Sounders Unveil New Kit, Fan Group Name

Seattle Sounders FC have unveiled their new jerseys as well as the name of their official fan group. MLS, welcome the Sounders FC Alliance as they buy their new team uniforms.
Seattle Sounders FC continues to take shape. The expansion team will join MLS officially in the 2009 season, and the groundwork keeps being paved with competitive action mere months away.

Following last week’s expansion draft in which Seattle selected 10 players to beef up their roster, they have unveiled the kits those players will don on the pitch. In a fashion show Thursday, Kasey Keller, Sanna Nyassi, and Sebastien LeToux modeled the new jerseys. The official color is “rave green,” with an alternate “sounders blue” away uniform. Keller’s black goalkeeping suit has green armpits.

“We were passionate about the color scheme from the first presentation because it is so distinguishable,” said majority owner Joe Roth. “Regardless of where you are in the world, when you see those colors you will be reminded of Seattle Sounders FC.”

The kits’ sponsor, XBOX 360 LIVE, appears on the front, with the traditional name and number on the back.

Overall it is a smart looking uniform, the pastel colors easy on the eye.

In news slightly further off the pitch, Seattle announced the name of its official members association. It will be called Sounders FC Alliance.

A 53-piece marching band belonging to the team, the first in MLS, will be called The Sound Wave.

The names were selected primarily via an online voting system where fans could choose one of three options or write in their own. Voting started November 20th, and ended December 1st.

“Once again, the people have spoken,” said Drew Carey, the minority owner and chairman of the Sounders FC Alliance. Carey birthed the idea for the marching band as well as the notion of bringing democracy to the club. The Alliance will operate as a democratic voice of the fans. Membership is free for season ticket holders, and costs $125 for others.

“I’m excited about the Alliance because this is all about the fans having their say, and they’ve chosen their name,” said Carey. “I am also perfectly happy with Sound Wave because, first, I voted for it, and the name just sounds right for a marching band.”

The shrewd fan will assume comedian Carey voted for the snarky and superior "Green Machine" as the new name of the membership association, but a more generic name is the price Carey pays for instituting a democracy. Green Machine came 3rd in the vote with 31 percent after Sounders FC Members Association which gathered 32 percent. The Alliance earned 43 percent of the total vote.

--Zac Lee Rigg,