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PSG v Saint-Étienne Live Commentary, 7/24/20

1 - 0
Neymar (14)
Stade de France


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PSG have now won the competition 13 times in their history and are still on course to try and win the quadruple. Their attention now turns to the Coupe de la Ligue final when they face Lyon next week. St-Etienne's season is now over and they have some more friendlies to play as they prepare for the next Ligue 1 season.
PSG win the Coupe de France after a 1-0 win over St-Etienne. Neymar scored the only goal in the first half after Mbappe's shot was saved by Moulin and he fired the rebound off the underside of the crossbar and in. Perrin was originally booked for a challenge on Mbappe, but a VAR check upgraded it to a red. St-Etienne tried to push for a late equaliser, but in the end, couldn't find a way through PSG's defence.
90' + 3' There are big shouts for a penalty to St-Etienne from the fans and the players after Krasso is brought down on the edge of the box. The referee has a good view of it and doesn't give anything.
90' + 2' Bouanga gets away from Dagba on the left but it's a poor cross into the box from him when he cuts back inside. He has a lot of support to aim for, but he puts it straight into Navas' gloves.
W. Fofana
Yellow Card
90' Fofana completely missed the ball as he slid into Di Maria and he took out the Argentine. He's shown a yellow card for the tackle.
89' St-Etienne are starting to put more pressure on PSG now as they look for a late equaliser to take the game to extra-time. Krasso gets away from Bakker, but can't beat Silva who sticks out a leg to nick the ball off him.
87' Khazri swings the corner in for St-Etienne and he almost catches Navas out as it's curling towards goal. The goalkeeper was well positioned though and he punches it away.
85' GOOD CHANCE! It looks like the chance is gone after Neymar misses Di Maria's pass, but it runs through to Gueye. He ends up dragging his long-range shot though and it rolls wide of the near post.
J. Krasso
M. Debuchy
83' Final change for St-Etienne now and it's Debuchy making way for Krasso.
82' Bouanga nicks the ball off Verratti and makes a driving run into the box only to be stopped by the referee's whistle. He awards PSG a free-kick as Verratti was fouled by Khazri and the St-Etienne players can't hide their frustration.
80' Neymar has been involved in eight goals in six games in the Coupe de France (six goals, two assists).
78' Di Maria swings the free-kick into the area and Marquinhos jumps for it in the six-yard box. It's just over his head and Moulin misses it as well, but Sarabia can't get his shot on target at the far post.
77' Verratti picks out Icardi's run down the right but before he can put a cross into the box, Kolodziejczak crashes into him and PSG have a free-kick in a dangerous position.
A. Nordin
R. Boudebouz
75' There's another change for St-Etienne as well as Nordin replaces Boudebouz.
M. Verratti
L. Paredes
75' Tuchel is making a change now as Verratti comes on to replace Paredes.
73' GOOD SAVE! PSG are in again as Sarabia pulls away from Moukoudi and is one-on-one with the keeper. He keeps his shot low and Moulin gets down well to push it around before throwing himself forward to stop him reaching the rebound.
72' Moulin comes rushing off his line to smother Di Maria's shot after he got away from Fofana on the edge of the box. The keeper couldn't keep hold of it, but luckily for him, M'Vila got the rebound.
70' Navas almost plays his side into trouble as his pass to Silva is too short. Khazri is chasing it down, but the defender manages to reach it on the stretch and clear his lines.
68' Khazri has gone down off the ball and it looks like he has a problem with his ankle. The medical team have given him some treatment and he's quickly back to his feet and he'll be able to carry on.
66' St-Etienne have a free-kick on the right and Boudebouz swings a cross into the box. Fofana rises highest to meet it, but his header takes a deflection off Silva and bounces wide of the far post.
64' Boudebouz finds himself in a pocket of space on the left and curls a good cross into the box. Bouanga is in the middle to meet it again, but he gets caught under it and can't direct his header on target.
62' Neymar rides two challenges from St-Etienne defenders before playing it out to Paredes on the right. He could go for goal but decides to lay it off to Icardi, but the defender gets there first to clear it.
60' GOOD CHANCE! It's a great cross into the middle from Khazri on the right and Bouanga sets himself to hit it on the volley. He catches it with his shin though and his shot flies high over the bar.
58' CLOSE! Paredes squares the ball back across the box from the right and Neymar lets it run through to Di Maria who has more space. He hits the shot first time, but it's just wide of the post.
57' It's a brilliant floated pass into the box from Neymar as he spots Bakker's run from the left. None of the St-Etienne defenders pick him up, but he slices at the ball and sends it straight out of play.
55' PSG are the most successful side in the competition, having won it 12 times before. They also reached the final last year but ended up losing on penalties to Rennes. St-Etienne have lifted the trophy six times before, the most recent being in 1977, and they haven't reached the final since 1982.
53' Di Maria is finding a lot of space down the left wing for PSG, but this time, he can't put a cross into the box. He's got Neymar waiting in the middle, but it's a good block from M'Vila.
Y. M'Vila
Yellow Card
51' There's another booking for dissent now and this time it's for M'Vila.
51' OFFSIDE! The space opens up for PSG in the box and Neymar squares the ball to Di Maria who is unmarked in the middle. He's left with a simple tap-in to the net but the flag goes up against the Brazilian when the ball hits the net.
50' Neyou swings a cross into the far post from the right wing and he's looking for Bouanga. He tries to take it down on the stretch, but it's a heavy touch from him that takes the ball out of play.
47' Navas' clearance is intercepted by Khazri on the right and he hits a shot towards the empty goal first time. Navas and Marquinhos both get back to the line as the ball loops towards goal, but it lands on the roof of the net.
46' St-Etienne get us back underway for the second half!
W. Khazri
R. Hamouma
46' Khazri also comes on to replace Hamouma.
Y. Neyou
M. Camara
46' There's a double change for St-Etienne at the start of the second half as Neyou replaces Camara.
Tuchel will be pleased with his side's performance so far but he'll feel that they should be further ahead. They look likely to add to their tally each time they get into the final third. The sending off dented St-Etienne's confidence as they started brightly, but they'll need to take more risks going forward if they want to get back into the game.
PSG lead 10-man St-Etienne at half-time. It was Neymar that gave them the lead just 14 minutes in when he latched onto the rebound from Mbappe's shot and fired the ball against the underside of the bar and in. Perrin was originally booked for a late challenge on Mbappe before VAR upgraded it to a red card. Bouanga hit the post for them as well while Moulin has made a number of important saves to keep it at 1-0.
45' + 7' GOOD SAVE! Neymar spots Icardi's run down the right of the box and picks him out with a throughball. It's a tight angle for the forward and he tries to catch Moulin out at his near post, but the keeper sticks out a leg to stop it.
45' + 6' It's patient play from PSG at the moment as they try to break down St-Etienne who have all of their players sitting deep in their own half. When they do win it back, they can't get out though as M'Vila gives it away on the halfway line.
45' + 4' St-Etienne are pushing forward in a rare attack as Camara drives forward down the right. He doesn't have support up with him so he waits to put the cross in which gives Bakker the chance to get back.
45' + 2' GOOD SAVE! It's another free-kick for PSG on the right and Di Maria tries to catch out Moulin with a shot into the near bottom corner. It looks like it's sneaking in, but the keeper gets down to push it wide.
45' Paredes pull away from Debuchy on the left and whips a good cross into the middle of the box. Icardi is setting himself to volley it, but Kolodziejczak heads it against the forward and it bounces out.
43' It looks like the pass into Sarabia on the left of the box is overhit but he does well to reach it. He floats a cross back across goal, looking for Neymar, but Moulin comes off his line to collect it.
41' PSG are making it difficult for St-Etienne to get out of their own half at the minute as they keep hold of the ball and patiently play out from the back as they search for a second goal.
39' St-Etienne don't look as comfortable as they did at the beginning of the game and some sloppiness is starting to creep in. Moulin just clears his lines before Neymar closes him down but Fofana then overhits his pass and almost puts it out for a corner under no pressure.
M. Camara
Yellow Card
37' That was a very late challenge from Camara on Paredes and he's shown a yellow card.
Yellow Card
35' The yellow card is out again and it's shown to Marquinhos who caught Kolodziejczak late.
34' CLOSE! Neymar steps up to take the free-kick that Mbappe won. He curls his effort over the wall and is trying to sneak his shot in at the near post, but it's just wide of the target.
H. Moukoudi
Y. Maçon
34' There's a change for St-Etienne as well as Macon makes way for Moukoudi.
Pablo Sarabia
K. Mbappé
33' Mbappe has been receiving treatment since the challenge but he's not going to be able to carry on. He limps down the tunnel and is replaced by Sarabia.
L. Perrin
Red Card
31' After checking the monitor, the referee has gone back over the Perrin and showed him a red card for the challenge on Mbappe. St-Etienne are down to 10 men!
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
31' Verratti is booked for dissent after coming off the bench to talk to the referee.
30' Now that the players have calmed down, the referee has gone over to the VAR monitor to have a look at the original challenge to see if it was worthy of a red card.
L. Paredes
Yellow Card
29' The third player to be booked was Paredes.
M. Bakker
Yellow Card
29' Bakker is also shown a yellow card.
R. Hamouma
Yellow Card
29' Hamouma is booked for his reaction to the tackle.
J. Moulin
Yellow Card
29' Moulin is booked for dissent.
27' None of the players are happy after that challenge and some of them could be in trouble for their reactions. Moulin came off his line to get involved and players from both sides were pushing each other as the referee tried to calm them down.
25' BRILLIANT SAVE! Another quick attack from PSG and Paredes lifts the ball into Di Maria's path to his left. He's one-on-one with the keeper in the box and fires his shot across goal and Moulin gets fingertips to it to tip it wide.
23' PSG mount a quick counter-attack and Mbappe has room to run into down the left. Camara recovers well to get back and close him down and ends up blocking his cross to send it out for a corner.
21' GOOD SAVE! It's another good cross into the box from Macon on the right and he picks out Bouanga on the far side of the box. He's unmarked as he heads it down and Navas gets down quickly to hold it.
C. Dagba
T. Kehrer
20' Kehrer goes straight down the tunnel after going off with the medical team and Dagba replaces him.
18' Kehrer has gone down again and it looks like he's still struggling with that earlier injury. Tuchel has a substitute warming up on the sidelines and it looks like he's not going to be able to carry on this time.
16' GOOD SAVE! Hamouma steps in ahead of Silva to touch the ball onto Bouanga. He drags it away from Marquinhos and drills his low shot towards goal and Navas gets down well to push it away.
14' PSG LEAD! It's a mistake from Debuchy as he gives the ball away cheaply to Mbappe and he drives forward into the box. Moulin is equal to his shot but he parries it into Neymar's path. It's a powerful hit from him and it bounces off the bar before crossing the line. 1-0 PSG!
13' Kehrer has gone down and is receiving treatment on his side after an earlier collision with Bouanga. He's quickly back to his feet though and he's going to be able to carry on.
11' St-Etienne have a free-kick on the right and Boudebouz steps up to take it. He whips a cross into the middle of the box towards Fofana, but he's judged to have fouled Silva in his attempts to head the ball.
9' PSG are closing down St-Etienne high up the field in an attempt to try and get some possession. St-Etienne are keeping hold of it well though as Macon pulls away on the right again, but he can't put a cross into the box.
7' St-Etienne are just slowing down the pace of the game a little after a quick start from both sides. They almost get caught out though as Moulin's clearance is intercepted by Di Maria, but he ends up knocking it out of play.
5' OFF THE POST! It's a great run from Bouanga as he cuts inside from the left, pulling away from three PSG defenders. He drills his low shot across goal and Navas is beaten, but it bounces back off the far post.
4' Macon has two opportunities to swing a cross into the box from the right. The first is cleared by Silva in the middle but St-Etienne win it back. The winger has another go and he puts it into a good area, but Navas comes off his line to collect it.
Y. Maçon
Yellow Card
2' There's an early yellow card here for Macon after he catches Neymar with a late challenge.
1' CLOSE! Paredes picks out Mbappe on the edge of the box with a throughball and he squares it to Neymar on his left when the keeper rushes off his line. Neymar ends up dragging the shot just wide of the far post, but the flag goes up for offside against Mbappe.
1' Icardi gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
PSG are unbeaten in their last 21 games against St-Etienne in all competitions (W16 D5), with their last loss against them coming in November 2012 in Ligue 1 at home (1-2).
Claude Puel keeps in two of the three goalscorers from St-Etienne's win over Belgian side Charleroi, with Fofana and Boudebouz starting. Krasso also netted in that game and he starts on the bench today.
Thomas Tuchel names an unchanged side from the one that started their last friendly against Celtic when they won 4-0. Neymar and Mbappe both start for them, with Icardi partnering the Frenchman up front.
ST-ETIENNE SUBS: Wahbi Khazri, Stefan Bajic, Harold Moukoudi, Yvan Beyou, Aimen Moueffek, Charles Abi, Maxence Rivera, Arnaud Nordin, Jean-Philippe Krasso.
ST-ETIENNE STARTING XI (4-5-1): Jessy Moulin; Timothee Kolodziejczak, Loic Perrin, Wesley Fofana, Mathieu Debuchy; Yvann Macon, Yann M'Vila, Mahdi Camara, Ryad Boudebouz, Denis Bouanga; Romain Hamouma.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Ander Herrera, Pablo Sarabia, Presnel Kimpembe, Layvin Kurzawa, Sergio Rico, Marco Verratti, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Colin Dagba, Julian Draxler.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (4-4-2): Keylor Navas; Thilo Kehrer, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Mitchel Bakker; Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes, Idrissa Gueye, Neymar; Mauro Icardi, Kylian Mbappe.
Both teams are playing their first matches since the leagues were stopped in mid-March due to the coronavirus. PSG were crowned champions after Ligue 1 was suspended and are looking to pick up another trophy this season as they aim for the quadruple. They've won all three of their friendlies before today, scoring 20 goals in the process. St-Etienne beat Rennes 2-1 in the semi-final and come into this game having won their three friendlies as well.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Coupe de France final between Paris Saint-Germain and St-Etienne at the Stade de France!