Another Charlie Davies controversy goes viral

Charlie Davies took a fairly blatant flop to earn D.C. United a draw. The controversial penalty kick quickly heated up on Twitter.
Charlie Davies can't stay out of people's minds.

Despite his inability to regularly start for D.C. United, Davies has scored seven goals this season and caused a couple of controversies.

Last October, it was a 100-plus MPH speeding ticket in France less than a year after a car accident nearly ended his life. Davies says he wasn't driving the car and slid into the driver's seat to help out a friend.

In April, it was a “soft” penalty kick drawn against the Los Angeles Galaxy when Omar Gonzalez' light push sent Davies sprawling in the box.

Soccer fans and analysts took to Twitter Saturday to discuss his latest controversy -  a drawn penalty kick that his own coach described as “soft.” Davies quickly became a trending topic in Salt Lake City.

The Washington Post's Steven Goff tweeted out a video and an article accusing Davies of diving.

Veteran soccer journalist Steve Davis included advice to officials in his tweeted response: "Charlie Davies with an absolutely comical dive. But, this being MLS, he gets the PK. Word to MLS refs: The guy dives. Stop falling for it."

Others turned on the officials and the broadcasters who referred to it as a "50/50 call."

"Just watched the video of Davies' ridiculous dive,"'s Kyle McCarthy tweeted. "Not sure who got it more wrong: Vaughn on the call or Johnson/Rongen on the analysis."

"Charlie Davies with the most ridiculous flop of the season,"'s Armchair Analyst Matthew Doyle chimed in.

Some fans discussed possible punishment for Davies' actions.

"Charlie Davies should be suspended. Awful," a Seattle-based fan tweeted. "If @MLS cares at all about integrity he gets a game suspension."

Davies' "theatrics" continue to draw attention across the country. His self-described friend Chris Wingert, who was called for the foul, said Davies knew what he'd done and offered a simple explanation.

"That's football."

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