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New Zealand v Netherlands Live Commentary, 6/11/19

0 - 1
J. Roord (90+2)
Stade Océane


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So, Netherlands get off to a winning start at the tournament and go level on points with Canada at the top of Group E. They now turn their attention to their next match against Cameroon. New Zealand will feel very disappointed with how they lost this game, but there were a lot of positives for Sermanni and his team to take from their performance today as they go in search of their first win at a World Cup once again when they face Canada on Saturday.
Netherlands leave it late as Roord scores a stoppage-time winner to give them a 1-0 win over New Zealand. The Ferns came the closest to scoring in the first half when Chance hit the crossbar with a chipped shot and White forced a smart save out of Van Veenendaal with her long-range effort. Miedema came close to giving Netherlands the lead after the break, with Nayler making a brilliant reflex save, but New Zealand couldn't hold on in the end. Beerensteyn latched onto Martens cross in added time and nodded it down to the substitute Roord who found the back of the net with two minutes left of the game.
90' + 4' New Zealand are moving the ball around with a bit more pace now as they look for a late equaliser. Bott plays a long pass upfield to try and pick out Satchell's run down the right wing, but she overhits it and Van Veenendaal is off her line quickly to collect it.
J. Roord
90' + 2' ROORD SCORES FOR NETHERLANDS! Beerensteyn knocked down the ball at the far post and Roord reacted quicker than the defender to reach the knockdown and head it into the back of the net to give Netherlands the lead in stoppage time. 1-0 Netherlands!
90' + 1' White takes the ball to the corner and New Zealand are trying to run the clock down to earn the point now. Netherlands are quick to close them down and win back possession though so they can try and find a winner.
89' Narley is taking her time over her goal-kick and the fans around the stadium aren't happy as they feel that she is time wasting.
L. Beerensteyn
S. van de Sanden
87' Final roll of the dice from Wiegman now as she brings on Beerensteyn for Van de Sanden.
85' Van de Donk and the Netherlands' fans are asking for a penalty when she goes to ground under pressure from Percival in the box. There's not a lot in it though and the referee waves away the claims and points for a goal-kick.
83' The ball is pinballing around in New Zealand's box at the minute as Netherlands continue to pile the pressure on their opponents. Spitse's shot was blocked, as was Miedema's before a loose pass from Martens rolls straight into Nayler to take the pressure off New Zealand momentarily.
81' New Zealand are sitting very deep in their half at the minute as Netherlands try and find a way through to break the deadlock. Whenever New Zealand do win the ball back, they can't keep hold of it for long enough to go on the counter-attack.
79' Van Dongen puts a very good cross into the box from the left wing and Van de Donk rises highest to get on the end of it. Her header takes a deflection off Stott on its way through and bounces wide of the post.
77' Satchell is the furthest player forward for New Zealand after she gets on the end of Bott's long ball forward. She wrong foots Bloodworth but slips as she goes to take her shot from the edge of the six-yard box, sending her effort into the side netting.
J. Roord
J. Groenen
76' Second change for Netherlands now as Roord comes on to replace Groenen.
P. Satchell
S. Gregorius
New Zealand
74' Gregorius is the other player to make way with Satchell coming on to replace her.
H. Wilkinson
R. White
New Zealand
74' Sermanni is making a double change for New Zealand. White is the first player to go off and Wilkinson is on in her place.
73' New Zealand are keeping the ball well at the minute, but they're being very tightly marked by Netherlands defenders which is stopping them from moving forward into the final third.
M. van Dongen
K. van Es
71' Netherlands make their first change of the game now with Van Es coming off in place of Van Dongen.
70' Another good cross is put into the box by Van de Sanden and she picks out Martens at the far post. She nods the ball down into the middle, but Miedema can't react quick enough to get on the end of it and Erceg is able to clear it.
68' Van Lunteren is forward from defence once again and she runs onto a loose ball on the edge of the box after New Zealand didn't clear a corner. Her shot is hit powerfully, but it's always rising as it flies over the crossbar.
A. Longo
B. Hassett
New Zealand
67' First change of the game is made by New Zealand as Sermanni brings on Longo in place of Hassett.
66' BRILLIANT SAVE BY NAYLER! Van Lunteren gets into the box from right-back and cuts the ball back to Miedema in the middle of the six-yard box. She hits the shot first time and Nayler makes a brilliant reflex save to deny her from close range.
65' Van de Sanden puts a good cross into the box from the right wing and Miedema rises highest to reach it. She doesn't make very good contact with the ball though and her header ends up looping up into the air before being cleared by Stott.
63' Hassett is left unmarked down the right wing and she once again puts a good cross into the middle of the box. White rises highest to get on the end of it, and Van Veenendaal makes another good diving save to deny her, but the flag has now gone up for offside.
61' Van der Gragt has gone down with an injury now and the medical team are across to give her some treatment. It looks like a problem with her knee, but she looks like she's going to be able to carry on for now.
60' MIEDEMA COMES CLOSE! She pulls away from her defender on the left of the box and she takes the shot first time when she runs onto the ball. The keeper can't get a hand to it, but the effort rolls just wide of the far post.
58' The game has opened up a lot in the second half, with both sides' passing becoming a bit sloppy because of it. New Zealand are pushing up the field once again, but another poor pass from White gifts possession back to Netherlands again.
56' Groenen plays a good throughball into the middle of the box to where Miedema is waiting and it looks like it's going to be a comfortable take from the goalkeeper. Nayler spills the ball though and some last-ditch defending by New Zealand gets it clear.
55' There is a VAR check going on at the minute for a possibly penalty to New Zealand. It's thought to have struck Von Es' arm in the box, but it doesn't look like her hand makes any contact with the ball. The check is over and there is no penalty given.
54' MARTENS COMES CLOSE! It's end-to-end football at the minute as Netherlands go on the counter-attack now. She's left unmarked on the left and she takes a touch before having a go from outside the box. Her effort is dipping, but not enough to take it under the crossbar.
52' GREAT SAVE BY VAN VEENENDAAL! Chance puts an excellent cross into the box but Gregorius misses it. It rolls through to Hassett on the other wing though and she puts another cross into the box and this time Gregorius does make contact with the ball. She scuffs the shot and Van Veenendaal has to scramble across her line to palm the effort away from her goal.
50' Van de Donk is pushing forward for Netherlands and she tries to play the ball out wide to Van de Sanden. She's caught on her heels though and can only put it out of play with her first touch.
48' New Zealand have made a bright start to the second half and are slowly pushing their way upfield and into the final third, forcing Netherlands to sit back in their own half for the time being.
46' Netherlands get us back underway for the second half!
Wiegman looked unimpressed with her side's performance as she went down the tunnel at half-time and she will be hoping that her side can improve in the second half. Martens has looked dangerous for them, so if they can find a way to get her on the ball more, then they can create more clear-cut opportunities. As for New Zealand, they'll feel like they should be ahead at the break after having the best chances, but they will know that they will be tested more in the second half. If they can stay solid defensively, then they might be able to find a goal on the counter-attack.
New Zealand hold Netherlands 0-0 at half-time. Netherlands had more possession in the first half, but it was their opponents who had the better opportunities. Chance hit the crossbar with a brilliant chipped shot in the 11th minute before White forced a very good save out of Van Veenendaal with a long-range effort on the counter-attack in the 34th. Netherlands came closest in stoppage time when New Zealand failed to clear a corner and Bloodworth swung at the ball and sent her shot wide of the empty goal from very close range.
45' + 1' BLOODWORTH MISSES A SITTER! New Zealand fail to clear their lines from the corner and Miedema has the chance to put a cross into the six-yard box from the left. Nayler just about gets it clear but collides with her defender in the process, and Bloodworth has the chance to put the ball into the back of the net from the near post. She swings at it though and instead puts it wide from very close range.
45' Netherlands are trying to play through the middle, but are being closed down very quickly by New Zealand. In the end, Miedema has a shot from outside the box and it takes a deflection on the way through which takes it out for a corner.
43' Wiegman doesn't look very happy with her side's performance on the sidelines as they are once again forced to keep possession in their own half and build up from the back.
41' Martens is given quite a bit of space down the left wing once again and she puts another good cross into the box, but Erceg is the first to react again and clear the ball for New Zealand.
39' Groenen swings an excellent low cross into the six-yard box from the corner and it would've just taken one touch from anybody to put it into the back of the net. Everybody missed it though and it rolls out of play at the far post and the chance is wasted.
38' Bloodworth plays a brilliant throughball up to Miedema, but Stott just reaches it first and gets an important touch on the ball to take it out of the forward's path and put it out for a corner.
36' Once again, New Zealand set off on the counter-attack, but Van der Gragt is in the right place to dispossess White on the halfway line before she can get in behind Netherlands' defence as she did before.
34' GREAT SAVE BY VAN VEENENDAAL! White leads the charge on the counter-attack and she decides to have a go from long-range. It's heading in, but the goalkeeper makes a great save to push it wide of her near post.
33' New Zealand are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Netherlands start piling on the pressure once again. They're staying strong defensively though which is making it hard for their opponents to get into the final third.
31' New Zealand have a free-kick in their own half and Riley puts a good ball over the top of Netherlands midfield to try and pick out Gregorius. The forward set off late though so she wouldn't be caught offside and can't reach it before it rolls out of play.
29' GREAT CHANCE FOR MARTENS! Groenen rose highest at the far post to get on the end of the corner and Erceg's clearing header went backwards to Martens. It seems to catch her by surprise though and he can only head the ball behind the goal.
27' The New Zealand medical team give a thumbs up to the bench and the stretcher is taken away. Gregorius is currently holding an ice pack to her face, but it looks like she's going to be able to carry on as she is now back on the field after her treatment.
25' Gregorius is down in the centre circle receiving treatment at the minute after a heavy collision with Bloodworth. It's not looking too good for the forward at the minute and a stretcher is on the pitch just in case she needs it.
23' Miedema has drifted out to the right to pick up the ball and she does really to keep it under pressure from Chance. She runs with it into the middle of the box, but just as she sets herself to take the shot, Erceg intercepts and clears the danger.
21' New Zealand haven't been able to get on the ball too much in the last few minutes, but White comes close to winning back possession for her side after closing down Bloodworth on the edge of the box. The bounce doesn't favour her though and Netherlands keep hold of it.
19' The corner was played short by Netherlands before being pulled back to Van Es who is waiting on the edge of the box. She puts a low cross back into the penalty area, but it's straight into Nayler's gloves.
17' The fast pace at the start of the game has just dropped in the last few minutes, with New Zealand happy to just sit back while Netherlands keep the ball in their own half for now.
15' Netherlands are keeping the ball well at the minute as they play some passes between their defenders and patiently wait for a chance to build up from the back.
13' Van Lunteren is left in a lot of space on the right wing as she runs onto the loose ball to put a cross into the box. She picks out Miedema in the middle but she can only fire her header over the crossbar.
11' CHANCE HITS THE CROSSBAR! She pulled away from Bloodworth on the edge of the box and chipped her effort over the goalkeeper and was looking for the top corner. Van Veenendaal was beaten, but the shot bounced off the crossbar and back into play.
10' GOOD CHANCE FOR MARTENS! New Zealand just sit back and allow Netherlands to come forward with the ball. Van de Sanden squares the ball to Martens on the edge of the box and she takes her shot first time, but it's a comfortable save for Nayler.
9' Hassett puts an early cross into the box from the left wing and Gregorius is running onto it in the middle. It's just ahead of the forward though and the keeper comes off her line to collect it. The flag does go up now though as she was caught offside.
7' Martens has been causing New Zealand quite a few issues in the game so far. She's been getting into some great positions down the left wing and putting some good crosses into the box, but she hasn't been able to pick out a team-mate in the middle just yet.
5' Van de Donk has gone down very early with an injury and the medical team are straight across to give her some treatment. It looks like a problem with her ankle after Percival caught her with a late challenge. She's back on her feet though and it looks like she's going to try and carry on for now.
3' Percival gets away from Van Es down the right wing and puts a great low cross into the middle of the box, looking for Gregorius. The forward is close to getting on the end of it, but Bloodworth gets ahead of her to clear the danger for Netherlands.
1' White gets the game underway for New Zealand!
The teams are out on the field now, and we'll be underway after the nationals anthems!
New Zealand have played more matches at Women's World Cup final tournaments without securing a single win than any other nation in the history of the competition (12).
Sarina Wiegman names an unchanged side to the one that beat Australia 3-0 in their last outing as she was clearly impressed with the performance in that game. Netherlands are without Anouk Dekker today as she is serving a suspension.
Tom Sermanni makes three changes to the team that lost to Wales in their final friendly before the tournament, with Bott, Hassett and White all coming into the starting line-up. Wilkinson, Longo and Green all drop to the bench. Chance is also included from the start today after recovering from an ACL injury in time.
NETHERLANDS SUBS: Jill Roord, Lize Kop, Inessa Kaagman, Loes Geurts, Victoria Pelova, Merel van Dongen, Lineth Beerensteyn, Liza van der Most, Ellen Jansen, Renate Jansen, Danique Kerkdijk.
NETHERLANDS STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sari van Veenendaal; Desiree van Lunteren, Stefanie van der Gragt, Dominique Bloodworth, Kika van Es; Jackie Groenen, Danielle van de Donk, Sherida Spitse; Sanice van de Sanden, Vivianne Miedema, Lieke Martens.
NEW ZEALAND SUBS: Steph Skilton, Hannah Wilkinson, Daisy Cleverley, Sarah Morton, Nadia Olla, Emma Kete, Katie Duncan, Paige Satchell, Victoria Esson, Anna Green, Nicole Stratford, Annalie Longo.
NEW ZEALAND STARTING XI (4-5-1): Erin Nayler; Catherine Bott, Rebekah Stott, Abby Erceg, Ali Riley; Betsy Hassett, Katie Bowen, Ria Percival, Rosie White, Olivia Chance; Sarah Gregorius.
New Zealand come into this competition hoping to make some history by winning their first game and making it out of the group stages for the first time at the World Cup. They come into today having won four of their last eight matches (L4) since qualifying for the tournament by winning the OFC Nation's Cup in December. They face a Netherlands side that were surprise winners of the European Championships in 2017 and who have won their last three matches in the build-up to the World Cup.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's World Cup Group E clash between New Zealand and Netherlands at Stade Oceane!