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Syria v Australia Live Commentary, 10/5/17

1 - 1
Omar Al Somah (85 pen)
R. Kruse (40)
Stadium Hang Jebat


FULL TIME - The final whistle for full time sounds and we have no winner here, with the scores all tied up with 1-1. Kruse put the Socceroos in a winning position late in the first half, however, it was all Syria in the second half, as they ran riot in the right side with an equalizer scored by Al-Soma courtesy of a penalty. In the end the sides just could not be split. The second leg will be played at Stadium Australia on Tuesday October 10.
It appears that the Socceroos will extend their streak without a win away from home. It has been eight consecutive away matches without a win.
Syria has all the momentum, as the Socceroos are on the backfoot at the moment, struggling to keep the Syrian's at bay.
Al Ajjan pops one for goal but Ryan had to be alert as he makes a great save for the Socceroos.
We have five minutes of stoppage time to be played.
The Socceroos are pulling out all the stops, as Kruse has a shot on goal but it is blocked.
Hadi Al Masri
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SYRIA - Hadi Al Masri is the latest player to go into the book for Syria after a late charge.
Omar Al Somah
Penalty Goal
PENALTY GOAL SYRIA - Al Soma is brought down by Leckie inside the box. The referee instantly points to the spot. He takes the penalty kick. He runs in and kicks it past Ryan, hitting the inner top of the net, in the middle. The scores are level at 1-1.
T. Rogić
T. Jurić
SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - The Socceroos make their third and final change with Tomi Jurić making way for Tom Rogić.
Mardik Mardikian
Omar Khribin
SUBSTITUTION SYRIA - Syria clear their bench as Omar Khribin comes off and is replaced by Mardik Mardikian.
M. Leckie
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SOCCEROOS - Mathew Leckie attracts the referee's attention after a late tackle. He appeals the ref's decision, with no luck. A yellow card stands.
Omar Khribin
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SYRIA - Omar Khribin is booked by the referee for a clumsy challenge on Milligan.
Al Katib with a wonderful right boot, which has Ryan bamboozled, as it comes off the crossbar and he is able to then hurriedly grab the ball.
Firas Al Khatib
Mahmoud Al Mawas
SUBSTITUTION SYRIA - Mahmoud Al Mawas is off the ground with Firas Mohamad Al Khatib running on as his replacement.
The Syrians are not giving up without a fight, as they keep serving it up to the Socceroos.
It is a very interesting time in the match, with the Socceroos desperate to get some fresh legs into the game to score a second goal.
M. Luongo
R. Kruse
SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - A very tired Robbie Kruse comes off the ground and is replaced by Massimo Luongo.
Sainsbury gives away free kick just outside of the box. This could be very costly for the Socceroos, however the kick ends up going wide.
Mobayed is lurking dangerously near goal, trying to get under the skin of the Socceroos defence.
N. Rukavytsya
J. Risdon
SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - The Socceroos make their first change of the match with Josh Risdon heading off for an early shower for Nikita Vadymovych Rukavytsya.
Australia have had 70.6% of the possession around the ground, but have only had four more shots on goal than Syria.
Al Soma manages to find his way onside but his shot on goal is wide of the mark.
The ball is rebounding from one end of the ground to the other. Syria are looking very dangerous on the burst.
This is a very dangerous period in the game at the moment, as you can sense something is about to happen.
The Socceroos need to be careful here, as Syria are quick with their counter attacks.
M. Degenek
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SOCCEROOS - Milos Degenek takes the feet of Mobayed from underneath him and he is awarded a yellow card.
Al Medani drops his guard in defence for Syria, as Leckie takes a shot on goal and he hits the crossbar.
Australia are looking to put this one away, as they pick up where they left off in the first half.
Oday Al Jafal
Yousef Qalfa
SUBSTITUTION SYRIA - Syria make the first change of game, with Yousef Qalfa making way for Oday Al Jafal.
SECOND HALF - Syria kick off and we are under way for the second half.
HALF TIME - The whistle sounds for half time and the Socceroos go into the break holding a 1-0 lead over Syria.
M. Milligan
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SOCCEROOS - Mark Milligan is into the referee's book after a late tackle.
We have one minute of stoppage time to play for the first half.
A remarkable effort from Matthew Leckie after the corner kick, but he heads it over the crossbar.
Finally, something had to give for the Socceroos and they quickly get back to business, as they look for a second goal.
R. Kruse
GOAL SOCCEROOS - Leckie with a great cut back to Kruse, he wears his opponent inside out, as he takes the ball into the box, kicking it past Malweh, hitting the top of the net. The Socceroos are on the board, leading Syria 1-0.
Both teams have had their opportunities in this first half, but we are yet to see a score. However, Syria have developed a reputation for scoring in stoppage time.
J. Risdon
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SOCCEROOS - Josh Risdon brings down Mobayed in the middle and he is awarded a yellow card for his effort.
Khabin takes possession of the ball inside the box, after some great work on the right Al Soma. However, his shot on goal is over the crossbar.
Al Soma finds himself in the wrong position at the wrong time, as he is once again caught offside.
Milligan has been poleaxed once again by Al Mobayed. He is already on a yellow card and is walking on thin ice.
Risdon is able to cut it back for Leckie into the box, as he blazes it over the crossbar for a goal kick. A chance gone begging for the Socceroos.
Leckie has started the game off well for the Socceroos, having some important touches.
Al Soma once again falls foul of the linesman's flag. He is certainly getting under the skin of the Socceroos defenders.
Al Soma heads it for goal but the flag is up for offside, but either way Ryan would have made the save.
Behich cuts it back to the box, but nobody is home for the Socceroos, as the Syrian defence is able to intercept and clear it away to safety.
Milligan is on the break, as he launches a long ball at goal, forcing Almeh to make a dive to his right to save the ball from goal.
Kalfa slides in late and is given a warning by the referee. He needs to be more careful.
Al Ajjan runs it to the edge of the box, but he loses the ball in his haste and it is cleared away to safety by the Socceroos.
Syria have been getting on top of Australia in the last few minutes.
Khaled Mobayed
Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD SYRIA - Khaled Al Mobayed is the first player to go into the referee's book, after a late slide tackle.
Youssef steals the ball in the middle as he takes it into Syria's attacking half, but the threat is eliminated by the Australian defence.
Al Ajjan with a cross into the box for Al Soma, who rises up and heads it for goal but it is just wide of the mark.
Degenek brings down Kharbin on the edge of the box. The ref awards the resulting free kick. Dangerous times for the Socceroos.
The ball has spent a lot of time inside the Socceroos forward half with Syria's defence continually on the backfoot.
Mooy delivers the free kick to the top of the box as Jurman heads it for goal, but it is over the crossbar.
Sainsbury passes it into the box for the run of Kruse, but he is unable to get to it as Almeh gathers it.
FIRST HALF - The Socceroos kick off to get us started in a typically sultry evening in South East Asia.
TEAMS - AUSTRALIA (3-2-4-1) STARTING XI - Ryan (GK); Risdon, Sainsbury, Jurman; Degenek, Milligan; Leckie, Kruse, Mooy, Behich; Juric. SUBSTITUTIONS - Langerak (GK), Vukovic (GK), Smith, Cahill, Goodwin, Troisi, Rukavytsya, Luongo, Irvine, Rogic.
TEAMS - SYRIA (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Almeh (GK); Al Masri, Al Mbayed, Haj Mohamad, Al Ajjan; Al Medani, Al Maowas; Kalfa, Youssef, Kharbin; Al Soma. SUBSTITUTIONS - Al Youssef (GK), Madanieh (GK), Al Baour, Somi, Jenyat, Al Khatib, Al Jafal, Al Shbli, Mido, Omari, Mardikian.
The Socceroos, despite only losing one game in their group, they drew four games, to find themselves in a third place playoff in the Asian region of the World Cup.
Syria have never played Australia before and will be fighting for their World Cup qualification lifeline, needing to win the Asian playoff and then set up a date against the fourth position in the CONCACAF region. This is currently being occupied by the USA.
Welcome to Hang Jebat Stadium for the fourth round of the World Cup Qualifiers. Syria take on Australia in the first leg.