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90' + 2'
W. Zaha
J. McArthur
1 - 2
E. Eze
N. Clyne
1 - 1
45' + 3'
J. Ward
Yellow Card
J. McArthur
Yellow Card
Oriol Romeu
J. Ward-Prowse
1 - 0

Match Stats

38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 5
Total Passes 326 529
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Palace's run of four games without a win is over, and they've moved up to 12th in the table, now on 41 points. Next up for them is the visit of their former manager, Roy Hodgson, with Watford. Southampton slip to 15th and are winless in their last three. They travel to Brentford next weekend.
Palace come from behind to snatch a late 2-1 win over Southampton. It was a game of two halves, with Southampton enjoying the better of the first 45 minutes, and taking an early lead when Romeu headed his shot in off the crossbar. Palace rallied after the break and equalised through Eze, whose shot rolled through Forster's legs. Zaha came off the bench, and when it looked like nothing was on, deep in stoppage time, he squeezed a shot in off the bottom of the near post to finish the comeback.
90' + 4' Romeu wins a free-kick through the middle and he opts to take it quickly but gifts the ball straight back to Palace. Luckily for him, Perraud is alert and he stops Gallagher from breaking forward.
W. Zaha
90' + 2' ZAHA SCORES! It's wonderful from Zaha! McArthur slides a lovely throughball into Zaha on the edge of the box, and he does brilliantly to spin away from Bednarek. It doesn't look like there's a lot on with the two defenders ahead of him, but he squeezes it through the gap towards the near post, and it hits the bottom of the upright on its way over the line. 2-1 Palace!
J. McArthur
90' + 2' McArthur has so much time on the ball, and he glances up to spot Zaha and slide him in for the goal.
90' Palace are still pushing for a late winner and Zaha links up well with Hughes down the left. He's backed into a corner by Walker-Peters though and Southampton are able to come away with it.
88' Olise swings a corner in for Palace this time and it's half-cleared by Salisu. McArthur heads it back towards goal, but Zaha can't touch it as he's offside. There's a slight mix-up between Forster and Salisu which Zaha tries to take advantage of, but it's only a goal-kick.
86' Another free-kick for Southampton and Ward-Prowse whips it in from the right. He can't beat the first man this time though, and Andersen heads it away.
W. Hughes
E. Eze
84' Final roll of the dice for Palace now, and the goal scorer, Eze, is taken off and replaced by Hughes.
83' Romeu flicks the ball past McArthur before he lays it off to Armstrong on the edge of the box. He hits the shot first time, but it's not the cleanest contact, and he drills it well wide of the far post.
81' Guaita is receiving some treatment here after going down in his box. Butland was preparing to warm up, but it looks like he won't be needed as Guaita is back on his feet.
M. Elyounoussi
N. Tella
80' Final change for Southampton now and it's Tella that's going off for Elyounoussi.
78' It's a wonderful throughball from Gallagher to pick out Olise down the right of the box, and he tries to cut back onto his left foot. Perraud was expecting it though and steps in with a crucial interception.
76' Olise spins into trouble and Broja's first thought is to put a cross into the box. There are half-hearted shouts for handball against Clyne, but his arm was tight to his side and Palace clear their lines.
M. Olise
J. Schlupp
74' Second change for Palace now, and it's Schlupp that's making way for Olise.
73' Ayew does brilliantly to keep the ball in play, and Zaha tries to flick it back over the top to him. It's not the best pass though and Bednarek is able to shield it back to Forster.
71' Southampton have a rare chance to break forward and Armstrong slides it through to Ward-Prowse on the edge of the D. The space opens up for him, but he drags at the shot, sending it well wide of the far post.
69' More big shouts for a penalty from the Palace fans and players after Gallagher topples over in the box. Romeu tries to step across him to win the ball, but there's not a lot of contact and the referee waves him back to his feet.
67' It's worked through the middle by Southampton, starting with Ward-Prowse, Armstrong to Broja who then tries to slide it through to Redmond. Guehi reads it well though and steps in to break it up.
S. Armstrong
C. Adams
65' Adams is also being taken off, with Stuart Armstrong coming on in his place.
A. Broja
S. Long
65' There's a double change for Southampton as well. Long is the first to make way, with Broja replacing him.
W. Zaha
J. Mateta
64' Vieira was getting ready to make this change before Palace equalised, but Zaha is finally being brought on for Mateta.
62' It's a lovely switch out to Ayew from Gallagher and he has the space ahead of him to hit it first time. He opts to take a touch instead, allowing to Walker-Peters to get back, and he sees his shot blocked for a corner.
N. Clyne
60' It looked like Ayew's throughball into Clyne was overhit, but the right-back did well to reach it and loop in a wonderful cross.
E. Eze
60' EZE EQUALISES! It's a great cross from Clyne, who lifts it in from the byline down the right and it loops over everyone in the middle. Eze lets it drop on the far side before drilling a low shot on goal. It rolls through Forster's legs, and the keeper will feel he should've done better, but it's 1-1!
59' Palace look comfortable in possession, but they're still lacking with that final pass at the moment. Eze breezes past Walker-Peters, but then scuffs his cross straight to Romeu.
57' It's a wonderful throughball from Eze to pick out Mateta's run down the left, but he's got no one up with him in support. He squares it across the edge of the box, hoping to pick out Gallagher, but it's an easy clearance for Bednarek.
55' Southampton win a free-kick on the left this time, and this time, it's cleared by Andersen. Romeu recycles it on the far side, drilling it into the near post, but Eze is tight to Long and blocks his shot.
53' Gallagher thought he was fouled by Long and caught the ball as he went down, giving away a cheap free-kick. Ward-Prowse swings it in from the right, but Guaita comes off his line to collect it.
51' GREAT CHANCE! Clyne's throw-in is brought down by Ayew and he fizzes a dangerous ball across goal from the byline. Forster gets a big hand to it but pushes it straight to Schlupp. He quickly sorts his feet out before taking the shot, but Bednarek stands tall to block it.
49' Palace have made a bright start to the second half and Ayew swings a good cross in from the right. Mateta rises highest at the far post, but can only help it wide of the target.
47' There are big shouts from Gallagher and the Palace fans behind the goal for a penalty. Salisu was sliding in to block the midfielder's cross, and they're claiming it hit his arm, but it actually hits his side, and nothing's given.
46' Southampton get us back underway for the second half!
Hasenhuttl will be pleased with his side's performance so far, and they looked a threat every time they broke forward on the counter, but he won't be comfortable with just a one-goal cushion. Palace haven't played badly, but they've been lacking something in the final third, and Vieira might be thinking about introducing Zaha soon.
Romeu's early header gives Southampton a 1-0 lead over Crystal Palace at half-time. The hosts scored with the first shot of the game, as Ward-Prowse curled in a great corner and Romeu's header thumped in off the crossbar. Palace had the better chances after that though, with Gallagher coming close. Mateta and Ayew also forced good saves out of Forster.
J. Ward
Yellow Card
45' + 3' Redmond is getting away and Ward desperately yanks back his shirt in an attempt to stop his run. It's a blatant tug, and he's shown a yellow card.
45' + 1' Ayew whips a cross into the box and Salisu is stooping to clear it. He crashes into Schlupp's shoulder and is receiving treatment after staying down holding his head. He'll be able to carry on though.
44' SAVE! It's a much better delivery from Eze on the corner this time and Ayew gets ahead of the crowd at the near post to glance it on. Forster pushes the header away before holding onto McArthur's follow-up effort.
42' Walker-Peters goes long with a clearance, and it almost ends up being a good out ball for Long. Guehi stands his ground brilliantly though and wins a free-kick, much to Long's frustration.
40' Salisu hits his pass against McArthur and it bounces back to Ayew, who drives forward down the left. He squares it to Gallagher, who drags it away from Ward-Prowse before putting in a low cross. It loops off the Southampton captain and onto the roof of the net, to Forster's relief.
J. McArthur
Yellow Card
38' The referee has gone back and booked McArthur for that challenge on Perraud during the last Southampton attack.
37' Perraud has his heels clipped as he tries to break forward, but the referee plays the advantage as Tella comes away with it. He drives forward down the left before he's cut off by Clyne.
35' Eze's shot is blocked by Salisu, but it finds its way through to Mateta. His first touch gets away from him, so he takes the shot on the half-turn. He slices at the chance and it loops straight into Forster's gloves.
33' Palace patiently work it out from the back again and Gallagher has just switched out to the left for the time being. He spots Mateta in space through the middle, but his low cross is cut out by Bednarek.
31' SAVE! McArthur's switch is cut out by Tella and he bursts forward down the left before playing a one-two with Adams. He's a long way out when he decides to shoot and he drills his low shot straight at Guaita.
30' Perraud goes long over the top to Adams and he just nudges Clyne aside. The angle is too tight for a shot from the left of the box, so he tries to pull it back to Ward-Prowse. It's straight to Andersen though, and that's a good chance wasted.
28' Southampton clear their lines from the corner, and Guehi brings it down on the halfway line. Long left a leg hanging in an attempt to dispossess him so he could break on the counter but ends up fouling him instead.
26' SAVE! It's better from Palace here as Schlupp bursts past Salisu down the left before he fizzes it into Mateta at the near post. He goes for power, hitting it low towards the near post and Forster kicks it out for a corner.
24' Redmond looks like he's been backed into a corner by Guehi, but he somehow manages to squeeze it through to Long. He tries to whip it across goal from the byline, but Guaita catches it. He can't prevent the corner though.
22' Ward is dispossessed by Romeu and Southampton can break on the counter again. Long is sandwiched between two defenders and wins a free-kick on the right, but nothing comes of it.
20' There's another nervy moment at the back for Guaita. Eze intercepted a switch out to Walker-Peters and knocked it back to the keeper, but the right-back keeps chasing it. Guaita puts it out for a corner, but he's looked shaky so far today.
18' GREAT CHANCE! Schlupp is starting to find some space down the left now and he puts a wonderful cross into the middle. Gallagher runs onto it and has a free header in the middle, but he nods it just wide of the near post.
J. Mateta
Yellow Card
16' Mateta wasn't happy with the challenge on him by the defender, so his name also goes into the book for dissent.
J. Bednarek
Yellow Card
16' Bednarek was very tight to Mateta and ended up rugby tackling him to the floor to stop him from reaching the ball, so he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
15' It's a nervy clearance from Guaita, but he manages to release Schlupp through the middle. He helps it out to Mateta on the left, and he drills a low cross into the box, but there's no one at the far post to get on the end of it.
13' It's a loose clearance out from Forster and he slices it straight to McArthur. He takes a touch before fizzing it through to Mateta, but he'd just drifted offside.
11' Palace are pushing to try and find a quick equaliser, with Gallagher making good progress through the middle. He switches it out to Ayew ahead of him on the right, but he can't beat Perraud.
J. Ward-Prowse
9' Both deliveries from Ward-Prowse, from the free-kick to the resulting corner, were brilliant and he managed to pick out a team-mate with the second attempt.
Oriol Romeu
9' ROMEU SCORES! Ward cleared Ward-Prowse's free-kick at the near post to give away the corner, and the captain has another chance to put the ball in from a set-piece. It's a lovely cross from him and Romeu just nudges McArthur out of the way in the middle to thump his header in off the bottom of the crossbar. 1-0 Southampton!
8' Ward-Prowse drills it forward down the left and Adams flicks it on. Long is chasing it down but Guehi blocks him off before going down and laying on the ball. He refuses to get off it and gives away an unnecessary free-kick.
6' Bednarek and Gallagher both have eyes for the ball and end up clashing heads when they rise for the aerial challenge. The midfielder goes down holding his face, but neither of them will need treatment.
4' Palace break quickly on the counter and Schlupp spreads it out to Eze on the left. He drags it away from two Southampton defenders, but overruns it in the end and loses out to Bednarek.
2' McArthur loses out in midfield and Adams nods it down for Romeu, who loops it over the top to Tella. He does brilliantly get up between two defenders to cushion it down for Adams, but his cross is blocked
1' Gallagher gets the game underway for Palace!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Palace have won just one of their 12 Premier League away games against Southampton (D3 L8), winning 2-1 in January 2018. The Eagles have never kept an away clean sheet against the Saints in the competition.
Just the one change from Patrick Vieira as well after their draw with Leeds on Monday. Schlupp is brought back into the team in place of Zaha, who drops to the bench. Mitchell is also among the substitutes after being rested last time out.
Ralph Hasenhuttl makes just one change to the side that drew with Brighton and Hove Albion last weekend. Tino Livramento suffered a season-ending ACL injury in that match, so Perraud comes in at left-back, with Walker-Peters switching out to the right.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Will Hughes, Jack Butland, Odsonne Edouard, Tyrick Mitchell, Christian Benteke, Wilfried Zaha, James Tomkins, Cheikhou Kouyate, Michael Olise.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Vicente Guaita; Nathaniel Clyne, Joachim Andersen, Marc Guehi, Joel Ward; Conor Gallagher, James McArthur, Jeffrey Schlupp; Jordan Ayew, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Eberechi Eze.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBS: William Smallbone, Willy Caballero, Mohamed Elyounoussi, Adam Armstrong, Lyanco, Moussa Djenepo, Stuart Armstrong, Armando Broja, Yan Valery.
SOUTHAMPTON STARTING XI (4-4-2): Fraser Forster; Kyle Walker-Peters, Jan Bednarek, Mohammed Salisu, Romain Perraud; Nathan Redmond, James Ward-Prowse, Oriol Romeu, Nathan Tella; Che Adams, Shane Long.
Both sides are still in with a chance of finishing in the top half of the table, but their slips in form may not make that possible. Southampton have won just one of their last eight games in the Premier League (D2 L5), with that victory coming in their last home game as they saw off Arsenal 1-0. As for Palace, they're winless in their last four, though their 0-0 draw with Leeds United ended their three-game losing run. The Eagles have also failed to score in their last three outings.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Southampton and Crystal Palace at St Mary's Stadium!