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Key Events

Y. Duk
Yellow Card
C. Pulisic
D. Nagbe
4 - 0
G. Zardes
B. Wood
3 - 0
J. Brooks
A. Bedoya
2 - 0
G. Zardes
A. Bedoya
1 - 0

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 2
Total Passes 613 412
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We'll see you again on June 3 when the Copa America kicks off with the U.S. facing Colombia. Until then, this is Ben Valentine. I hope you all have a good night. 
In the end, it was an excellent performance for the U.S. and offers reason for optimism entering June 3's contest against Colombia. 
Given the performances of Zardes and Bedoya tonight, it's entirely possible the lineup that started the second half - Guzan; Yedlin, Cameron, Brooks, Johnson; Bradley, Jones, Bedoya; Zardes, Dempsey, Wood, is what we see for the U.S. against Colombia. Though it's worth noting Pulisic and Nagbe, who assisted on Pulisic's goal, certainly made good cases for themselves as well. 
Not that it matters, as the U.S. easily walks off with the 4-0 victory over Bolivia! Zardes scores twice, Bedoya picks up two assists, Pulisic gets his first senior team goal and Brooks finds the back of the net. 
Two minutes of stoppage time, as the U.S. passes it around, running down the clock. Then Zusi finds Wondolowski streaking into the six-yard box who hits it first time, straight into the keeper! 
The U.S. still controlling the play for the most part, though they've just missed on a couple of final balls that probably would have resulted in another goal. 
One rough moment for the U.S. as a rare moment of Bolivian possession leads to Jones getting hit across the face with a boot as he slid in. After a minute getting checked out, he is up and walked to the sidelines. 
Y. Duk
Yellow Card
Yellow card Yasmani Georges Duk Arandia
E. Zenteno
M. Smedberg-Dalence
Substitution Martin Ramiro Guillermo Smedberg-Dalence Edward Mauro Zenteno Álvarez
G. Zusi
M. Bradley
Substitution Michael Bradley Graham Zusi
C. Wondolowski
C. Dempsey
Substitution Clint Dempsey Chris Wondolowski
GOAL! Pulisic has his first U.S. goal! Jones creats a turnover with the press, Nagbe steps up and finds Pulisic and the 17-year-old buries the chance! That's 4-0. 
D. Nagbe
Assist Darlington Nagbe
C. Pulisic
Goal Christian Pulisic
M. Bejarano
L. Gutiérrez
Substitution Luis Alberto Gutiérrez Herrera Marvin Orlando Bejarano Jimenez
Bolivia gets its best chance as Ramallo looked to get in clean on goal off a counter attack. His first touch lets him down though, allowing Cameron to slide back into the play. While he evaded him, his shot went right to a charging Guzan. 
Nagbe and Pulisic check in for the U.S. replacing Bedoya and Zardes respectively. Bedoya and Zardes certainly stated their cases as to why they should be starting against Colombia. Zardes with two goals and Bedoya two assists on the evening.
C. Pulisic
G. Zardes
Substitution Gyasi Zardes Christian Pulisic
D. Nagbe
A. Bedoya
Substitution Alejandro Bedoya Darlington Nagbe
Dempsey with a nice move at midfield springs a U.S. break. He holds it a touch too long however, and his fouled when a pass might have sprung Wood in on goal. 
U.S. buzzing around goal. This time Wood takes a headed down pass from Jones and gets his shot blocked out for a corner. 
The U.S. is continuing to push forward as Bobby Wood just unable to complete a couple of chances. 
R. Ramallo
A. Melean
Substitution Alejandro Melean Villarroel Rodrigo Luis Ramallo Cornejo
GOAL! Zardes has his second as Bradley's ball wide is well controlled by Wood, who crossed back across the face of goal. Zardes got there and put it home, 3-0 U.S. 
B. Wood
Assist Bobby Wood
G. Zardes
Goal Gyasi Zardes
Nice U.S. build up results in Zardes, with a bit of a rough first touch, playing the ball off a defender for a corner. 
Already we see the wide players making a difference. Once cross just missed Wood and then a second by Johnson is blocked out for a U.S. corner. 
P. Azogue
Substitution Fernando Javier Saucedo Pereyra Pedro Jesús Azogue Rojas
D. Yedlin
M. Orozco
Substitution Michael Orozco Fiscal DeAndre Yedlin
R. Castro
J. Campos
Substitution Jhasmani Campos Davalos Raúl Castro Peñaloza
B. Miranda
C. Algarañaz
Substitution Carmelo Algarañaz Arnez Bruno Miranda Villagomez
F. Johnson
M. Besler
Substitution Matt Besler Fabian Johnson
Outside of that Ramallo chance, the U.S. has absolutely bossed the second half of this game. Bolivia is pinned deep and the U.S. are generating plenty of chances.
The U.S. is swapping out its fullbacks - Orozco out for Yedlin. Besler out for Johnson as we kick off the second half.
Bedoya certainly staking a claim to a starting spot against Colombia, assisting on both U.S. goals. 
HT: U.S. 2-0 Bolivia. Pretty dominating first half for the U.S. The host controlled possession, had most of the good chances. Bolivia had a pair of good opportunities, but failed to take advantage of them. 
Jones decides to have go from distance and blasts it well over. That's pretty much the last action of the first half.
Bobby Wood blasts a good hard drive that Vizcarra blocks away! 
Great chance for Bolivia as Bejarano bombs forward and delivers a low cross that goes agonizingly across the face of goal. It's then blasted over as the U.S. escapes unscathed.
Off a free kick, Bradley finds a streaking Bedoya who slides a low cross to an unmarked Brooks. Brooks redirects it in as Bolivia caught completely off by that free kick!  That's 2-0 U.S! 
GOAL! John Brooks has doubled the U.S. lead!
A. Bedoya
Assist Alejandro Bedoya
J. Brooks
Goal John Brooks
It's worth mentioning, that while Bedoya has played a great deal outside for the U.S. in the past, his strong season in France this year came with him in a central role for Nantes. 
Wood tries to beat his man 1v1 in the area before attempting a cross. It's blocked out for a corner. The U.S. plays it short however and Bolivia manages to clear for a throw. 
Campos commits a pair of fouls- first on Bobby Wood and then on Besler. That earns him a yellow card. 
J. Campos
Yellow Card
Yellow card Jhasmani Campos Davalos
Great movement from the U.S. on the goal. Dempsey drops deep in the false-nine role, and lays to Bedoya. Bedoya then hits a long ball to find the streaking Zardes, who put it past Vizcarra with a smooth finish. 
A. Bedoya
Assist Alejandro Bedoya
G. Zardes
Goal Gyasi Zardes
GOAL! Zardes has the U.S. on the board!
A delivery to Besler results in a turnover this time, as he appeared to struggle with controlling the pass. The sequence leads to a U.S. foul, and a Bolivian free kick, which is cleared. 
Jones with a good delivery out wide to a streaking Besler down the left. The make-shift left back delivers a low cross into the area, but Vizcarra smothers it, ending the threat. 
A spell of U.S. possession ends with a turn and shoot by Dempsey, who hit it well on the half volley. Good power on it but no problem for Vizcarra. 
Bolivia has been growing into the game over the last few minutes. 
Campos whips in a cross which is headed out for a corner by Cameron. 
Smedberg-Dalence delivers a free kick for Colombia which the U.S. struggles to deal with. However the ensuing chance is put wide - the flag went up as well. 
Tough break for the U.S. as Bobby Wood appeared to have a step on his defender for ball that would have given him a good chance on goal. However, the referee pulled play back for a foul and the ensuing free kick came to nothing.
Bolivia gets its first good spell of possession in the U.S. half, and it leads to a corner which is dealt with. 
Klinsmann resting Johnson and Yedlin is probably the correct move in anticipation of the tournament's start on June 3. However, tonight it means delivery from the wide positions may be lacking - both Besler and Orozco have seemed hesitant early to deliver crosses when afforded opportunities. 
The U.S. has had the lionshare of possession over the first five minutes but most of it has been just inside the Bolivia half. Not much threatening so far. 
After spells of non-threatening possession by both teams, Bobby Wood earns a free kick from about 35 yards away from goal. Bradley's delivery finds no one, and goes out for a goal kick. 
And we're off!
For Bolivia: Vizcarra; Eguino, Guiterrez, Bejarano, Cabrera; Smedberg-Dalence, Campos,  Melean, Algarañaz;  Saucedo, Duk
For the United States, the lineup is Guzan; Orozco-Cameron-Brooks-Besler; Bradley-Bedoya-Jones ; Zardes, Dempsey, Wood. Jurgen Klinsmann with some questions at fullback, but is likely resting Fabian Johnson and DeAndre Yedlin with Colombia coming up on June 3. Backup left back Edgar Castillo is still with Monterrey in the Liga MX final. 
Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the international friendly between the United States and Bolivia, taking place at Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City. I'm Ben Valentine, and I'll be taking you through the action.