Toronto FC Say No To Dwayne De Rosario's Potential Celtic Loan

Aron Winter issued a statement saying De Ro is needed in Toronto.
Recently appointed Toronto FC head coach and technical director has put to bed any thoughts of a possible loan move to Celtic FC for star forward Dwayne De Rosario.

De Rosario had started training with the Scottish giants on Dec. 27, unbeknownst to Toronto. The Canadian club had to rush through the legal approval for DeRo to continue training in Scotland. However, Toronto won't be bending over for any extended stay.

"Celtic inquired about the possibility of extending Dwayne's time with them,” Winter said to “My preference is for Dwayne to start the season with Toronto FC right from training camp. We are making a fresh start and need a strong competitive camp. Dwayne is the captain and leader and needs to be part of building a new winning culture."

The statement came after a request by Celtic to extend De Rosario's trial, though Toronto were adamant that De Rosario return to the club in time for preseason.

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