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Penalty Goal
M. Almirón
Penalty Goal
M. Kovačić
Penalty Goal
D. Váleri
Penalty Goal
G. Bale
Penalty Goal

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44% 55%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 5
Total Passes 460 573
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That's all we have for you tonight. Real Madrid really looked decent tonight, just not enough in front of goal. The MLS side did enough to keep it close, pulled a goal late to take it to penalties, and eventually Madrid was too clinical from the spot. Stick around, we'll have more coverage as the night rolls on. 
Penalty Goal
Penalty SO Goal Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior
M. Almirón
Penalty Goal
Penalty SO Goal Miguel Ángel Almirón Rejala
M. Kovačić
Penalty Goal
Penalty SO Goal Mateo Kovačić
D. Váleri
Penalty Goal
Penalty SO Goal Diego Hernán Váleri
G. Bale
Penalty Goal
Penalty SO Goal Gareth Frank Bale
G. dos Santos
Penalty Miss
Penalty SO Miss Giovani dos Santos Ramírez
Easy as it could be. Slotted home nicely and Madrid take the win, 4-2 on penalties. 
Zidane gets a touch, but it's into to net. Just enough to keep the All-Stars in it. 3-2, Marcelo with a chance to end it. 
Almiron with a chance to keep MLS alive for the time being. 
Kovacic up next for Madrid. Buried, no doubt about it. 
Valeri next up for MLS. Hits it right down the middle. 2-1, and MLS is at least still alive. 
Bale, calmly into the corner. 2-0 Madrid. 
Gio dos Santos up for MLS and and hits the bar. Madrid with a chance to take a massive lead and it's Bale coming up. 
Now Benzema steps up and makes it look easy. Madrid up 1-0 after one round of pens. 
ZIDANE WITH A SAVE! Dwyer denied on MLS' openinig kick. 
K. Benzema
Penalty Goal
Penalty SO Goal Karim Benzema
D. Dwyer
Penalty Miss
Penalty SO Miss Dom Dwyer
This time it's cleared and the full-time whistle goes. 
90' + 2' One more corner for the MLS All-Stars... can they find a winner here?
90' + 1' This will go to pens if one side can't find a winner in the next minute. 
89' Well well. Madrid has been punished for their poor finishing throughout this match. MLS finding a way to sneak one in. 
G. dos Santos
87' Assist Giovani dos Santos Ramírez
D. Dwyer
87' Goal Dom Dwyer
86' GOAL! MLS pulls it back and we're 1-1! Dwyer with the finish from a corner. McCarty put the initial header on frame and while Zidane made the first save, Dwyer was there to put home the rebound. 
85' Benzema tries to lay one off, but his pass is cut out. Bale keeps popping up all over the pitch, moving up the right, then the left and causing real problems. 
84' Bale looks so comfortable running against these guys. Almiron just got shrugged off as though he weren't there. 
82' Just under 10 minutes left for MLS to try and find a goal. Madrid still attacking, not really holding back or trying to slow it down. It's been a good show so far. 
78' Grana showing well down the right, got in another decent cross. Now his side is caught out a bit though, with Bale streaking down the other side of the pitch. 
77' MLS putting on a bit of pressure but Almiron just wasted the delivery from a corner. 
Álvaro Tejero
72' Substitution José Ignacio Fernández Iglesias Álvaro Tejero Sacristán
L. Zidane
Rubén Yáñez
72' Substitution Orlando Rubén Yáñez Alabart Luca Zinedine Zidane
Óscar Rodríguez
Lucas Vázquez
72' Substitution Lucas Vázquez Iglesias Óscar Rodríguez Arnaiz
72' Zidane is one the FIELD! Well, the young Zidane anyway. Much like young Klinsmann, he's a goalkeeper with a bright future. 
70' Nicely done from the MLS side! Gio plays a little clipped ball to Dwyer, who takes a clever touch to play in Nikolic. But the man who hasn't missed much in MLS hit the outside netting.
68' And AGAIN! Bale played in and he's hit the post from a narrow angle. This game could be very ugly by now, but Madrid not having much luck with the finishing. 
67' Soooooo close for Bale, who was just inches from a touch that likely would have rounded Frei and made for a nice goal. As it is MLS has survived another attack. 
65' Good ball in from the right from right-back Grana, but it's just a touch high for anybody to get on the end of. 
64' More deep defending. Benzema has to step around two players, including the goalkeeper, and has his angle cut down before he can finish. 
63' Parkhurst with a last-ditch challenge to stop a cross in to Benzema. Madrid turning the screws a little bit now. 
G. dos Santos
I. Piatti
62' Substitution Ignacio Piatti Giovani dos Santos Ramírez
62' Bale gets a hit with his first touch of the game. It's gone over the bar. 
61' Substitution Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior
G. Bale
61' Substitution Marco Asensio Willemsen Gareth Frank Bale
A. Hakimi
61' Substitution Achraf Hakimi Mouh Daniel Carvajal Ramos
M. Kovačić
T. Hernández
61' Substitution Theo Bernard François Hernández Mateo Kovačić
61' Substitution Marcos Llorente Moreno Carlos Henrique Casimiro
K. Benzema
Borja Mayoral
61' Substitution Borja Mayoral Moya Karim Benzema
61' Marcelo stepping on as well, along with Gio dos Santos coming on for the MLS side. 
60' And here come some more changes for Madrid, and this will not be great for the MLS side. Casemiro, Benzema and Bale all on the pitch. Just what you want to see when you've gone down a goal and hour in. 
60' Nearly a second. Flashed just across the face of goal. 
Dani Ceballos
59' Assist Daniel Ceballos Fernández
Borja Mayoral
59' Goal Borja Mayoral Moya
58' GOAL!!!! Mayoral has given Real Madrid the lead! It's been coming, the Spanish side working out plenty of chances. McCarty steps forward to close, and the ball is slipped in behing. Hedges couldn't get there and Madrid leads 1-0.
57' And there's Theo again from the corner. Good leap and he headed just wide of the mark. 
57' Corner coming now for Real Madrid. Decent start to the half so far. MLS back to being a bit disjointed as maybe you would expect. 
51' Theo Hernandez has looked a very good player tonight. Bombing up and down the left for Madrid at will. He won't have an easy job to win that spot, but certainly he's showing very and giving Madrid some depth at left back. 
49' Good goalkeeping for Madrid, off his line quickly to deal with a through-ball and kill off an MLS chance. 
47' New information, only 12 changes made so far. Piatti, who came on for Altidore 30 minutes in, is still on the pitch. 
Rubén Yáñez
K. Navas
46' Substitution Keylor Navas Gamboa Orlando Rubén Yáñez Alabart
Dani Ceballos
T. Kroos
46' Substitution Toni Kroos Daniel Ceballos Fernández
K. Acosta
D. Beasley
46' Substitution DaMarcus Beasley Kellyn Acosta
M. Hedges
J. Kappelhof
46' Substitution Johan Kappelhof Matt Hedges
H. Grana
G. Zusi
46' Substitution Graham Zusi Hernán Gustavo Grana
D. Váleri
M. Bradley
46' Substitution Michael Bradley Diego Hernán Váleri
M. Almirón
46' Substitution Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite Miguel Ángel Almirón Rejala
Sergio Ramos
46' Substitution Sergio Ramos García Jesús Vallejo Lázaro
M. Parkhurst
J. Van Damme
46' Substitution Jelle Van Damme Michael Parkhurst
N. Nikolić
S. Giovinco
46' Substitution Sebastian Giovinco Nemanja Nikolić
D. Dwyer
David Villa
46' Substitution David Villa Sánchez Dom Dwyer
S. Frei
T. Howard
46' Substitution Tim Howard Stefan Frei
D. McCarty
B. Schweinsteiger
46' Substitution Bastian Schweinsteiger Dax McCarty
46' We're rolling now, Madrid with a couple changes as well. 
45' MLS has switched out all 11 from the end of the first half, meaning there's now been a total of 13 changes made. Parkhurst and Hedges at the back, Acosta and Dax McCarty both on, Dom Dwyer up top, those are the easy ones to spot. 
And that's it for the first half. No goals, plenty of action, we'll be back for more shortly. 
Changes aplenty coming at half-time. They'll all pop up for you so you can see who's on and who's off. 
45' + 1' Back the other way we go! It's Giovinco again, a nice hit from range and it didn't miss that left side by much!
44' Isco has been brilliant in this opening half. He has a range of passing you don't see very often. His latest? A 50-yard ball to a streaking Lucas Vasquez, who cut in on Beasley and earned a corner with a deflected shot. 
42' Oh Sergio!!!! Ramos played in well by a brilliant Isco ball, and Ramos goes for the chip rather than putting his foot through it! That probably should have been finished, but if he'd scored the chip it would have been brilliant, and this is an All-Star game, so fair play to him. 
39' Villa can't pick out Piatti on the full-field switch. MLS coming into this a bit, will be interesting to see just how many changes each side makes at the break. Keep in mind the MLS side has already made two. You'd expect almost full rotation from both teams, if not full rotation, somewhere around half time. 
36' Now it's the MLS side on with a brilliant look! Giovinco breaks and lays it off to Kaka, who finds Villa. Navas did really well there to stop the former Barcelona man from scoring at close range. 
35' Madrid playing some pretty stuff. Kroos with a curler after a fine little interchange at the top of the box, but again it's off the mark. 
34' Madrid win a free kick in another dangerous spot and it's Ramos who takes it. He shot flies up over the bar. 
33' Howard finally forced to come up with a real save there. Good chance for Madrid, Isco proving to be the danger man so far for the Spanish side, and a big paw from the USA goalkeeper makes the save on the clever chip. 
I. Piatti
J. Altidore
31' Substitution Jozy Altidore Ignacio Piatti
31' Isco with a nice little run but can't keep it in play. Another MLS change, Altidore coming off this time. 
29' This time it was Beasley with the tackle and hard to tell if it was or not. 
28' Penalty shout number three! And still nothing. 
27' Mayoral with a drive that flies just wide. One of the better chances of the match. 
26' Giovinco tries to spark a break forward. Madrid doing well to crowd those out. 
23' Schweinsteiger gives away a foul on Isco. Not much in the way of chances in the first 22 or so minutes here. 
20' Dangerous spot here for a free kick but Madrid go quickly and are back to swinging it side to side. Shot from Isco from distance but it flies wide. 
19' Theo with a good block to keep out a Kaka cross. MLS still struggling with the movement up front, but plenty of talent to make some things happen. 
16' Ramos takes a shot from Kaka of all people. Just a little late after turning Llorente, and Ramos simply beat him to the ball. 
16' Two early shouts for pens for Madrid. Neither given. MLS starting to move the ball a bit. 
12' Madrid in control of the early action, but Kaka trying to work some magic. He's been crowded off the ball at the top of the box. The MLS side really struggling to string things together. 
10' Now it's Zusi with the late challenge going in hard on Hernandez. Not exactly what any of the coaches involved will want to see. 
8' Garza motioning to his shoulder on the sideline, so clearly he took a real knock on that Isco tackle. 
D. Beasley
G. Garza
7' Substitution Gregory Martin Garza Early DaMarcus Beasley
7' MLS with an early change, Beasley on for Garza. 
7' No call there! Van Damme went to ground for a tackle on Lucas, and it looked very close to being a penalty, but waved as play on. Vasquez showing early that he's ready to go at people. 
4' Hard, hard tackle from Isco on Garza. Could be a few of those tonight, but you'd hope to avoid that on a wet pitch as much as possible. 
1' Real Madrid are moving left to right as I see it, all decked out in the white kit tonight, with the MLS side in dark blue tops and red shorts moving right to left. 
1' HERE WE GO! The 2017 MLS All-Star game is under way. 
Teams are making their way out onto the field. Ramos and Schweinsteiger leading their sides out. 
Walking through the pre-match stuff now, so we're drawing ever closer to the actual kick for this match. 
David Villa will likely be excited to get another crack at Madrid as well, having spent time with Barcelona and Valencia. But the real threat to the Madrid back line is Giovinco, who has been a nightmare for defenders since coming to MLS. Still fit and fresh, he, Bradley and Altidore - who all play together in Toronto - will be worth keeping an eye on. 
We're still a good few minutes out from the opening kickoff in Chicago. Kaka speaking at the moment and he seems thrilled to be on the pitch to face off against Real Madrid, a team he spent four years with. 
Honestly, those checking in around the world might be as familiar with the MLS names as with those in the Madrid XI, with Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo all out of the side, though two of them start on the bench tonight and may see some action.
For Real Madrid: Navas starts between the sticks, with Hakimi, Nacho, Ramos and Hernandez making up a back four. Kroos, Llorente and Isco form a strong midfield while Asensio, Mayoral and Lucas Vasquez start up front.  
The lineups are in, and many of the names will be very familiar even to those who don't follow MLS. First all, for the home side, the MLS All-Stars: Tim Howard starts in goal, Graham Zusi, Jelle Van Damme, Johan Kappelhof and Greg Garza start across the back. Michael Bradley, Kaka and Bastian Schweinsteiger make up the midfield three, with David Villa, Sebastian Giovinco and Jozy Altidore leading the line. 
Hello and welcome in to Goal's LIVE call of the MLS All-Star game. We should have a good show on our hands tonight, with European champions Real Madrid closing out their American tour agianst the best Major League Soccer has to offer.