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90' + 5'
M. Besler
Yellow Card
90' + 3'
J. Jones
Yellow Card
C. Pulisic
D. Nagbe
2 - 1
A. Jones
K. Hyland
2 - 0
O. González
Own Goal
1 - 0

Match Stats

38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 325 497
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Mexico MEX Mexico 10 6 3 1 16 7 +9 21 L W D W D
2 Costa Rica CRC Costa Rica 10 4 4 2 14 8 +6 16 L D D W W
3 Panama PAN Panama 10 3 4 3 9 10 -1 13 W L W L D
4 Honduras HON Honduras 10 3 4 3 13 19 -6 13 W D D W D
5 United States USA United States 10 3 3 4 17 13 +4 12 L W D L D
6 Trinidad and Tobago TRI Trinidad and Tobago 10 2 0 8 7 19 -12 6 W L L L L


World Cup
Intercontinental Play-off


That will do it. The U.S. will have plenty of time to think about their future. Once again T&T 2-1 U.S. Panama into the World Cup. Honduras to the playoff against Australia. And the U.S. out.  Good night everyone!
Once again, heartbreak for the U.S. as they fall 2-1 to Trinidad and Tobago and, with victories from Panama and Honduras, are out of the World Cup. An own goal from Omar Gonzalez and an Alvin Jones stunner from 30 yards out cancel out a Christian Pulisic goal. Clint Dempsey hit the post and T&T keeper Adrian Foncette made a superb save on Bobby Wood late. 
This will almost certainly result in a clearing house for the U.S. Many of the veterans present tonight may not be seen again in a national team shirt. That may have happened anyway come the summer, but the fact is World Cup 2022 qualification starts now for the U.S.
Bottom line, Trinidad and Tobago was the better team tonight. They deserved to be up 2-0, and while the U.S. could have gotten an equalizer with a bit more luck, their performance did not merit it. Few chances created. 
Simply put, the U.S. has had multiple chances to get out from their many mistakes this qualification cycle. They botched it, time and time again, culiminating in a lackluster performance tonight which sees them bounced from the World Cup.
90' + 5' Besler desperately makes an NFL style tackle to prevent a chance. It's a yellow card, but more importantly, it's more time killed.
M. Besler
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Yellow card Matt Besler
90' + 4' Gonzalez tries to flick the header on but it goes over goal! Is that it for the U.S.?
90' + 4' Corner kick chance for the U.S. This may well be the last chance.
J. Jones
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Yellow card Joevin Jones
90' + 1' Alvin Jones nearly buries the U.S.! He hits a free kick that goes *JUST* wide of Howard's far post.
O. González
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Yellow card Omar Alejandro González
90' Five minutes for the U.S. to save their World Cup. Five minutes. All subs are on. This is it.
88' FONCETTE WITH A MAGNIFICENT STOP!  A Pulisic cross from the byline finds the head of Wood, who heads it on goal, but Foncette palms it out for the corner! And the corner is too close to the keeper, who catches it with ease.
86' Howard with the stop! A 1v1 chance is stopped by the keeper and Yedlin scrambles to clear the rebound. Almost disaster there...
85' The U.S. is buzzing around the Soca Warriors area. But they are not able to break through.
84' The last sub for the U.S. is the player many fans have been calling for, for two years now, Benny Feilhaber. Can he spark the U.S. comeback?
B. Feilhaber
D. Nagbe
84' Substitution Darlington Nagbe Benny Feilhaber
83' LAST CHANCE TACKLE! A beautiful build up by the U.S. feeds Dempsey in on goal, or so it looks! Villaroel, on moments before as a substitute, makes a sliding tackle to get the ball away!
K. Villaroel
T. Hodge
82' Substitution Tristan Hodge Kevon Anthony Villaroel
81' This time it's Nagbe who bursts in on a feed from Altidore. He hits it from a tight angle and it's deflected out for a goal kick.
79' Joevin Jones going at the U.S. He shrugs off Pulisic, who wanted a foul and blasts a low shot from distance, but Howard sees it wide.
T. Caesar
S. Winchester
78' Substitution Shahdon Shane Andre Winchester Trevin Caesar
77' DEMPSEY OFF THE POST!!! Dempsey hits a speculative low shit by distance and it gets by Foncette but bounces off the woodwork! So close to the equalizer!
74' While Trinidad has not liked to go down the right much, Joevin Jones has changed things. They have definitely gone down the right now that he's on.
73' There's likely a formation shift here as Villafana is out, meaning three at the back.
72' Changes for both teams. Acosta checks in for Villafana, while Joevin Jones comes on for Garcia. 
K. Acosta
J. Villafaña
72' Substitution Jorge Antonio Flores Villafaña Kellyn Acosta
J. Jones
L. Garcia
72' Substitution Levi Samuel Garcia Joevin Jones
71' Trinidad continues to be organized. Altidore sprays a ball wide to Yedlin. But his pace isn't enough to beat Hodge and the U.S. has to reset it's attack. It's been that type of night!
69' Dempsey hits it on goal! A rising shot is palmed away by Foncette for a corner, which Trinidad is able to get clear temporarily.
T. Hodge
Yellow Card
68' Yellow card Tristan Hodge
68' Opportunity here for the U.S. Hodge comes in late on Altidore, setting up a free kick from the right side, outside the area. Bradley to take it.
65' Decent build up by the U.S. just outside of the area, between Bradley and Dempsey which goes to Nagbe. But his shot is blocked and T&T is able to get it clear.
63' Chance.... for Trinidad and Tobago! Winchester gets in on goal and tries to go between Howard's legs, but the keeper gets down to block the shot and keep the U.S. a goal down!
61' While the U.S. toils for an equalizer, Honduras HAS SCORED! They now lead 3-2 and the U.S. is in fourth place - out of an automatic qualification spot. They would be in a playoff with Australia if results hold!
59' Lewis gets down wide right this time and looks in on goal but Yedlin with a sliding tackle gets it out. Lewis wanted a penalty - did he have an argument? It's close, but Yedlin appears to get the ball with a backheel tackle.
57' Bad news for the U.S. as both Panama AND Honduras score within moments of one another. They are both level with Costa Rica and Mexico, respectively. They are still out - but if Trinidad holds here, a goal is all either of those teams would need for at least a playoff with Australia. 
54' Altidore heads it over! Bradley with a very good free kick into the area and the big striker gets up to it, but can't keep it down!
54' Aside from that one chance for Garcia, the U.S. has been doing better in this second half. Pulisic ends up winning a free kick from about 35 yards out.
49' CHANCE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO! Winchester down the left (again) gets to the byline and puts it on Howard at an odd angle. It falls directly to Garcia on the doorstep, but his shot is blocked out by Besler! Still 2-1!
47' Who else? Christian Pulisic in traffic takes a strike that deflects off Cyrus and cuts the U.S. deficit in half! The U.S. is back in this!
D. Nagbe
47' Assist Darlington Nagbe
C. Pulisic
47' Goal Christian Pulisic
47' GOAL U.S.!!!
46' We are underway in the second half!
46' Clint Dempsey will check in for Paul Arriola. And if he wanted to take sole possession of the U.S. goal scoring record, now would be a good time to do it for his country.
C. Dempsey
P. Arriola
46' Substitution Paul Joseph Arriola Hendricks Clint Dempsey
There's still time - this is a young T&T squad that is very green outside of Hyland, George and Cyrus. They held a second half lead against Mexico and conceded three times, including twice after the 86th minute, to lose 3-1. But this T&T side also looks much better in this game than it did against Mexico.
The only good news for the U.S.? Mexico and Costa Rica both have one goal leads at the half. As things stands now the U.S. will back into that automatic qualifcation spot. 
Pulisic has been a non-factor. Altidore and Wood, non-existant. Meanwhile, Trinidad has been composed when playing the ball out of the back and it has allowed them to generate some decent looks as they attack the left on the counter. Villafana has struggled with Lewis and Jones and the U.S. has not provided him with enough help - evidenced by the fact Trinidad shows zero interest in going down the U.S. right.
The best argument the U.S. has is that the goals were of the unlikely variety - a horrific slice for an own goal by Gonzalez and a perfect hit from 30 yards from Jones. But, in truth, while the goals were unlikely, the Soca Warriors have been the better team for the first 45. They have looked the more threatening. And they have been sound defensively, not allowing the U.S. anything in the way of chances.
43' Shaky moment for Howard! Jones hit a free kick from some distance that is on goal. Howard has a tough time with and barely scrambled to get it out for a corner as Winchester chased the rebound. The U.S. does get that corner clear.
42' If you're wondering why there hasn't been more U.S. action mentioned, it's because there's been little to mention. The U.S. have not generated chances and have barely had anything remotely threatening so far.
42' The U.S. tries a corner, long this time, and it's bounce around in the area before Trinidad gets it clear.
41' The U.S. may make the World Cup but right now it's through no work of their own. Mexico currently leads Hondraus 2-1, while Costa Rica has gone up 1-0 on Panama. The results would leave the U.S. in third and through to Russia.
38' WHAT A GOAL! Alvin Jones hits a shot from well out that beats Howard to double the lead and put the U.S. behind the eight-ball!
K. Hyland
37' Assist Khaleem Hyland
A. Jones
37' Goal Alvin Jones
35' Wood tries a speculative shot from distance that is blocked out for a corner. But it comes for nothing as the shot corner is easily cleared.
34' Granted the game was in Mexico, but the Soca Warriors struggled to get 30 percent possession on Friday. Today, they are nearly even with the U.S.
30' The Soca Warriors have identified how they want to attack the U.S. on the counter - it's all down the T&T right/U.S. left. Lewis and Jones have been giving Villafana trouble.
28' A good chance for Trinidad! The ball comes to Lewis near the edge of the area, but he mis-hits it badly and it goes for nothing.
27' Signs of life for the United States. Yedlin hits a cross toward Altidore who flicks it on, leading to a punch by Foncette over the head of Pulisic. Arriola ends up hitting it, but it goes wide.
24' Good news outside of the U.S. control - Mexico has taken the lead on Honduras. Meanwhile, Costa Rica (already qualified) and Panama are scoreless. As things stand now the U.S. would still qualify, even with a defeat.
23' The good news for the U.S. is that a draw is all that is necessary - and Trinidad went up against Mexico too, before falling 3-1.
21' It's T&T that continues to look the more threatening side as Winchester again puts Gonzalez under pressure, but this time his redirction goes out for a goal kick.
19' The U.S. escapes again! Garcia slips in against the U.S. defense and it's Gonzalez again making a last ditch tackle to break the play up. The Soca Warriors want a penatly and replays show they have a good argument for one!
18' It came of nothing - Alvin Jones delivering a high cross into the area looking for Winchester. Gonzalez with an awkward clearance attempt that ends up in the back of his own net! And the Soca Warriors lead!
O. González
Own Goal
17' Own goal Omar Alejandro González
13' U.S. now is back in possession, as they continue to probe the Trinidad defense, which is sitting 10 behind the ball on defense.
10' A decent spell of possession for Trinidad. Again they probe down the U.S. left and get a cross into Winchester, whose shot is blocked out for a corner kick. While the U.S. gets it clear, Trinidad wins it back. Surprisingly, the Soca Warriors enjoying some time on the ball!
7' First shot to the U.S.! The ball falls to Altidore in the area and surrounded by bodies, skies it over.
6' While the Soca Warriors are not pressing, they are attempting to pressure the U.S. on the counter, especially out wide on the U.S. left, with Lewis challenging Villafana.
5' NERVY MOMENT! Winchester gets in behind off a Hyland throughball, and slots it past Howard - but it's ruled out for offside! It is the right call as the striker appeared to break well early.
2' While Panama came out aggressively early on and were set up to throw caution in the wind, Trinidad seems content to sit back in their own half when they do not have the ball. Omar Gonzalez was allowed to venture forward into the attacking half unmolested early.
1' And we're off!
Lawrence makes a few changes from his lineup vs. Mexico, with Moses coming out for Hodge and Villaroel hitting the bench for Alvin Jones, not Joevin. The Sounders left back/left midfielder remains on the bench for this one. And MLS Player of the Week Kevin Molino will miss out on this one after yellow card accumulation.
For Trinidad and Tobago: Foncette; A. Jones, Cyrus, Gonzales, Hodge; George, Hyland, Lewis, Paul, Garcia; Winchester
It's the same lineup for Bruce Arena as the dominant win over Panama. We'll see how they respond in on relatively short rest, in a different environment.
TEAM NEWS: For the United States it will be Howard; Yedlin, Gonzalez, Besler, Villafana; Bradley, Arriola, Nagbe, Pulisic; Altidore, Wood.
After a dominant win over Panama, the U.S. is generally expected to get a result. But nothing can be taken for granted away against a young Trinidad side with very little lose, and playing on a field that has been subject to heavy rains. 
The Soca Warriors are set to close out a disappointing Hexagonal, as they won just one game of the nine played thus far. They are the lone team in the Hex already eliminated heading into the final matchday. However, they have shown life under head coach Dennis Lawrence, going up 1-0 in Mexico on Friday in the second half, before eventually falling 3-1 on two late goals.
For the United States, mathematically, a victory clinches the third and final automatic qualification spot for the upcoming World Cup. Realistically, a vastly superior goal difference to both Panama and Honduras means a draw will get it done.
Welcome to the live commentary of the final matchday of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, featuring the United States, in search of automatic qualifcation to Russia 2018, visiting Trinidad and Tobago.