Sir Alex Ferguson: Thierry Henry was always a great threat to Manchester United

The legendary coach had some kind words for his former English Premier League adversary after squaring off again in the MLS All-Star Game.
HARRISON, NJ. -- Thierry Henry spent eight seasons with Arsenal, racking up nearly 300 appearances and 200 goals.

On Wednesday night at the MLS All-Star Game, the lethal forward couldn't burn one of his old foes, Sir Alex Ferguson, the way he did consistently at the height of his career.

Instead, Manchester United ran out with a 4-0 triumph at Red Bull Arena. Still, with the All-Stars enjoying the better of possession in the first half before wholesale changes that included yanking Henry off the pitch, Ferguson was full of praise for the former Arsenal star.

"He’s always a big concern with Arsenal, always a great threat to us," said Ferguson of the Frenchman. "I think he’s one of the few players that has scored regularly against us."

Now with the New York Red Bulls, Henry's efforts to win the All-Star game with his league compatriots were foiled by an in-form Manchester United team, which is heading into another title-defending season.

Speaking fondly of the 33-year-old, Ferguson pointed out that with such a long and successful career comes a supreme understanding of the game.

“Well, he’s still got that change of pace, and he’s always a threat because of it," Ferguson said. "And his experience, he showed his experience again tonight. He’s had a great career.”

A legend himself, the Scottish manager certainly knows one when he sees one. So it's no timid praise when he dubs Henry a true Arsenal legend.

“I think he’s definitely a legend with Arsenal, there’s no question about that," said Ferguson. "I think that’ll always be the case. His time there was fantastic and he’s always been a good role model in how he holds himself, as a footballer and a human being. He’s never wavered from that type of professionalism that you need to achieve that status."

With the match over, it's unknown whether the two will ever face each other again. If they don't, the last battle will have gone the way of Ferguson and Manchester United.