Major League Soccer will wait on goal-line technology

The league had previously declared its interest in implementing the technology, but has decided it is too expensive for the time being
Those hoping to see Major League Soccer implement goal-line technology will have to wait a while longer.

After expressing interest last year in becoming one of goal-line technology's first adopters, commissioner Don Garber was less enthusiastic about the idea when speaking to the Associated Press Sports Editors on Thursday.

Garber revealed the technology would cost about $260,000 per stadium to install, and $3,900 per game to operate, a price which he called "very, very, very expensive."

''It had us take a step back and pause and try to figure out is the value of having goal-line technology worth investing millions and millions and millions of dollars for the handful of moments where it's relevant?'' Garber said.

FIFA recently announced that the 2014 World Cup would be the first to have goal-line technology, while the English Premier League is also set to implement the system next season. It appears MLS might not be joining that list anytime soon, however.

"Our view has been that we're going to wait and see how it works out. We certainly don't need to be the first league that has it," Garber said.