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Key Events

90' + 3'
G. Dorrans
Yellow Card
K. Lafferty
B. Barišić
2 - 2
Gerard Moreno
Santi Cazorla
2 - 1
S. Arfield
1 - 1
C. Bacca
1 - 0

Match Stats

58% 41%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 473 320
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Villarreal VIL Villarreal 6 2 4 0 12 5 +7 10 W D D W D
2 Rapid Wien RAP Rapid Wien 6 3 1 2 6 9 -3 10 W W D L L
3 Rangers RAN Rangers 6 1 3 2 8 8 0 6 L D L D W
4 Spartak Moskva SPM Spartak Moskva 6 1 2 3 8 12 -4 5 L L W D D


16th Finals


It's certainly a case of two points lost for Villarreal, who found themselves in a commanding position early on but didn't do enough to kill off the game. Cazorla was majestic throughout, but the Spanish side were sometimes guilty of not putting away their chances and were eventually made to pay for their sloppiness.
It looked as if Rangers were going to find themselves on the receiving end of a hefty defeat when they went a goal down after just 45 seconds, but they improved after a poor first half and certainly deserve to leave with a point. They embarked on a great comeback, and no matter what Villarreal tried to do, they just couldn't retake the lead for a third time.
90' + 4' And now Bacca goes close! Villarreal push forward on one final attacking move, with Miguelon sending a spectacular cross over to the far post. It perfectly picks out Bacca, who gets his head on the ball but sends his effort narrowly wide.
G. Dorrans
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Dorrans isn't happy with something and eventually receives a yellow card for dissent.
90' + 3' Moreno almost makes it 3-2! A corner is swung into the heart of the Rangers box and finds Moreno, who does well to get the better of his marker but can't hit the target with his glancing header.
90' + 1' What a chance for Arfield! Dorrans embarks on a brilliant run through the middle of the pitch before teeing up Arfield, who shoots from inside the box but can't quite squeeze a low effort past Fernandez.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Time is running out for Villarreal, who are trying their hardest to carve out chances on goal but are struggling to find a way through Rangers' stubborn back line. This would be a great result for the visitors if they're able to hold on.
87' Villarreal patiently work their way towards the Rangers penalty area, where Moreno attempts to pull off a one-two with Bacca. It doesn't come off, though, as Dorrans is there to successfully deal with the danger.
G. Dorrans
B. Barišić
85' Barisic looks to have picked up an injury, and he's forced off to be replaced by Dorrans.
84' Villarreal find themselves on the front foot once again as we near the final five minutes of normal time, but they're no longer doing enough with the ball in advanced positions. Rangers have plenty of bodies back and are doing well to keep the home side at bay.
82' Villarreal come back once again as they desperately try to find a way back in front, but Pedraza, who has been a little quiet since the break, can't find a way into the box and loses out to Tavernier.
80' Chukwueze immediately gets involved in the action and tries his luck from 25 yards out, but he doesn't catch the ball at all well and sends a low strike comfortably wide of the near post.
S. Chukwueze
N. Sansone
79' Meanwhile, Chukwueze has come on to replace Sansone for the final 10 minutes or so.
R. McCrorie
77' Rangers have made their second switch, with Candeias making way for McCrorie.
B. Barišić
76' That really was a great cross from Barisic, who has looked slightly suspect defensively but got himself into a wonderful position and perfectly put the ball on a plate for Lafferty.
K. Lafferty
76' GOAL! Rangers have equalised once again! A sublime pass from Middleton is sent down the left flank and into the path of Barisic. The full-back then delivers a great cross into the box, where Lafferty beats Fernandez with a well-placed strike.
75' Cazorla gets himself into a good position once again as Villarreal try to extend their lead, but his pass towards the penalty area can't quite find a team-mate and is cut out at the vital moment.
73' Rangers aren't able to make the set-piece count, as the cross into the penalty area is slightly overhit and fails to find anyone in front of goal.
Yellow Card
72' Middleton makes an immediate impression as he sprints down the left wing and into a promising position, where he's clumsily fouled by Miguelon and wins Rangers a free-kick out wide.
G. Middleton
L. Coulibaly
70' Middleton has come on to take the place of Coulibaly in Rangers' first alteration of the evening.
Santi Cazorla
69' It's no surprise Cazorla picked out Moreno with a lovely pass. The former Arsenal midfielder really has been on top form tonight.
Gerard Moreno
69' GOAL! Villarreal have immediately retaken the lead! The smiles are quickly wiped off the faces of the Rangers players as the home side break forward, with Moreno twisting and turning before finding the bottom right-hand corner of the net with a thumping strike.
67' Candeias struggled to get involved in the game before the break but has been much better over the last 10 minutes or so. Tavernier was brilliant in the build-up, too, and deservs plenty of praise.
S. Arfield
67' GOAL! Rangers have equalised! Tavernier embarks on a great run down the right flank and into the penalty area, where he knocks the ball over to Candeias before being brought down. The Portuguese then tees up Arfield, who easily finds the back of the net from close range with a smart finish.
Gerard Moreno
Ramiro Funes Mori
67' Villarreal have made another change, with Funes Mori making way for Moreno.
66' Fornals almost makes it 2-0! Once again, Rangers' back line is caught out by a quick counter-attack and Sansone goes close to latching onto the ball on the edge of the penalty area, but McGregor is there to beat him to it. Fornals then unleashes a follow-up strike from long range, but he can't quite find the target.
64' Candeias is starting to get more involved in the game after a disappointing first half, and he wins Rangers a corner with a looping cross. Tavernier can't pick out a team-mate, though, as Funes Mori easily deals with his ball into the box.
62' What a save by McGregor! A looping cross isn't dealt with fully by Rangers and allows Funes Mori to get a shot away from 20 yards out, but McGregor pulls off a stunning stop to deny the Argentine.
Manu Trigueros
K. Toko Ekambi
60' Villarreal have made their first substitution of the game, with Trigueros coming on to replace Toko Ekambi.
59' Decent effort by Pedraza! A Villarreal corner is fired out to the edge of the Rangers penalty area and picks out Pedraza, who immediately unleashes a rocket of a volley that doesn't miss the target by much.
58' No, they can't. Tavernier steps up and sends a chipped cross into the heart of the box, where Coulibaly rises high but can't quite latch onto the ball in front of goal.
57' Rangers are enjoying a good spell on the front foot, and they're able to win themselves a free-kick 25 yards away from goal after Kent is clumsily fouled from behind. Will they be able to make it count, though?
55' This time Tavernier goes short and works the ball to Kent, who sends a deep cross into the penalty area. After Worrall holds up the ball, Candeias tries to pick out a team-mate with a cross of his own, but it's poorly hit and fails to reach one.
54' A clever run from Arfield sees him pick up the ball inside the box before winning a corner for Rangers. Tavernier's cross is good again, and a deflection results in another corner for the visitors.
52' Tavernier cuts inside from out wide and is clumsily fouled, resulting in a free-kick for Rangers in a promising position. Funes Mori's headed clearance can only find Candeias, who quickly unleashes a long-range shot that fails to test Fernandez.
51' And now Toko Ekambi goes close! Villarreal break quickly over on the left, where Cazorla sends a lovely cross over to the far post. Toko Ekambi immediately shoots, but he gets his effort all wrong and fires it high over the crossbar.
49' What a miss by Bacca! Toko Ekambi makes a great run towards the penalty area, where he's all alone. McGregor rushes out and beats the striker to the ball but knocks it to Bacca, who shoots from 20 yards out but somehow sends his strike narrowly wide of the open goal.
48' Candeias, who has struggled to get into the game tonight, charges down the right wing on a good run and wins Rangers an early corner. Tavernier's cross almost picks out Coulibaly but Villarreal do well to make sure the danger is dealt with.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
As long as it remains 1-0 Rangers have a decent chance of getting back in this, but they'll have to improve in the middle of the pitch if they're to avoid falling further behind. On far too many occasions they've left space available for Cazorla, who has been pulling the strings brilliantly for the home side.
It's proving to be a tough evening for Rangers, who suffered a disastrous start when they went a goal down after just 45 seconds and have struggled since then. They started to show a bit more attacking intent as the first half wore on but are yet to test Fernandez, who has had very little to do in the Villarreal goal.
45' Tavernier gets himself into a good position deep down the right wing and wins a corner after his cross is headed behind. Rangers can't make it count, though, as the set-piece is easily dealt with at the near post.
43' Once again, Cazorla is afforded far too much time and space in the centre of the pitch. He quickly chips a pass into the path of Bacca after receiving the ball, but the striker's run towards the box is slightly mistimed and the linesman's flag is raised.
41' Great strike by Cazorla! The midfielder, who has performed really well so far, picks up possession in acres of space and quickly shoots from 25 yards out. The effort is a good one but McGregor is equal to it.
39' Rangers are enjoying a decent spell on the front foot at the moment, and once again Barisic is able to get himself into a good position over on the left flank. He swings a cross into the box, but it's overhit and easily dealt with by Pedraza at the far post.
37' Rangers are presented with a rare opportunity to counter-attack, but a breakdown in communication brings it to a disappointing end. There's a mixup between Kent and Barisic, and it results in the ball rolling behind for a goal-kick.
35' Halliday gets himself into a good position and quickly crosses, forcing Bonera into heading the ball behind for a Rangers corner. The set-piece isn't a great one but somehow finds its way to Arfield, who tries to shoot but can't quite get one away.
33' Pedraza is causing all sorts of problems over on the left flank, where he's being afforded far too much room. This time he decides to shoot from 25 yards out, but it's deflected on its way to goal and once again the hosts win themselves a corner.
31' A clever pass from Pedraza finds Sansone all alone in the middle of the pitch, where he breaks towards the edge of the penalty area and wins Villarreal a corner. It manages to pick out Funes Mori, but his glancing header fails to hit the target.
29' Rangers are doing better when pushing forward but they're leaving themselves slightly exposed at the back. Pedraza almost makes them pay deep down the left wing but runs out of room before he can unleash a cross.
27' Vital interception by Goldson! Bacca is left all alone out wide and is easily able to sprint into the box. He then cuts a pass back towards Toko Ekambi, who tries to latch onto the ball in front of goal but loses out to Goldson.
25' Rangers are starting to cause a few problems for Villarreal as they move the ball around much better in the middle of the pitch. A decent move almost results in a chance on goal for Lafferty, but the striker is out-muscled before he can pull the trigger.
23' Lafferty has seen little of the ball so far, but he's almost able to latch onto a superb long pass. He can't quite do so, though, as Bonera stretches and just about deals with the danger on the edge of the Villarreal penalty area.
21' Arfield loses out in the middle of the pitch once again and Rangers are hit by another quick counter-attack. Toko Ekambi breaks forward and tries to link up with Bacca, whose first touch is poor and denies him the opportunity to get a shot away.
19' The Villarreal players are screaming for a penalty, but nothing is given! A lovely cross from Cazorla flies over to the far post and picks out Ruiz. The defender knocks the ball down into what seems to be Barisic's arm, but the referee doesn't agree and waves play on.
C. Goldson
Yellow Card
17' Pedraza looks to have broken away over on the left wing after Villarreal play their way through Rangers' high press, but he's cynically tripped over by Goldson and the Englishman receives the first booking of the game.
16' After a period on the back foot, Rangers are finally able to push forward on an attack of their own. Candeias heads down the right wing and sends a looping cross into the box, but there's far too much power behind the pass and it sails out of play.
14' Another determined attacking move from the home side results in a corner. It's half cleared and sent out to Pedraza, who tries his luck from 25 yards out but scuffs a volley high over the top of the crossbar.
12' Villarreal patiently pass the ball around as they continue dominating possession. Pedraza breaks down the left flank and towards the penalty area before crossing, but he can't quite pick out Bacca at the near post.
10' Arfield loses the ball in the middle of the pitch and the hosts quickly counter-attack once again. It's Sansone who rushes towards the box before passing, but a slight touch sends it away from Toko Ekambi and behind for a corner that's easily cleared.
8' Villarreal immediately counter-attack and win a free-kick of their own after Toko Ekambi is clumsily held by Halliday. Sansone steps up and whips a dangerous cross towards the six-yard box, but Coulibaly is there to clear the danger.
7' Rangers win a free-kick midway inside the Villarreal half of the pitch, presenting them with a great chance to test the hosts. Tavernier's cross is a good one and the ball pinballs around the penalty area, but Arfield can't quite get a shot away and the home side hold on.
5' Cazorla picks up the ball and sends a lovely pass down the left wing and into the path of Sansone. The Italian meets it well and crosses, but his ball into the box is overhit and sails behind for a goal-kick.
3' Villarreal quickly regain possession from the restart and immediately try to double their lead. A clever pass is sent through to Toko Ekambi, who rushes into the penalty area but can't beat McGregor to the ball.
C. Bacca
1' GOAL! What a start for Villarreal! Worrall, making his Rangers debut, allows the ball to bounce off his side and down to Bacca, who then thumps a truly sensational 20-yard strike straight into the top left-hand corner of the net. Wow!
1' We're off! It's Rangers who get us underway.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Villarreal made it into the last 32 of last season’s competition but didn’t have the best of times in the knockout stage, where they were comfortably beaten by Lyon. It means they’ve lost three consecutive European games, and according to Opta they haven’t lost four or more in a row since December 2011.
Meanwhile, Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has made just two alterations to the team that featured against Dundee, with debutant Worrall and Lafferty coming in for Katic and the suspended Morelos.
Javi Calleja has decided to make nine changes to the Villarreal side that started the win against Leganes on the weekend, with only Ruiz and Toko Ekambi retaining their places in a heavily altered line-up.
Rangers substitutes: Graeme Dorrans, Umar Sadiq, Wes Foderingham, Ross McCrorie, Nikola Katic, Eros Grezda, Glenn Middleton.
Rangers XI (4-3-3): Allan McGregor; James Tavernier, Joe Worrall, Connor Goldson, Borna Barisic; Lassana Coulibaly, Andy Halliday, Scott Arfield; Daniel Candeias, Kyle Lafferty, Ryan Kent.
Villarreal substitutes: Sergio Asenjo, Mario Gaspar, Gerard Moreno, Manu Trigueros, Miguel Layun, Manu Morlanes, Samuel Chukwueze.
Villarreal XI (4-4-2): Andres Fernandez; Miguelon, Daniele Bonera, Victor Ruiz, Ramiro Funes Mori; Nicola Sansone, Pablo Fornals, Santi Cazorla, Alfonso Pedraza; Karl Toko Ekambi, Carlos Bacca.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up tonight…
This evening’s game will be the third competitive meeting between the two sides. They last met in the 2005-06 Champions League, with Villarreal progressing on away goals after a 2-2 draw in Glasgow and a 1-1 draw in the return leg.
A tough night has been made even more difficult by suspensions for Jon Flanagan and prolific forward Alfredo Morelos, both of whom received red cards in the play-off win over Ufa. It means Kyle Lafferty, back at Rangers after six years away, will lead the line as he searches for his third goal since returning.
The Scottish side may be the underdogs this evening but it hasn’t been the smoothest of starts for their opponents either. Villarreal, who finished fifth in LaLiga last term, only picked up their first win of the campaign on Saturday and have already lost twice at home. Last season, it took until the middle of December for that to happen.
It’s been an indifferent start to the season for Rangers, who have won two of their opening five league games under the former Liverpool captain. They did record a morale boosting 4-0 victory over Dundee on the weekend, though, and that, coupled with a series of good results during the qualifying stages, will have given them much needed confidence heading into tonight’s difficult tie.
A successful qualifying campaign has sent Rangers back into Europe for the first time since the 2010-11 season, but a tough draw means they’ll have to be at their very best if they’re to progress. That’s particularly the case tonight, as Steven Gerrard’s men are set to take on a side that have reached the knockout stages in each of the last four seasons.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Europa League group stage game between Villarreal and Rangers at the Estadio de la Ceramica.