previous experiences with it were beneficial to the league. 

"David knows very well that I was really upset with the big hoopla and the massive commitment we made and then David went and played in Milan," he said. "People in our country said: 'What? He plays for two teams? And you are trying to build a sport?' It was a challenge getting people to understand that.

"You then realize if he is playing for the Galaxy and Milan what a great thing that says about your league and that is the unique drama and beauty and idiosyncrasy that exists in football that doesn't exist when you are playing in the NFL or baseball."