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Key Events

A. Hrustić
1 - 2
Caio Canedo
Harib Abdalla Suhail
1 - 1
A. Hrustić
Yellow Card
J. Irvine
M. Boyle
0 - 1
Ali Mabkhout
Yellow Card

Match Stats

54% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 4
Total Passes 607 487
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FULL TIME: UAE 1 AUSTRALIA 2 - The final whistle blows to bring to an end a thrilling World Cup Qualifier at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium. The match really opened up in the second half with an excellent Jackson Irvine run rewarded with the opening goal of the match in the 53rd minute. However, UAE struck back almost immediately when Caio Canedo fired home in the 57th minute. The match looked destined for extra time however a thundering Ajdin Hrustić volley in the 84th minute would prove to be the difference. Australia take one step closer and advance to meet Peru in six days time whilst UAE's brave campaign comes to an end.
M. Degenek
A. Hrustić
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - The second of Australia's double change will see Ajdin Hrustić off and Miloš Degenek on.
A. Mabil
M. Leckie
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - Fresh legs for Australia with Awer Mabil coming on for Mathew Leckie.
90' There will be three minutes of additional time played in this second half.
Sebastián Tagliabúe
Caio Canedo
89' SUBSTITUTION UAE - The final of the triple change will see the goal scorer Caio Canedo replaced by Sebastián Tagliabúe.
Omar Abdulrahman
Abdulla Hamad
88' SUBSTITUTION UAE - Abdulla Salmeen's match is over and he will make way for Omar Abdulrahman.
Majed Hassan
Ali Salmin
88' SUBSTITUTION UAE - Multiple changes coming up for UAE as they look to their bench for a spark - Ali Salmin has been replaced by Majed Hassan.
87' Real urgency being shown now by UAE as they desperately look to hunt forward at every opportunity with their World Cup Qualification hopes in the balance.
A. Hrustić
84' GOAL! UAE (Ajdin Hrustić) UAE 1 AUSTRALIA 2 - Australia edge ahead once again. From the corner, the ball floats out to Hrustic who hammers a blistering volley towards goal - the ball takes a deflection off Ali Salmeen and there is nothing that Eisa can do.
83' Boyle sends the ball to the far post where Aldhanhani nods it over the goal line for a corner to Australia.
81' Australia controlling possession as we enter the final ten minutes of regulation time.
80' Maclaren on the turn fires from the angle but the ball is tipped over the crossbar by Eisa.
78' Boyle cleverly brings the ball down on the right but his ball in from the left is comfortably hauled in by Eisa.
77' The ball deflects off Aldhanhani over the sideline for a throw in to Australia.
Yahia Nader
Abdalla Ramadan
75' SUBSTITUTION UAE - The first change for UAE sees Abdalla Ramadan replaced by Yahia Nader.
Ali Saleh
Ali Mabkhout
74' SUBSTITUTION UAE - A double change for UAE with Mabkhout making way for Ali Saleh.
74' CHANCE! The ball bounces loose for Boyle but the forward can't control the ball and he can only watch it dribble over the goal line.
J. Maclaren
C. Goodwin
72' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - Australia swing their first change with Craig Goodwin to be replaced by Jamie Maclaren.
71' Hrustic cuts back inside the defence before shooting off his left from beyond the area however there is too much elevation on his shot.
70' Rowles gets on the end of the corner but he has directed his header straight into the arms of Eisa.
67' Mooy cleverly ducks inside his marker to put Australia on the front foot inside UAE's half.
66' A break in play here whilst Suhail receives treatment from the UAE medical staff.
64' Hrustic loses the ball in midfield for Australia and UAE waste no time in looking to go on the front foot.
63' CHANCE! A delightfully delivered cross in from the right from Irvine finds Goodwin unmarked at the far post but inexplicably he has blasted his shot over the crossbar.
62' The tempo of the match has really picked up a notch or two with both sides now looking to go on the front foot at every opportunity.
Caio Canedo
57' GOAL! UAE (Caio Canedo) UAE 1 AUSTRALIA 1 - And just like that we are all square once again. Mabkhout is unable to control the cross in from the left and the ball bounces out to Canedo who expertly hammers his shot past Ryan and into the roof of the net.
Harib Abdalla Suhail
57' Assist Harib Abdalla Suhail Al Musharrkh Al Maazmi
A. Hrustić
Yellow Card
55' YELLOW CARD AUSTRALIA - Ajdin Hrustić has picked up a booking for his challenge on Abdalla Ramadan.
M. Boyle
53' Outstanding play from Martin Boyle who darted to the by line before putting the ball on a platter for Irvine for the opener.
J. Irvine
53' GOAL! AUSTRALIA (Jackson Irvine) UAE 0 AUSTRALIA 1 - The deadlock has been broken and it is Australia who have landed the crucial first blow. Running a perfect line, Jackson Irvine makes excellent ground to beat his marker to the near post and he turns in the cross from close range.
51' Leckie wins the hard ball as Australia look to go on the front foot.
49' Suhail manages to step inside his marker Atkinson and get away at a shot at goal but Ryan at his near post dives low to make the save.
47' Some loose passing from UAE results in the ball spilling out to Aldhanhani who gets away a shot under pressure that doesn't trouble Mat Ryan.
46' Mooy lifts a pass forward however Khalid Eisa is up off his line to collect the bouncing ball.
45' SECOND HALF - It is UAE kicking off to get us back underway at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium.
HALF TIME: UAE 0 AUSTRALIA 0 - A tight and tense first half comes to an end at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium. With so much at stake,both sides adoped a defensive mindset with shots on goal hard to come by. Australia enjoyed the majority of possession (55%) however the UAE were able to generate more shots on target (2-0). It all comes down to the next 45 minutes for these two sides if they are to keep their World Cup hopes alive.
44' Australia flip the ball around the back as they look to set up one last attack before half time.
42' Canedo tip toes down the left hand side however he is outnumbered by the Australian defence and eventually succeeds only in losing the ball over the goal line - Australia to restart with a goal kick.
41' Mooy looks to send the ball in from the left however his cross has been well blocked by Abdullah Salmeen.
40' The referee rules the last touch came off Caio Canedo and Australia have a corner.
37' Mooy has been taken down by Ali Salmeen and Australia are awarded a free kick just forward of half way.
36' CHANCE! Suhail bursts inside the penalty area and gets into a position to shoot however Ryan has his near post well covered and keeps the shot out.
35' CHANCE! The well-taken free kick finds Kye Rowles at the near post however the defender has glanced his header wide.
Ali Mabkhout
Yellow Card
34' YELLOW CARD UAE - Ali Mabkhout comes in late on Goodwin and picks up the first booking of the match.
31' We cross the half hour mark with the defences of both sides right on top - both UAE and Australia have only had one shot on goal.
29' Aldhanhani is the target of the through ball down the right however Behich has a touch too much pace and is able to knock the ball towards the safety of the sideline - throw in for the UAE.
28' There is too much height on the ill-directed free kick and Ryan is able to watch the ball float harmlessly wide.
27' Canedo is brought down by Rowles and UAE have a free kick in an attacking position on the right hand side.
27' Australia have had more of the ball so far with 55% of possession.
25' Abdullah Salmeen hammers the ball forward however there is a touch too much weight on the cross which allows Ryan to leave his line to collect.
24' Goodwin finds some space down the left however he has over hit his cross from out wide and the ball bounces harmlessly out the back for a UAE goal kick.
22' Irvine gets on the end of the cross but his header from a long way out never seriously threatened the goal of Khalid Eisa.
20' A huge opening down the left for Harib Abdalla Suhail - he advances all the way to the 6-yard box but is caught in two minds and eventually his tame shot on goal is well blocked by Ryan.
18' Ajdin Hrustic makes a strong run at the far post but there is too much swinging cross in from the right and the ball skips over the goal line.
16' Australia are pressing very deep at the moment, making it extremely difficult for UAE to exit their half.
14' Now it is Australia's turn to spend a period in possession as the Socceroos look to try and pick a path through the well-organised UAE defence.
12' UAE flick the ball around as they look to control the tempo of the match however the long ball from Khalid Eisa fails to find the target and floats over the sideline.
10' Mooy hammers the ball forward and finds Mathew Leckie however the forward is outnumbered and eventually stripped of possession.
8' UAE win the first corner of the match - the ball falls to Ali Mabkhou however he has fouled Hrustic in the process.
7' The pass down the right is intended for Caio Canedo but he can't keep the ball in play - throw in for Australia right on half way.
5' Boyle breaks inside the penalty area and looks to get into a position to shoot however he is stripped off the ball on the edge of the area.
4' Craig Goodwin loops the free kick into the penalty area however it is too close to Khalid Eisa who thumps the ball away.
3' Irvine is taken down from behind by Khalifa Al Hammadi and Australia have a free kick in a dangerous attacking position.
2' Early heart flutters for the Australian defence with UAE through on goal however the linesman's flag is up for offside.
2' Mooy turns the ball back as Australia control possession in the opening exchanges.
1' FIRST HALF - Australia kick off and we are underway in the first half!
Welcome to Ahmad bin Ali Stadium for the do-or-die World Cup Qualifier between UAE and Australia.