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Norway v Australia Live Commentary, 6/22/19

PEN 4 - 1
1 - 1
I. Herlovsen (31)
E. Kellond-Knight (83)
Allianz Riviera
(FT 1 - 1)


That's all from us tonight folks, we hope you enjoyed the game!
Norway will now face either England or Cameroon in the quarter-finals, those two teams play tomorrow. England knocked Norway out of the 2015 World Cup.
Norway book their place in the World Cup quarter-finals after beating Australia on penalties. It finished 1-1 after normal time, with Herlovsen scoring in the first half for Norway, before Kellond-Knight scored a late equaliser to level the scoreline and send it into extra-time, which was very eventful. Both teams tested the keepers, they had to make numerous saves to deny their opponents, but Norway went the closest, with Risa striking the bar. Australia went down to 10 players in the first period of extra-time, with Kennedy shown a straight red card after being the last defender as Utland raced through on goal and she dragged the Norway striker to the ground. Australia then began to sit deep and defend following the sending off, trying to see the game out to penalties. However, they then missed two of their penalties, whilst Norway converted all of theirs to clinch their place in the next round, with a 4-1 shoot-out victory.
GOAL! Engen keeper her cool and she makes it 4-1, she then wheels off in celebration as Norway are now though to the quarter-finals! Norway kept their cool during the penalty shoot-out, as Australia missed two attempts.
GOAL! Catley converts for Australia. It's 3-1.
GOAL! Another good Norway penalty, the captain Mjelde steps up and slots the ball into the bottom corner.
SAVED! Great stop by Hjelmseth, she dives the right way and denies Gielnik. There wasn't enough power on it to beat the Norway keeper.
GOAL! Another good penalty, Reiten sending Williams the wrong way to make it 2-0 to Norway.
MISSED! Kerr skies the ball high over the crossbar! The striker tries to place it into the top corner, but she gets it all wrong. Advantage to Norway.
GOAL! Hansen steps up to take the first penalty for Norway, she sends the keeper the wrong way.
It's going to take a penalty shoot-out to separate these two teams tonight. There was plenty of chances during extra-time, with Norway striking the crossbar and both teams tested the keepers, but Norway pushed forward more in search of a winning goal as Australia went down to 10 players.
A. Harrison
E. Carpenter
120' + 2' Australia make a late substitution ahead of what looks likely to be a penalty shoot-out, with Carpenter replaced by Harrison.
120' + 1' Australia chance now! Yallop with the shot from the edge of the box, but it's straight at the Norway keeper who makes a good save.
120' Another Hansen strike! However, she drives it straight at Williams who gratefully gathers the ball.
118' Hansen's 10 shots is the most by a Norwegian in a single Women's World Cup match since 2011.
K. Røstbakken
E. van Egmond
116' Another Australia substitution now as Van Egmond comes off and she is replaced by Roestbakken.
114' Sidenetting! Hansen has been fantastic for Norway tonight and has another chance to score, but her shot flies into the sidenetting from a tight angle.
112' This is better by Australia, they are starting to keep the ball at the back and slow the pace down in the final few minutes.
110' Good strike! Hansen is once again involved, she fires the ball towards the far post, but it flies just wide of the post. It appears to take a deflection, but a goal-kick is awarded.
108' Australia are starting to sit very deep now, just trying to soak up all of the pressure and see the game out to penalties.
106' The second half of extra-time is underway!
It's been a lively opening half of football in extra-time, with Norway striking the crossbar and Australia going down to 10 players, after Kennedy was shown a straight red card after she was the last defender as Utland raced through on goal.
105' + 4' OFF THE BAR! Risa with a long range effort, but it strikes the top of the bar and flies out of play. It looked like it was just going to dip under the crossbar, with Williams slightly off her line.
105' + 3' Utland is lucky to still be on the pitch after she shoves Yallop off the ball and she is already on a yellow card. However, the referee just gives her a final warning.
V. Bøe Risa
Yellow Card
105' + 2' Risa is booked after her cynical challenge on Yallop as she tried to break forward.
105' + 1' Free-kick to Norway in a very good position now, with Mjelde lining it up. However, her shot isn't close enough to the corner of the goal and Williams manages to get across and make a comfortable save.
A. Kennedy
Red Card
104' RED CARD! Kennedy is shown a straight red card after tugging on the shirt of Utland as she raced through on goal and Kennedy was the last defender. VAR have taken a look at it but the decision stands.
S. Hansen
I. Wold
102' Norway make another substitution with Moe Wold replaced by Synne Hansen.
101' The game is very stretched at the moment, it's end-to-end with both teams pushing forward in search of a goal which is handing the ball straight back to their opponents.
99' ANOTHER SAVE! Williams is once again called into action, this time to deny Hansen after a quick breakaway by Norway. The striker fires a shot at goal from the edge of the box, but the Australia keeper manages to tip it over the crossbar.
98' Norway's third match to go to ET; (3-2 v Italy in 1991) and lost on pens to Brazil in third/fourth playoff in 1999.
L. Karlseng Utland
Yellow Card
96' Utland is booked after her late challenge on Williams as a corner is whipped into the box. The Norway striker was nowhere near the ball and whipped the keeper out.
95' SAVE! Williams with a great save to tip Risa's shot over the crossbar after she was given far too time and space on the edge of the box to line up a shot.
C. Polkinghorne
E. Kellond-Knight
94' Australia make their second substitution of the game, with Kellond-Knight coming off and she has been replaced by Polkinghorne.
92' Kerr gets in-behind early on here, she just can't hold off Thorisdottir, who puts her under good pressure and Kerr is unable to get the shot away, with Hjelmseth then gathering it.
91' Extra-time is underway!
After normal time it's 1-1 between Norway and Australia, just when it looked like Norway would see the game out, but Australia kept pushing and finally managed to get their breakthrough goal late on, with Kellond-Knight seeing her corner fly all the way into the back of the net.
90' + 4' Stoppage in play now as two players are down after an aerial clash in the Australia half.
90' + 2' OFF THE POST! Hansen with a superb strike, trying to curl the ball into the top corner, but it strikes the post and then bounces along the goalline, but it doesn't go over the line and Australia breathe a sigh of relief.
90' There will be a minimum of FOUR minutes added time played.
89' Penalty shout! Australia with another appeal for a penalty as Yallop is clattered into by Thorisdottir, but the centre-back just manages to get to the ball first. Nothing is given by the referee and after a VAR check, the decision stands.
87' Just a couple of minutes left of normal time to play, Australia have a corner, can they win it late on?
85' Australia look full of confidence now, they've finally got the equalising goal but they need to be careful at the back as Norway appear eager to win this game in normal time.
E. Kellond-Knight
83' GOOOAAALLL! Kellond-Knight whips a corner into the box, it's low near the front post and a couple of players take a swing at the ball, trying to divert it goalwards. However, everyone misses the ball and it flies straight into the bottom corner of the net. Poor defending by Norway.
81' We're into the final 10 minutes of the game now and it remains Norway who are in the lead and look to be on their way to the quarter finals. Australia appear to be running out of ideas.
79' Australia have won only one of their previous four knockout stage matches at the Women’s World Cup (L3), beating Brazil 1-0 in the last 16 of the 2015 edition.
L. Karlseng Utland
I. Herlovsen
77' Here is the enforced change, with Herlovsen replaced by Utland.
76' Stoppage in play here as Herlovsen is down on the pitch and she is receiving some medical treatment, but it doesn't look like she will be able to continue.
E. Gielnik
H. Raso
74' Australia with their first change now, as Raso is replaced by Gielnik.
F. Maanum
K. Sævik
72' Norway make their first substitution of the game, with Saevik coming off and she has been replaced by Maanum.
71' Good defending! Raso finds some space inside the Norway box after a through ball by Kerr. However, her shot is brilliantly blocked by Thorisdottir.
69' Kerr and Foord are starting to rotate now, switching from the middle to the wing in order to try and do something different.
67' Australia are leaving themselves vulnerable at the back by pushing so many players forward in search of an equalising goal, with Norway trying to break on the counter.
65' Still no changes for either side here, with Australia on top and Norway are having to sit back and defend, with Hansen their only outlet at the moment.
63' Australia can sense a goal is coming here, with Kerr lashing the ball high over the crossbar with her latest attempt.
62' Norway are looking to enjoy consecutive wins in Women’s World Cup games for the first time since 2007, with five victories, one draw and six losses since then.
60' GOAL RULED OUT! Kerr has the ball in the back of the net, but it's ruled out for offside. Foord plays a lovely ball in-behind the Norway defence, with Kerr running along the line, she then just has the keeper to beat, which she does. However, the flag then goes up for offside and after a VAR check, it shows that the decision is correct.
58' Australia are on top at the moment, they are pressing forward, keeping the ball well and Kerr is getting more and more involved in the game.
56' SAVE! Hansen with a terrific run down the right, she then drifts inside and tries to beat Williams at the near post, but the keeper does well to stand firm and push it away from danger.
54' Into the wall! Kellond-Knight steps up to take the free-kick, but the Norway wall stand firm and block the shot well.
K. Minde
Yellow Card
53' Minde is the first player booked for her challenge on Raso.
53' Free-kick to Australia in a really good position, a strong shooting opportunity, after Minde drags Raso down to the ground around 20 yards out.
52' Almost! Foord is unmarked at the far post as Logarzo whips a cross into the penalty area, but Foord just can't turn it goalwards as she stretches for the ball and it flies wide of the post.
50' Good effort! Raso plays a quick one-two with Kerr just inside the Norway penalty area and the winger tries to curl the ball into the back of the net, but she's under too much pressure and fires it well wide.
48' Australia with the early possession in the second half, but Norway are doing really well to press them high and force them to go all the way back to the goalkeeper, or force a mistake in a dangerous area.
46' The second half is underway!
Australia haven't looked comfortable at the back and they've been caught out a few times, with Norway getting stronger as the half went on and they have frustrated their opponents, with Kerr unable to get on the ball in attack.
Norway lead 1-0 at the break thanks to Herlovsen's 31st minute strike. Australia dominated the early stages of the game, with Kerr going close within the first minute and then Raso shortly after. Hansen has been lively for Norway, she has been involved in almost everything positive for Norway. Herlovsen opened the scoring after some poor defending by the Australia centre-backs and the striker gets in-behind and then fired the ball past Williams. Australia were awarded a penalty late on in the half for handball, but the decision was then reversed after the referee reviewed the video footage.
45' + 2' Australia are pushing forward in numbers now trying to get an equaliser before the break, with Norway dropping back and they are trying to see the game out to half-time now.
45' There will be a minimum of four minutes added time played.
44' NO PENALTY! The referee reverses her original decision after looking at the replays on the TV screen, nothing is given and the ball is given back to Norway.
42' PENALTY SHOUT! Thorisdottir appears to move her chest to the ball and the referee thinks that it strikes her arm as she goes to block it. The centre-back is saying that it hit her shoulder, but her body does move towards the ball. However, it will go to VAR to confirm.
41' There's just a few minutes left on the clock now until the break, can Australia get back into the game before the half-time whistle?
40' Australia are really struggling at set pieces, with Norway winning the first header at nearly every corner they have at the moment. Australia are penned inside their own box.
38' CHANCE! Hansen does brilliantly from the halfway line to get all the way into the penalty area, it takes three players to stop her. The striker tries to curl it into the bottom corner, but it takes a deflection and goes just wide of the post.
37' Norway win a corner, which they whip deep into the box towards Mjelde, who powers a header towards goal, but it's blocked and Australia clear the danger.
35' Isabell Herlovsen’s strike means Australia have become the fourth different nation to concede at least 50 goals at the Women’s World Cup, alongside Canada (51), Japan (57) and Nigeria (63).
33' It's now Norway who are on top and Australia look vulnerable at the back, they haven't been able to get back into their normal rhythm.
K. Sævik
31' Saevik plays a lovely ball in-behind the Australia defence which catches them by surprise, with Catley unable to clear it and Herlovsen sneaks in-behind, just staying onside.
I. Herlovsen
31' GOOOAAALLL! Norway lead 1-0! Herlovsen capitalises on a mistake from Catley who mistimes her clearance as Saevik slides the ball behind the Australia defence, with Kennedy too far away to help out and the striker gets in between the two Australia centre-backs, sprinting through on goal and then firing it past Williams and into the back of the net. Great finish.
31' Good defending! Van Egmond plays a lovely ball over the top for Kerr, she races onto it and tries to cut inside and beat Mjedle, but the Norway centre-back pulls off an excellent tackle to deny her.
29' Raso has been lively for Australia tonight, most of their good play has been down her right wing, with Carpenter also getting forward well from the full-back position.
27' As we approach the half an hour mark it remains goalless between Norway and Australia. It's been an even game so far, both teams having good goalscoring opportunites.
25' Hansen has been involved in everything positive in attack for Norway, she is the latest player to have a shot at goal. However, she fires the ball wide of the post.
23' Australia have won only one of their previous four knockout stage matches at the Women’s World Cup (L3), beating Brazil 1-0 in the last 16 of the 2015 edition.
21' Wasted opportunity! Australia break forward and counter with Raso, she has Kerr to her left and Yallop to her right, she delays her pass and Kerr runs offside so she passes to Yallop, who the tries to pick out Kerr with a cross, but it's too close to Hjelmseth, who easily gathers.
19' CHANCE! Hansen with a good opportunity for Norway! Australia don't clear the danger deep inside their own box and Hansen nicks the ball away and drills a low shot towards the far post, but Williams gets down quickly and makes a strong save.
17' The game is very open, the pace is good from both sides but there is a lack of quality from both sets of players on the ball.
15' Hjelmseth does well to punch and then catch the ball on the second attempt.
15' Australia win the first corner of the game, with Kerr having her cross blocked by Mjelde. Can they test the keeper here? They certainly have a height advantage.
13' It looks like Norway are trying to break forward on the counter at the moment and catch Australia out that way, as they are struggling to remain composed on the ball and string passes together to form an attack.
11' Good opportunity! Carpenter does really well down the right wing and she fires a low cross into the box towards Kerr, but she puts the ball well wide of the Norway goal.
10' Norway have won only one of their last seven knockout games at the Women’s World Cup (D1 L5), scoring a total of just three goals in those matches and losing each of the last three.
8' Norway haven't yet settled into the game, playing a few too many sloppy passes at the moment, handing the ball straight back to their opponents.
6' SAVE! Excellent ball by Foord to Raso down the right wing and Raso sprints into the box, she plays a quick one-two with Kerr, before firing a shot at goal from close range. However. it's straight at Hjelmseth who makes a good save.
5' Australia are dominating the early possession here, keeping it well at the back as they try to play it out. However, Norway are pressing them high and stopping them from entering their half of the pitch.
3' Decent effort! Risa with a shot from the edge of the penalty area, Norway's first attempt at goal. However, she drags the ball well wide of the post.
1' CLOSE! Kerr almost puts Australia ahead within the first minute of the game! The striker just manages to stay onside as she is played through on goal by Foord, she gets past her marker as she cuts inside and then drills a low shot at goal, but it goes just inches wide of the post.
1' We're underway!
The teams are out on the pitch and the anthems are underway, so kick-off is just a few minutes away! Stay tuned for all of the match action.
Norway make just one change to their starting XI with Utland dropping to the bench and she has been replaced by Saevik. Meanwhile Australia make four changes to their side, with Kellond-Knight, Foord, Yallop and Raso all coming into the team.
AUSTRALIA SUBS: Karly Roestbakken, Gema Simon, Clare Polkingthorne, Mackenzie Arnold, Aivi Luik, Amy Harrison, Teagan Micah, Emily Gielnik, Teigen Allen, Mary Fowler, Katrina Gorry, Lisa De Vanna.
AUSTRALIA (4-3-3): Lydia Williams; Ellie Carpenter, Alanna Kennedy, Steph Catley, Elise Kellond-Knight; Emily Van Egmond, Tameka Yallop, Hayley Raso; Caitlin Foord, Sam Kerr, Chloe Logarzo.
NORWAY SUBS: Emile Haavi, Cecilie Fiskerstrand, Karina Saevik, Therese Asland, Stine Hovland, Oda Marie Hove Bogstad, Skinnes Hansen, Cecilie Redisch Kvamme, Amalie Eikeland, Emilie Nautnes, Frida Maanum, Elise Thorsnes, Lisa-Marie Utland.
NORWAY (4-4-2): Ingrid Hjelmseth; Ingrid Moe Wold, Maren Mjelde, Maria Thorisdottir, Kristine Minde; Karina Saevik, Vilde Risa, Ingrid Engen, Guro Reiten; Caroline Graham Hansen, Isabell Herlovsen.
This will be the third meeting between these two sides in the last four World Cups. They met in the group stage in 2011, which Australia won 2-1, after a 1-1 draw at the same stage of the competition in 2007.
Norway finished as runners-up in Group A, after picking up wins against Nigeria and South Korea. Australia also came second in their group, despite a opening game defeat against Italy, but they managed to beat Brazil and Jamaica in their next two games to secure qualification.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE match commentary of the Women's World Cup last-16 match between Norway and Australia.