Galaxy Staff Believed To Have Infected Donovan

Two members of the team staff fell ill during the team's road trip to New England.
More details have emerged about Landon Donovan's ongoing bout with the H1N1 virus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a pair of Galaxy team staffers (an administrator and chiropractor) who travel with the squad fell ill during the team's trip to the Massachusetts to play the New England Revolution.

Soon after, Donovan began to feel poorly.

"I was coughing a little, and when I woke up Wednesday I felt a little tired, but I just assumed it was the altitude," Donovan said.

Wednesday was the date of the World Cup qualifying game between the USA and Mexico, which ended in a 2-1 loss for the Americans.

Players left directly from the match to catch flights, and Donovan returned to Los Angeles.

"I got home last night and when I woke up this morning, I was just on fire so I took a temperature and had a 100.7 fever," said Donovan.

The Galaxy player went to the doctor and had his illness confirmed.

"It's a full-blown flu," Donovan said. "All afternoon I've just had really bad chills and a bad fever."

Though Donovan had stated in an earlier interview with Sports Illustrated that if his symptoms were mild, he might participate in the upcoming Saturday match versus the Seattle Sounders, the worsening of his illness makes that unlikely.