Los Angeles Galaxy Star Landon Donovan: I'm Done

The 27 year-old captain of the Galaxy squad is through feeding the media frenzy of the Beckham/Donovan feud.
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The tense situation between the Los Angeles Galaxy's top players, David Beckham and Landon Donovan, was compared by Major League Soccer commisioner Don Garber as that of "Shaq and Kobe", the two Lakers players who were once famously at odds.

Aside from the fact that that situation was only resolved by trading Shaq, there are some key parallels. Though they never won championships together, when Donovan and Beckham worked well on the field last season, the offensive fireworks created some of the best attacking soccer MLS had ever seen.

Yet Donovan's forthright answers to a reporter's questions at the end of last season for a book on Beckham displayed how the relationship soured to the point where the Galaxy's leading scorer questioned the then-captain's commitment to the LA club.

When pressed about why he didn't speak up publicly earlier, Donovan's answer was simple, "Nobody asked me before."

He did state that he was apologetic that he hadn't spoken directly to Beckham about the issues he had about the midfielder's behavior.

It won't do reporters any good to ask about Donovan's thoughts on Beckham now, however.

The English midfielder responded sharply to reports of Donovan's comments, which, though they were made last year, were only widely known with the new release of Grant Wahl's book, The Beckham Experiment. Beckham branded Donovan as "unprofessional".

After a match in which the Galaxy won their third league game in a row, with Beckham looking on in a luxury suite, along with Zinedine Zidane, Donovan faced reporters with a new mantra.

"I'm done speaking publicly about this," Donovan said of the situation between him and Beckham.

Andrea Canales, Goal.com

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