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Don Garber: Expansion announcement in "four to six weeks"

"Four to six weeks."

That's how long MLS fans must wait before finding out the identity of the league's 20th franchise, according to league commissioner Don Garber.

"We're making progress," Garber told reporters when asked about the potential of a new franchise in the New York area. "We continue - you've heard this for the last year - but we continue to negotiate with the city of New York, meet with local political folks and community leaders to get support for the stadium we hope to build in Flushing Meadow Park. We are deeply engaged with potential ownership groups, and we are hopeful to be able to announce a 20th team within the next three to four weeks, perhaps, so the timing's accelerated a little bit."

Garber then corrected himself, shifting the time frame.

"I should moderate that -- four to six weeks," he said, laughing as he added, "Got that? four to six weeks, not three to four."

Asked about the possibility of the reborn New York Cosmos becoming the league's 20th team, Garber deflected, declining to name any potential ownership group as a favorite.

"We have been very public in saying we support what the NASL is doing and wish them luck," he said. "We've got a close relationship with USL-Pro and we're really committed to getting a close, competitive business relationship with them, and we're hopeful that anyone who wants to make soccer more popular in North America is successful in doing so."

Garber also reiterated his position when questioned about a comment he had made on Twitter Tuesday, telling a reporter he believed 30 teams in MLS "seems like too much."

"It's hard to imagine we'd have 30 teams," he said. "The other major leagues are around that size, they've been around 100 years.

"Again, life's a long time, I don't know what'll happen when your grandkids are putting that mic in some other commissioner's face, but it seems to me by the end of the decade, we'll have more teams -- how many more I don't know, but 30 seems highly unlikely in any time period we can see."

Rudi Schuller contributed reporting to this article