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Key Events

P. Aguilar
Yellow Card
O. Peralta
Yellow Card
A. Guardado
J. Damm
1 - 0
J. Aquino
Yellow Card
C. Ortiz
Yellow Card

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 450 392
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That's all she wrote. Mexico now unbeaten in 18 games. 
Foul called against Paraguay and that will probably just about do it for this match. Mexico with a strong enough showing, Paraguay showing enough that USA fans should be a bit worried. 
Not much time left here. Three minutes were added on, and we're at that mark. 
Pena had a nice run there and just couldn't finish it off. Didn't pick the pass and tried to go alone but was blocked out. 
Foul called near midfield again. 
Mexico attacking late, looking for another. Paraguay is pushing as well, opening up space in behind.
J. Iturbe
Ó. Romero
Substitution Óscar David Romero Villamayor Juan Manuel Iturbe Arévalo
P. Aguilar
Yellow Card
Yellow card Paul Nicolás Aguilar Rojas
Foul called on Aguilar and he picks up a booking. Just tossed a shoulder in. 
Paraguay having a nice run, but Mexico has defended very well today. 
O. Peralta
Yellow Card
Yellow card Oribe Peralta Morones
Big crowd of over 60k in the stadium for this game. That's a great turnout for a Copa buildup friendly. 
Again no foul given. This ref is certainly letting play go. Now Aquino is down in the box after skinning a couple of defenders. Didn't look like a foul in the box, but he looks to have taken a dead leg. 
R. Rojas
D. González
Substitution Derlis Alberto González Galeano Juan Rodrigo Rojas Ovelar
Goalkick given. That looked like a clear foul going against Mexico, but it's not given. El Tri escapes a moment of danger for free there. 
N. Valdez
J. Benítez
Substitution Jorge Daniel Benítez Guillén Nelson Antonio Haedo Valdez
Mexico gets the first one played behind, but there's another corner coming. Nelson Valdez, of the Seattle Sounders, is also checking in for Paraguay. 
Corner coming for Paraguay. 
J. Torres
J. Dueñas
Substitution Jesús Alberto Dueñas Manzo Jorge Emmanuel Torres Nilo
D. Reyes
J. Damm
Substitution Jürgen Damm Rascón Diego Antonio Reyes Rosales
Damm with another cross from the right, this time with his left foot, and it's out for a corner. 
D. Lezcano
A. Sanabria
Substitution Arnaldo Antonio Sanabria Ayala Dario Lezcano
Bot a bad time to toss on a few sets of fresh legs. Guardado and Hernandez come off after just under an hour of work. 
I. Piris
B. Valdez
Substitution Bruno Amilcar Valdez Iván Rodrigo Piris
O. Peralta
J. Hernández
Substitution Javier Hernández Balcázar Oribe Peralta Morones
P. Aguilar
A. Guardado
Substitution José Andrés Guardado Hernández Paul Nicolás Aguilar Rojas
Y. Corona
H. Moreno
Substitution Héctor Alfredo Moreno Herrera Yasser Anwar Corona Delgado
Mexico starting to bring on the subs. Decent showing for Moreno. 
Damm has had his way down the right side. Another good cross in, poorly cleared, but Aquino's header is wide. 
Now a long shot from Mexico. Pena with a really nice hit to force a save and win a corner. 
Ochoa forced into a save. He was falling back and had to punch a shot from a terrible angle back out. Great hit from Piris on the right wing really gave him trouble. 
Rare poor touch on the wing from Mexico lets a simple ball roll out of play. 
A. Silva
J. Villar
Substitution Justo Wilmar Villar Viveros Antony Domingo Silva Cano
We're back in action. 1-0 the score in favor of Mexico as we kick off the second half. 
Good first half from Mexico. Strong showing all around. The wingers and fullbacks have been particularly strong, covering a lot of ground and even the forwards have made life uncomfortable for Paraguay when the South American side has had the ball. 
One thing to keep in mind here is that the USA will be playing Paraguay in the Copa group stage. So this tape will probably be looked at by Jurgen Klinsmann and his staff. So far Mexico has shown that pressure on the ball can really hurt Paraguay and they haven't dealt with it well. 
Paraguay with a good attack, one of the few of the half, but Mexico nearly hits on the break until Hernandez is caught offside with the last kick of the half. 
Just a couple minutes to go before the half and if you're an El Tri fan, you have plenty of reason to be pleased with this showing. 
Aquino back defending well. Mexico has done incredibly well on the flanks holding Paraguay out. 
Damm is having a nice night. Good work rate from him so far. Paraguay with a free kick near midfield at the moment, but hasn't looked overly threatening. 
Paraguay started well and is still being pretty competitive here, but Mexico has certainly taken over the reigns a bit, and the goal was brilliant. 
it was a good ball over the top down the right and the ball comes in, pulling Paraguay's goalkeeper out and is slipped across to Guardado. 
J. Damm
Assist Jürgen Damm Rascón
A. Guardado
Goal José Andrés Guardado Hernández
GOAL!!! Mexico takes the lead. Guardado with the finish of a good move forward. 
Another set piece for Mexico. Guardado tries to pick out Aquino but the ball wasn't very good. 
J. Aquino
Yellow Card
Yellow card Javier Ignacio Aquino Carmona
Good ball in from the right from Damm. Hernandez can't get on the end of it. 
C. Ortiz
Yellow Card
Yellow card Celso Fabián Ortiz Gamarra
Mexico starting to move the ball a little more freely. Paraguay sinking in. 
Another set piece for Mexcio but Guardado sends this one long and over everybody. 
D. González
Yellow Card
Yellow card Derlis Alberto González Galeano
This time Marquez got a decent look but headed it over and behind for a goal kick. 
Now Mexico with another corner coming. Good fast start in this one, but again the ball in is sent behind and Mexico picks up another corner. 
Stinging shot from Paraguay flies just wide of the mark. Mexico looks to be in for a test tonight. 
Guardado took the first corner short. A second is coming and this one is played into the box but headed out for a goalkick. 
Nice little run of play from Paraguay, but once the ball was given away a quick foul settled things and let Mexico off with little trouble. Corner coming now for El Tri. 
Early part of the match has seen Mexico on the ball a good bit, and Paraguay closing down quickly on anything that moves forward. That'll be key for the South American side in this one. Can they keep the pressure on El Tri and not let Mexico move the ball around comfortably. 
We're off an running. Mexico moving right to left as I see it in the green kit with white shorts and red socks. Paraguay in the red tops, blue shorts and white socks. 
We're just a couple minutes out from the opening kick here. 
Villar gets the start in goal for Paraguay. Balbuena, Da Silva, Riveros and Valdes start in front of him, with Ortiz, Piris and Romero making up the midfield behind a front three of Gonzalez, Benitez and Sanabria. 
We're at halftime of extra time in the Champions League final with the score at 1-1, which is probably drawing a good bit of your attention at the moment. We're also just about a half hour out from Mexico kicking off. Let's get into the lineups for the Mexico match. Ochoa gets the start in goal for El Tri, but the lineup is a bit hard to pick out tonight. Hernandez will be up front, Marquez and Moreno at the back. Araujo, Duenas, Aquino, Damm, Guardado, Pena and Molina make up the rest of the starting XI. As for how they'll actually line up, that we'll have to wait and see. 
Hello and welcome in to Goal USA's LIVE call of Mexico vs. Paraguay. This should be a nice test for both sides as they gear up for the Copa America, with Mexico set to field a very strong team from the start.