FC Dallas' Daniel Hernandez: Referees are fans of Los Angeles Galaxy

The captain of last year's MLS cup finalists, Daniel Hernandez, believes that referees are more likely to give Los Angeles calls due to the team's star power.
CARSON, Calif -- Responding to his team's heartbreaking 3-1 away defeat to the Los Angeles Galaxy, FC Dallas captain Daniel Hernandez believes that the game's referee crew was star stuck and made poor calls that cost his club.

“Obviously their three goals were from corner kicks or free kicks,” Hernandez said. “And you know it doesn’t help when you have a ref that listens to Beckham and Donovan, you know, from the very beginning, and does what they want to do. That plays a big part of the game, it just kills the game. And I think it shows in the second half, all the calls they were getting."

Most of FC Dallas' players remained quiet about the issue. Defender George John credited the Galaxy's performance saying that the team continues to show why it is the best team in the league.

“They’re the best team in the league for a reason,”  John said. “They do really well at home.”

Still, Hernandez was furious at the game officiating crew and refused to hold back.

“There were a lot of free kicks, corner kicks that probably shouldn’t have been corner kicks, and I think the last two goals, the one they called a foul against us that shouldn’t have been,” Hernandez explained. “And then the third goal, they got a corner kick that they should have called a foul for us. You know, just things that don’t change.

He added, “There’s big Beckham and Donovan fans on the field, and they’re not players of ours. It makes it difficult.”

While the 35-year-old believes that his side was robbed of a result that could have gone FC Dallas' way, he isn't going to dwell on the loss for too long. He expects that the two sides will meet once again in the playoffs and the outcome shouldn't too different from last year when the club upset the favored Galaxy side in a shocking 3-0 rout in the conference finals.

“At the end of the day, we’ll probably see them again in the playoffs, and we’ll ready. We’ll be prepared,” Hernandez said. “We’re confident playing against this team, and I think we match up well against them.”

Knowles Adkisson contributed reporting to this story